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Trump Lies to Assert His Power Over Reality Trump’s using a flimsy excuse is essentially saying, “I can do whatever I want for whatever reason I want.” Being obliged to give a reasonable reason would actually be bowing to a kind of constrained power — the presidency limited by reason, by logic, by reason-giving. He wants us to know he is unconstrained. He wants us to know he can exercise power arbitrarily. Republicans in Congress have been ...
Putin ready to provide records of Trump-Lavrov talks to prove no secrets were leaked Russian President Vladimir Putin says he is ready to provide records of the recent meeting between US leader Donald Trump and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, where US media claim state secrets were leaked. "If the US administration deems it possible, we are ready to provide the Senate and Congress with the transcript of the conversation between Lavrov and Trump," Putin said at a press co... 3 3 Comment Count

Amid the Chaos, Trump's Appointees Push His Agenda - by Jeffrey Toobin "The executive branch bureaucracy lumbers forward, pushing the incumbent’s policy agenda.2 new initiatives demonstrate how Trump’s appointees are advancing the goals of his Presidency. The end of criminal-justice reform. AG Sessions has issued new guidance to federal prosecutors, demanding that they pursue the longest possible sentences in narcotics prosecutions, reversing an Obama Administrati... 2 2 Comment Count

Opinion Today by David Leonhardt " This budget commits a jaw-dropping error of economic logic. . In an argument not borne out by history, proponents of tax cuts have long argued that they pay for themselves in the long run by pushing economic growth. The Trump budget  imagines that the tax cuts won’t even have any short-term costs. When affluent families start paying less in taxes, the shortfall will magically, and im... 2 2 Comment Count
The Case For Legalizing Coca The war on drugs has failed, and has demonized an important aspect of traditional Andean culture.  Coca legalization is moving forward in South America and it's time the rest of the world joins in.  Marijuana legalization is spreading throughout the West, and other drug legalizations should join. 3 3 Comment Count
Justice Elena Kagan
Supreme Court may just have given voting rights activists a powerful new tool Elena Kagan’s decision opens doors to fight gerrymandering in future cases.At issue in the case was whether two congressional districts drawn by the North Carolina General Assembly were unconstitutional “racial gerrymanders.” A racial gerrymander exists when race — not other criteria, such as adherence to city and county boundaries, or efforts to protect a particular political party — is the &ldq... 6 6 Comment Count
Logo of the World Health Organization
Health Leaders Must Focus on the Threats From Factory Farms This week, the World Health Organization, which works globally to improve human health, will meet in Geneva to select a new director general. We have a mission for that leader: take on factory farms, a major threat to health and the environment. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington has estimated that over half a million deaths worldwide in 2015 were linked to diets high in ... 3 3 Comment Count
Monica Lewinsky
Monica Lewinsky: Roger Ailes's Dream Was My Nightmare Thoughtful words of wisdom from Ms. Lewinsky: "This is not another obituary for Roger Ailes, who died last week 10 months after being ousted at Fox News. It is, I hope, instead an obituary for the culture he purveyed — a culture that affected me profoundly and personally." 22 22 Comment Count
Tax Financial Transactions Poster - Washington DC
A tax on Wall Street trading is the best solution to income inequality Revenues from financial transaction taxes will come out of the pockets of many of the richest people in the country.This is a great example of a clearly defined policy that will directly reverse some of the upward redistribution of income over the last four decades. Of course, FTTs still face an enormous uphill battle before they could be implemented. As with other policies that would reverse the upward redistribution... 2 2 Comment Count
Vice President Pence
50 Terrible Ideas That Could Become Law If Trump Is Impeached and Pence Becomes President The Republican Party platform lays out an agenda that could sail through Congress. As many Americans ponder the prospect of Donald Trump being removed from office, they should take a deep breath and look at what a President Mike Pence and Republican Congress are likely to do if the disrupter-in-chief is sent packing. 9 9 Comment Count
James B. Comey, Mueller and Obama september 2013 at Comey nomination
What Donald Trump Needs to Know About Bob Mueller and Jim Comey The two men who could bring down the president have been preparing their entire lives for this moment.The story of that March 11, 2004, showdown—how it came to light and what it says about the motivations and the moral compass of the two men now at the heart of a new Washington showdown—should deeply worry the Trump White House.Donald Trump, as it turns out, has stumbled into taking on two experienced Washington p...
Invasion of the Putin-Nazis Before anyone chastises me for using verboten language, please note that is is the title of the Article. Language aside, it deserves a read. Good Satire and a chance to chuckle at the Neocons and Clintonites are hard to come by in these benighted days. It also fits right in with Dave Lindorff's article about 'chasing red squirrels'...It's difficult to see much humor in the State of the Planet as we run blindly after the lead ... 4 4 Comment Count
Sts Peter & Paul Fortress - St Petersburg
My Visit to St. Petersburg, Russia - Part I The big finale for our day’s sightseeing was a river boat ride throughout the Neva, which is surrounded by numerous architectural delights, such as the Winter Palace (aka the Hermitage), the Peter and Paul Fortress where the remains of the last imperial family are interred, the Admiralty building, and numerous other historical sites.  It was cold and windy, especially on the first leg of the ride, but well worth it...
Krasner for DA Announcement
Not just a Philly DA primary victory. This was a revolution It was almost unthinkable that a candidate who defended Black Lives Matter and Occupy and promised to end the death penalty and mass incarceration could be elected DA in Philadelphia. What Larry Krasner just accomplished was a revolution. - Will BunchIf elected in November -- and he is the heavy favorite in this overwhelmingly Democratic town --  Krasner has pledged to never seek capital punishment while working to end...
Manufacturing Resistance -- The American Public is Being Manipulated Into Irrelevance Read it and weep, you are all being played and will be right here shilling for Hillary in 2020 despite the warnings of history. "Ironically, “the resistance” is actually sucking all the air out of what should be real resistance. After spending a few months in the woods, Hillary is now actively moving to co-opt the entire movement. Why’s she doing that? I think she still covets the throne, and I think... 8 8 Comment Count
Trump caricature
Don't Impeach: The Liberal Case For Not Removing Trump Democrats are excited. They are beginning to sense that they have Donald Trump right where they want him. And they do. Trump is doing more damage to himself and his party every day. Every new stupid statement, every new blunder, and every new scandal make it more and more likely that Democrats will win big in 2018 and 2020.VP is smarter, smoother, and could do far more damage. 8 8 Comment Count

Noam Chomsky w/Amy Goodman on "Book TV", May 13, 2017 Noam Chomsky talked about his book Requiem for the American Dream: The 10 Principles of Concentration of Wealth and Power, in which he takes a critical look at income inequality and concentrated wealth in the United States today. He was interviewed by Amy Goodman. 
Let's continue to try to vote, despite all of the roadblocks multiplying exponentially.
Trump's voter fraud commission is a shameless white power grab  A Guardian op ed on how the 1 percent, led by Trump, are responding to the population growth among likely Democratic voters, especially Hispanic are endless and far-reaching, encompassing more and more of the tenets of democracy we have taken for granted, so far. The writer hones in on what's happening in the realm of elections. The head of the Census Bureau was scheduled to step down this year, I read, so this detail i...
New York TImes August 9, 1974
The Fantasy of a Trump Impeachment Erick Erickson: The Fantasy of ImpeachmentThough the firing [of Comey] looks bad, it was also reasonable.Consider the case made by Rod Rosenstein, the highly respected deputy attorney general, who was recently confirmed by more than 90 members of the Senate. In a memo to the president, Mr. Rosenstein said Mr. Comey had usurped the attorney general’s authority last July by announcing his conclusion that the F.B.I.&r... 3 3 Comment Count
Why did Trump Fire Comey? That Is the Real Question Looking at past firings of justice and law officials reveals a pattern. Presidents doing the firing are usually hiding something. So what is Trump hiding?
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Le Pen Claims French Election was Rigged There is mounting evidence that the deep state has reached far into France and rigged the French election to make certain that the EU retained control over French policy. Thousands of Le Pen ballots were mailed out having been hand-torn, rendering them "spoiled ballots" and uncountable in the election. At the same time, Macron voters received not one but two ballots in the mail, allowing them to vote twice. Have a look:... 34 34 Comment Count
.Vision is a subtractive process: The human eye sees only what's left behind, unabsorbed.. --Maria Woll
Re-Wilding America           The title caught me, because I remember early discussions of this. Sure enough Dave Forman's name pops up early. He was a great friend of Edward Abbey, iconoclastic Author of the Monkey Wrench Gang, The two of them were among the Founders of Earth First and participated in a bit of Eco-terrorism in their spare time.Little is known of their many exploits bec... 3 3 Comment Count
Scarborough_Joe_-MBFI_2013_fRF_01.jpg: Scarborough Joe -MBFI 2013 fRF 01
Joe Scarborough has a meltdown over Comey firing Joe Scarborough has a meltdown over Comey firing "For the first time ever — I have retweeted Joe Scarborough. Morning Joe — who did more than his share to pimp Trump’s candidacy last year — is having a meltdown on Twitter tonight over the James Comey firing." (Ed note: Here I am agreeing with Morning Joe again.  Hell done froze over, baby.) 1 1 Comment Count

False Beliefs and the War on Venezuela   This Opinion Piece in TeleSur powerfully condemns the attempts to destroy the Chavista Revolution in Venezuela. IMO, it also explains the political situation in the US and Europe plus the rest of the Planet...The construction of 'false beliefs' by the Media and Capitalistic Governments is endemic. Just consider the difficulties encountered on the Comment Sections of many political sites - including ours at times. Clint... 7 7 Comment Count
Syrian Arab Republic Flag
Syrian peace talks to reconvene in Geneva on May 16 - U.N. United Nations mediator Staffan de Mistura said on Monday that he was reconvening peace talks between the Syrian government and opposition in Geneva on May 16. In a statement, de Mistura voiced hope that the agreement reached last week in Astana among Russia, Iran and Turkey to set up "de-escalation" zones in Syria will be implemented in full "thus bringing about a significant de-escalation in ...
Single Payer Healthcare for All
Nader Rips Sanders and Democrats for Putting Single-Payer on Back Burner -- The Greanville Post “It’s one thing for Bernie Sanders to lead his followers back into the established Democratic Party,” consumer advocate Ralph Nader said. “But why can’t he pull the Democratic Party to adopt his highly popular agenda, led by single payer, which garnered many millions of voters last year? Those voters must be starting to wonder.”“This despite majoritarian support, with a recent Pew pol... 3 3 Comment Count

Florida Republicans Resurrect 'Parental Trigger' Bill, Creating Another Pathway to Privatize K-12 Schools "A thinly veiled invitation for charter school takeovers. In the 2012 and 2013 legislative sessions, Jeb Bush, Michelle Rhee and allies tried to get a parent trigger law through the Florida legislature but met a solid wall of parent resistance. Now the same forces are gathering for another run at privatizing the Sunshine State's public schools. The method is to declare not just F schools eligible for charter ta... 1 1 Comment Count

Fake News from Florida About Charter "Success" by Diane Ravitch "Trump and his education secretary tout charter schools, and  William J. Mathis who is currently managing director of National Education Policy Center Fake News  cites that Florida charter schools show higher achievement than traditional public schools in  84% of the cases. This would be an impressive statistic if it were a true reflection of charter school performance!  But it’s not.&...

Los Angeles: Karen Wolfe Unravels the Unified Enrollment Scam- by Diane Ravitch "Karen Wolfe is a parent activist in Los Angeles who fights for public schools against the behemoth that is the California Charter Schools Association.She recently discovered that the school district was considering spending $24 million to install a Unified Enrollment system. Karen did research and wrote three posts. You should read all of them. The third post in the series has links to the other two. The first... 1 1 Comment Count

Kushner Family Goes to China to Promote EB-5 Visas "Over several hours of slide shows and presentations, representatives from the Kushner family business urged Chinese citizens gathered at the Ritz-Carlton hotel to consider investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a New Jersey real estate project to secure what’s known as an investor visa.” Jared’s sister was in Beijing to promote investing in Kushner properties in New Jersey as a way to get a... 2 2 Comment Count

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