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Pew Survey: Only 10% of Americans With a Postgraduate Degree Are "Consistently Conservative" t's a well-worn (if not-entirely-agreed-upon) idea that college makes people more liberal. But a new report adds a twist to this: the most educated Americans have grown increasingly liberal over the last couple of decades.A report from the Pew Research Center finds a wide partisan gap between highly educated and non-highly-educated Americans. Not only that, but the share of college grads and post-graduates who are "consi... 1 1 Comment Count
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35% of Americans Without a College Education Have Switched to the Republican Party Since 1992 Donald Trump declared in February that he loved "the poorly educated." And people with less formal education — generally less than a college degree — loved him back, helping him win the Republican presidential nomination.It was an event in GOP history that has been a long time in the making. 2 2 Comment Count
Will Corporate Reformers Ever Admit They Were Wrong? After years of denigrating classroom teachers and unions who did not see the supposed righteousness of test-driven, competition-driven reform, neoliberals now condemn conservatives with the same venom for not agreeing to the top-down imposition of incentives and disincentives. Now they ridicule conservatives, as they did educators, for not agreeing that a corporate system of rewards and punishment are supposedly e...

When the President Is Ignorant of His Own Ignorance I invite anyone who thinks Trump deserves an open-ended “chance” to read this article. Are all these experts being partisan and unfair?    Quote:Given the magnitude of the problems that lie ahead and the embedded contradictions that make them difficult to solve, we face precisely the kind of world President Trump is least equipped for, mentally and morally. 3 3 Comment Count
Thousands of Africans Rise Up Against Bill Gates Interesting... isn't this the same Bill Gates who is pushing 'common core' and privatized schools in the United States? Africans are rising up against Bill Gates and forcing the closure of a chain of schools funded by the billionaire because the schools are ignoring the laws of the land and putting the “life and safety” of thousands of young children on the line.
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." -- JFK
Will the DNC Vilify the Messenger rather than the Corrupt/Unresponsive Leadership, the True Cause of Revolution? Berniecrats are going to Philly because they care about: The country and the future of this world Our rigged political system from the toxic money that’s helping destroy our government. Our disastrous foreign trade policies that have seen workers be exploited around the globe under the guise of free trade. Our schools, medical bills and fair wage Our waters, the environment and sustainable energy Po... 2 2 Comment Count
Although this 'Trail of Tears' sign wasn't displayed at an Oregon high school football game, this mascotry is a national
There should be no compromise on Native American mascots from The Oregonian Sam Sachs sees much wrong with continuing to have Native American mascots and team names in Oregon Schools. Sachs isn't an American Indian, but is a Jewish American journalist who has researched the damage Indian mascots and team names do to young children and adolescents. "What qualifies me? I have spoken to and heard from literally hundreds of students, elders and members of the Native American community in our state wh...
Texas Tech Red Raiders Nail Art Get Your Guns Up!
College Students' Answers to These Basic Questions Will Shock You The "Guns Up" mascot of the Texas Tech Red Raiders doesn’t seem to be one who would know much about the Civil War, but ask a member of the student body a series of historical questions and you will gain an understanding of  what they have been trained to observe.
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Can Democracy Survive Our Dumbing Down Media and Education System? The short answer to this question is an obvious and resounding "no." Citizens who have been numbed into a narcotized trance by fake infotainment media, a media controlled mostly by corporations whose bottom-lines would be hurt by a critically thinking electorate, are not the kind of citizens capable of preserving our democracy. Neither are the victims of a public mis-education system which has sold its soul to the high-stakes ... 27 27 Comment Count
Bernie Sanders
Salon: Bernie Sanders isn't a "crackpot" -- and the progressive agenda isn't "left-wing" The progressive agenda isn't "left wing." (Can anyone using the term even define what "left wing" means anymore?) The progressive agenda is America's story -- from ending slavery to ending segregation to establishing a woman's right to vote to Social Security, the right to organize, and the fight for fair pay and against income inequality. Strip those from our history and you might as well contract America out to the US Chambe... 4 4 Comment Count
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The Great Charter School Rip-Off: Finally, the Truth Catches Up to Education 'Reform' Phonies Last week when former President Bill Clinton meandered onto the topic of charter schools, he mentioned something about an "original bargain" that charters were, according to the reporter for The Huffington Post, "supposed to do a better job of educating students." A writer at Salon called the remark "stunning" because it brought to light the fact that the overwhelming majority of charter schools do no better than traditiona...
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How Liberals Ruined College In a 2014 interview with New York magazine, comedian Chris Rock told journalist Frank Rich that he had stopped playing college campuses because of how easily the audiences were offended. Rock said he realized some time around 2006 that "This is not as much fun as it used to be" and noted George Carlin had felt the same way before he died. Rock attributed it to "Kids raised on a culture of 'We're not going to keep score in the ...
Los Angeles teachers face political fight to defend public education More than 35,000 teachers are currently voting on the agreement reached between the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) and the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the second-largest public school system in the United States with 670,000 students. The deal is a stab in the back to the district's teachers and other school employees, which opens the door for an escalation of the attacks on the jobs, wages and cond... 1 1 Comment Count
What We Don't Mention About Unemployment "In this year's State of the Union address, President Obama mentioned jobs 19 times, repeating it more than any other word with any policy implications. 'Our economy is growing and creating jobs at the fastest pace since 1999,' he said in his opening remarks. Shortly thereafter, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) delivered the GOP rebuttal, using the word at nearly twice the rate, in admittedly less rosy terms. "Focusing on jobs in p...
Britt McHenry
ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry Suspended After Berating Parking Attendant on Video "ESPN reporter Britt McHenry wasn't happy when her car was towed on April 6, and she apparently took out her anger on the parking lot attendant. "Unfortunately for McHenry, the tirade was all caught on video. The video was posted online and went viral on Thursday. "In the minute-long video, a clearly annoyed McHenry is heard saying 'I'm in the news, sweetheart. I will f------ing sue this place.'" "'Do you feel goo... 2 2 Comment Count
Policeman Taking Aim
Some Facts And Solutions Regarding Police Shootings IN THE basement of St Gregory's church in Crown Heights, a Brooklyn neighbourhood where kosher pizzerias compete with jerk-chicken shacks for business, the officers of the 77th precinct are giving away colouring books for children. "Police officers are your friends," the book's title proclaims. Around the city, protests at the decision not to prosecute the officer who choked Eric Garner to death suggested that plenty of New Yo...
State Taxes
The Rich Pay State and Local Taxes at Half the Rate the Rest of Us Do Roads are crumbling, bridges require repairs, schools need upgrades and public pension systems remain underfunded. How can states and cities find the money to address any of these problems? One way could be through their tax codes. According to a new report, if the rich paid the same state and local tax rate as the middle class, states and cities would have hundreds of billions of dollars more a year in public revenue.
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GOP Governors Slash Education To Grow Their Ignorant Base Americans who have lived longer than 30 years are likely aware that fascist Republicans and their corporate money machine have had enormous success whittling away at the idea that America is a representative democracy despite counsel from a Founding Father on how best to preserve the nation. Thomas Jefferson knew, and said, that "an educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people." However, because Re... 2 2 Comment Count
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Eco-Bricks for an Eco-Friendly Future For the past 14years, Alvaro Molina and Hacienda Merida have been stuffing water bottles with trash and using them in construction. "Its a great way to get around a trash problem" Alvaro has used these "Plastic Bricks" in place of cement in schools, benches, chairs, and a boat dock; cleaning up trash and saving on building costs.
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Inconvenient Truth: America's Public Schools Are Among Highest Achieving In The World If something is inconvenient, it causes someone trouble or creates difficulties that annoy them and worse, could interfere with their lust for wealth and power. This is particularly the case if verified or indisputable facts destroy an assertion or idea held by profit-driven cretins selling something founded on lies and misinformation. For the past two decades, at least, so-called "education reformers" in the Republican privat... 1 1 Comment Count
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The Hypocrisy of the Data-Drivers New York principal Carol Burris' latest post is infuriating. In it, she describes the inaccurate data that the New York state Department of Education has published, which fails to show the true number of students attending college. The Department published the faulty data by district alongside the districts' own college statistics report. In many cases, such as in Carol Burris' school, there was a substantial gap that made it ... 1 1 Comment Count
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Believe It Or Not: Real Democracy Is Coming to the U.S.A. It is our right and duty to reform and alter our government so that it will no longer be a Plutocracy ruled by the wealthy but instead will actually be of the people, by the people, and for the people. After all, Thomas Jefferson noted that: "I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society, but the people themselves: and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discr... 2 2 Comment Count
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US school districts given free machine guns and grenade launchers School police departments across the US have taken advantage of free military surplus gear, stocking up on mine-resistant armoured vehicles, grenade launchers and scores of M16 rifles. At least 26 school districts have participated in the Pentagon's surplus program, which is not new but has come under scrutiny after police responded to protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, with teargas, armour-clad military trucks and riot gear... 3 3 Comment Count
Voucher School Tour One day in May, toward the end of the school year, Milwaukee grandmothers Gail Hicks and Marva Herndon loaded up Herndon's RV with a cooler full of water bottles and took two reporters and a state legislator on a tour of Milwaukee voucher schools. [Editors' Note: This article was first published in The Progressive's summer double issue and is being released online in response to numerous requests.] Herndon and Hicks formed a g... 2 2 Comment Count
Coqualeetza Indian Residential School
Canada admits the truth Over 50,000 Native Canadian children died in the Residential School system, operated by various churches and endorsed by the Canadian government. After many years of single minded determined work by Rev. Kevin Annett (Defrocked by the United Church in an attempt to cover its criminality) and other individuals and groups; the truth has finally been admitted. 5 5 Comment Count
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State conservative groups plan US-wide assault on education, health and tax The raping of democracy continues. These Kochs are something. They most likely even think they will be taking their wealth with them as they die and wither into the depths of Hell. The problem is they will leave a shambles of a country. "The strategy for the state-level organisations, which describe themselves as "free-market thinktanks", includes proposals from six different states for cuts in public sector pensions, campa... 1 1 Comment Count
Our Schools, Cut Off From the Web "ON June 6, at a middle school in Mooresville, N.C., President Obama set a goal of high-speed Internet in nearly every public school in America in five years" but today, " half of Americans don't own a smartphone, one-third lack a broadband connection and one-fifth don't use the Web at all and while 'virtually all of America's schools are connected to the Internet today...the question is quality. Children who go to school in p... 1 1 Comment Count
The Faulty Logic of the 'Math Wars' T"here is a great progressive tradition in American thought that urges us not to look for the aims of education beyond education itself. Teaching and learning should not be conceived as merely instrumental affairs; the goal of education is rather to awaken individuals' capacities for independent thought. Or, in the words of the great progressivist John Dewey, the goal of education "is to enable individuals to continue their ed... 2 2 Comment Count
Schooling Ourselves in an Unequal America - REBECCA "Averages can be misleading. The familiar, one-dimensional story told about American education is that it was once the best system in the world but that now it's headed down the drain, with piles of money thrown down after it. The truth is that there are two very different education stories in America. The children of the wealthiest 10 percent or so do receive some of the best education in the world, and the quality keeps gett...
Power to the Preschoolers - Gail nothing major is going to happen for early-childhood education without an enormous "nothing major is going to happen for early-childhood education without an enormous groundswell of public demand. This is a cause that's extremely popular in theory. But its advocates have no power to reward or punish. Lawmakers who labor on behalf of preschool programs may get stars in heaven, but they don't get squat in campaign contributions...

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