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Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant on the left., From ImagesAttr
(3 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Sunday, December 6, 2015
Mark Ruffalo: "Monsanto Chief is Horrible" In 2003, Monsanto settled a lawsuit for $700 million with 20,000 Anniston, Alabama residents who claimed that a Monsanto plant contaminated local rivers, lakes, soil and air with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). Plaintiffs reported a range of health issues including cancer, birth defects and neurological disorders.
Gloria Ushigua, of Ecuador's Sapara Women's Group, at the World March in Defense of Mother Earth on Dec. 10, From ImagesAttr
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Sunday, December 28, 2014
Why the Lima Climate Talks Sucked for Women and Indigenous People At COP20, leaders discussed "gender responsive" approaches to climate change, but little was actually done to address it. UN Sec. General Ban Ki-moon said there
The new plan is if no one ever says
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, April 9, 2015
First Florida, Now Wisconsin, Bans the Words "Climate Change" One month ago, officials and staff at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection were ordered not to use the terms "climate change" or "global warming" even when they were discussing the all-too-obvious impacts to their vulnerable state. Now it's Wisconsin's turn. They can't even discuss climate change, no matter what they call it. Staff members aren't even permitted to respond to emails on the subject.
Bill McKibben staging a protest at a gas station in Burlington, Vermont., From ImagesAttr
(7 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, October 19, 2015
Bill McKibben Gets Arrested Exposing Exxon's "Unparalleled Evil" Two separate investigations by Inside Climate News and the Los Angeles Times revealed that Exxon hid evidence of the role of fossil fuels in climate change from the public and stymied political action on global warming. "They predicted that some Arctic oil fields would become cheaper and more accessible," Bill McKibben told the Burlington Free Press.
Earthquake damage, From ImagesAttr
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, January 8, 2015
11 Earthquakes Rock Texas Fracking Heartland in 24 Hours Earthquakes, once rare in the area, have been increasing in frequency, with more than 20 since last September, according to StateImpact Texas, a project of two Texas public radio stations. And with Irving sitting on top of the natural gas-rich and heavily fracked Barnett shale deposit as well as the Balcones Fault Zone, many residents and researchers are think it's to blame here too, just as in Ohio.
Rand Paul says climate change isn’t all that consequential, perhaps because most far-right voters don’t think it’s real., From ImagesAttr
(36 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Rand Paul Says Hillary Clinton's Focus on Climate Change Shows She Lacks "Wisdom" to Be President Rand Paul said of Clinton, "For her to be out there saying that the biggest threat to our safety and to our well-being is climate change, I think, goes to the heart of the matter or whether or not she has the wisdom to lead the country, which I think it's obvious that she doesn't. I don't think we really want a commander-in-chief who's battling climate change instead of terrorism."
The impact of fracking, From YouTubeVideos
(6 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, December 30, 2017
Trump Administration Repeals Obama Rule Designed to Make Fracking Safer Environmentalists and public health advocates have long warned that fracking -- which involves pumping large volumes of water, sand and chemicals underground to extract oil and gas -- causes groundwater contamination, puts human health at risk and releases the potent greenhouse gas methane.
From ImagesAttr
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, March 4, 2015
David Suzuki: Climate Change Is Real Threat, Not Activists Calling for Immediate Action Pollution and climate change caused by excessive burning of fossil fuels are real threats, not the people who warn that we must take these threats seriously. And while we must also respond to terrorism with the strong tools already in place, we have to remember that our rights and freedoms, not fear, are what keep us strong.
SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Ted Cruz Calls Obama's "Radical" Climate Plan "Tyranny" Cruz and other GOP's, including Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), have repeatedly denied the reality of human-caused climate change. Last winter, Inhofe brought a snowball to the floor as "proof" that global warming is not occurring. He also criticized Pope Francis for speaking out about climate change.
Rick Perry, From FlickrPhotos
SHARE More Sharing        Monday, October 30, 2017
Rick Perry Tells Africa to Drill, Frack and Dig Coal Given the agenda of the Trump Administration and given that Perry was governor of oil rich Texas, Perry said they were keen for those partnerships to include fossil fuels. There is nothing clean about what Perry is advocating. There is no such thing as clean coal: it is a misnomer. Parry's strategy is basically: drill Africa drill; frack, Africa, frack and mine for coal, Africa, mine for coal.
SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, December 23, 2017
Trump Administration, Which Wants More Offshore Drilling, Shuts Down Study Into Its Safety Sierra Club's Kelly Martin said the move was in line with the Trump administration's push for a major expansion of offshore drilling. "I think this is an example of Trump demonstrating he wants to open up federal waters to more drilling at the expense of people on the planet," Martin told the Associated Press. "He is much more supportive of corporate polluters than protecting people's safety."
Scott Pruitt, From FlickrPhotos
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, October 23, 2017
EPA Pulls Scientists From Talk on Climate Change, Highlighting Fears Agency Is "Muzzling" Staff Ever since Scott Pruitt took the helm of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), he has worked to undo decades of hard-fought climate protections, denied that carbon dioxide is a "primary contributor" to climate change, and even removed mentions of the term "climate change" from agency websites.
Obama Heads North To Alaska, Where Drilling Decision Looms Large, From ImagesAttr
(8 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, August 29, 2015
Obama Heads to Alaska as Climate Groups Cry "Hypocrisy" Over Decision to Drill in the Arctic In Alaska, President Obama's words about the urgency of climate change, against the backdrop of the Shell oil rig he approved to drill, brings to mind the tragic irony of President George W. Bush declaring 'Mission Accomplished' six weeks into his decade-long invasion of Iraq.
Ted Cruz-nocchio, From FlickrPhotos
(6 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, October 31, 2015
Watch This Alarming Video of Ted Cruz Attacking Climate Change as a Religion Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz told Glenn Beck in a new interview that climate change is a religion, not a scientific position. According to the Texas senator, "global warming alarmists" (or the people who believe in climate change) don't have evidence to prove that the planet is warming.
In 2016 Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge Complex in California and Oregon was sprayed with 236,966 pounds of pesticides., From ImagesAttr
(6 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, May 11, 2018
490,000 Pounds of Toxic Pesticides Sprayed on National Wildlife Refuges In 2016 more than 3,000 acres of corn and soybean crops on refuge lands were treated, mainly through aerial spraying, with approximately 6,800 pounds of pesticides containing paraquat dichloride, known to be toxic to crustaceans, mammals, fish, amphibians and mollusks and so lethal it is banned in 32 counties, including the European Union.
(6 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Study Finds 8 Fracking Chemicals Toxic to Humans Fracking is once again in trouble. Scientists have found that what gets pumped into hydrocarbon-rich rock as part of the hydraulic fracture technique to release gas and oil trapped in underground reservoirs may not be entirely healthy. Fracking is a highly controversial technique, and has not been handed a clean bill of health by the scientific societies.
Stop Monsanto!, From ImagesAttr
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, September 2, 2015
Two More European Countries Ban Monsanto's GMO Crops Two more European countries are rejecting genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Lativia and Greece have specifically said no to growing Monsanto's genetically modified maize, or MON810, that's widely grown in America and Asia, but is the only variety grown in Europe.
Bill Nye goes through the five stages of
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, November 14, 2015
Bill Nye + Arnold Schwarzenegger Confront Climate Denial Head On Bill Nye teamed up with Arnold Schwarzenegger to confront climate denial head on in an episode of National Geographic's Explorer, Bill Nye's Global Meltdown. The episode opens with Bill Nye telling his psychiatrist, Arnold Schwarzenegger, "I don't know, I'm just not myself lately. Everything seems so meaningless and empty."
Jim Inhofe -- Global Warming is an orchestrated hoax., From ImagesAttr
(4 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, June 12, 2015
Senator James Inhofe to Pope Francis: Butt Out of Climate Debate Senator Inhofe took potshots at Pope Francis, who has spoken out repeatedly on climate change and is expected to deliver his long-awaited encyclical on the topic next week. "Everyone is going to ride the Pope now. Isn't that wonderful," said Inhofe sarcastically. "The Pope ought to stay with his job, and we'll stay with ours."
Keystone Pipeline spill:, From YouTubeVideos
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, November 17, 2017
Massive Pipeline Leak Shows Why Nebraska Should Reject Keystone XL About 210,000 gallons (5,000 barrels) of oil leaked Thursday from TransCanada's Keystone oil pipeline near Amherst, South Dakota, drawing fierce outcry from pipeline opponents. The leak, the largest spill to date in South Dakota, comes just days before Nebraska regulators decide on whether its controversial sister project -- the Keystone XL (KXL) Pipeline -- will go forward.
Greta Thunberg says U.S. Treasury Secretary's degree dig had .no effect. on her, From YouTubeVideos
(19 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, January 25, 2020
Greta Thunberg Punches Back After Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Jabs at Her Youth Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin pretended not to know who Greta Thunberg is, and then he told her to get a degree in economics before giving world leaders advice. Mnuchin, at a press conference, dismissed her completely, pretending not to know who the TIME Person of the Year is.
Former Vice President Al Gore, From ImagesAttr
SHARE More Sharing        Friday, December 12, 2014
Al Gore Urges Obama to Reject Keystone XL Pipeline "If developed countries don't put down the resources that the poor countries need to prepare for climate change to protect themselves from the real impacts they are facing already, then you are going to leave poor people around the world facing hunger, facing increasing poverty without being able to cope," says Winnie Byanyima, executive director of Oxfam.
SHARE More Sharing        Monday, March 16, 2015
Al Gore at SXSW: We Need to "Punish Climate-Change Deniers" and "Put a Price on Carbon" Years from now, Gore said the next generation will look back at us and ask: "How did you change?" according to Macworld. "Part of the answer may well be that a group of people came to South by Southwest in Austin, Texas in 2015 and helped to make a revolution," Gore said.
“We still have a tremendous opportunity to do what we haven’t done. I would say the biggest handicap we have right now is some nutcases in our country who don’t believe in global warming., From ImagesAttr
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, August 14, 2014
Jimmy Carter Blasts "Nutcases" Who Block Climate Action Jimmy Carter, the now 89-year-old president, created the Department of Energy and was known as an advocate for energy conservation and environmental protection years before the term "climate change" had entered the general public consciousness.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Sunday, April 5, 2015
Shell's Arctic Drilling Plans Approved by Department of Interior Despite court cases finding it had illegally sold oil and gas exploration leases in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska and despite its own environmental impact study depicting the dangers of drilling there, the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) has opened the door to selling offshore drilling leases in the Arctic seas again.
Some groups have been exempted from the water restrictions, specifically big agriculture, which uses about 80 percent of California's water., From ImagesAttr
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, April 3, 2015
Drought-Stricken California Exempts Big Oil and Big Ag from Mandatory Restrictions The April 1 snowpack assessment in California, which set an all-time record for lowest snowpack levels in the state's history, finally spurred Governor Brown's office to issue an executive order to residents and non-agricultural businesses to cut water use by 25 percent in the first mandatory statewide reduction in the state's history.
From ImagesAttr
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, May 19, 2015
4 Climate Surprises From Al Gore in Iowa It was heartening to hear Gore say over and over that we can make politicians change their minds and take a stand on climate change. Talking to your local representative, your city council, your county official, your senator--anyone--is free to you and takes only minutes. They're required to listen--and furthermore, it could even change their minds.
Danish Politicians Mock Trump As Crazy Over His Idea To Buy Greenland, From YouTubeVideos
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, August 17, 2019
Trump Proposes Buying Greenland President Trump has made repeated inquiries into the possibility of buying Greenland, an autonomous territory, from the Danish government. He has raised the issue during meetings and dinners and even gone so far as to have White House counsel examine the possibility. Danish politicians wasted no time in ridiculing the idea.
Author Naomi Klein on Challenging Trump's Shock Doctrine Politics, From YouTubeVideos
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, June 17, 2017
Naomi Klein: No Is Not Enough "The narrative has emerged that he's this bumbling idiot, that it's all chaos," Klein said. "And meanwhile, behind the scenes, getting very little media attention is a methodical, very organized redistribution of wealth from lower and middle incomes to the one percent of the one percent."
From Pope Francis, From Images
(18 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Pope Francis on Climate Change Deniers: "Man Is Stupid" Pope Francis said that individuals and world leaders have a moral responsibility to help preserve the environment or else be judged by history for their inaction. He said that those who doubt that human activity causes climate change should consult with scientists. Trump remains steadfast about his climate denial, despite expert opinions that Earth's rising temperatures contributed to the devastation of Hurricanes.
North Dakota's Theodore Roosevelt National Park sits in the heart of the heavily fracked Bakken shale formation., From ImagesAttr
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, March 21, 2015
New Fracking Rules on Public Lands "A Giveaway to Oil and Gas Industry," Advocates Say Drilling has been occurring on federal lands for years with more than 100,000 wells in existence. However, following the fracking boom of the last two decades, more than 90 percent of new drilling operations involve that process, evading the regulations of 30 years ago.
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, April 23, 2015
Confirmed: Oklahoma Earthquakes Caused By Fracking The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) released a report today outlining models that forecast the potential earthquake damage in areas of induced seismicity. The USGS says bluntly, "Earthquake activity has sharply increased since 2009 in the central and eastern United States.
Millions of Potential Toxic Waste Dumps in US, From YouTubeVideos
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, November 22, 2019
945 Toxic Waste Sites at Risk of Disaster From Climate Crisis The EPA has continued to deny the climate crisis as a threat to the Superfund sites. The EPA does not include the climate crisis in its agency-wide policies. Its refusal to take the climate crisis into account has not only angered lawmakers, but also baffled experts.
A new comic strip campaign urges SEC chair Mary Jo White to take action against secret corporate cash., From ImagesAttr
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, March 31, 2015
Fighting Dark Money to Restore Our Democracy That there is rising investor concern about corporate political spending, especially hidden spending, is indicated by the fact that, in the last five years, shareholders have filed more than 500 resolutions on such corporate spending. It is hoped that the SEC will take action on behalf of shareholders who are being stonewalled by the companies whose stock they own.
The wind industry in Kansas has already exceeded the state's renewable energy standard for 2020 on its own, but now Kansas is repealing the standard., From ImagesAttr
(7 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, May 18, 2015
Koch Brothers Claim Another State in War on Renewables In the last few years, pressed by fossil fuel businesses such as Koch Industries and advocacy groups funded by the Koch brothers, including Americans for Prosperity and the American Legislative Exchange Counsel (ALEC), bills have been introduced in state after state to repeal these renewable energy standards. And in a few states, such as Ohio and West Virginia, they've succeeded.
Carbon pollution power plants., From ImagesAttr
SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, December 2, 2014
8 Million Americans Tell EPA to Take Climate Action Carbon pollution is the biggest driver of climate change, and 40 percent of all carbon pollution in this country comes from power plants. Yet, astonishingly, there are no national limits on how much carbon pollution these plants can dump into our atmosphere. That's not right, and it's time to fix it.
Why We Need the EPA, From YouTubeVideos
(3 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, August 2, 2017
30-Year EPA Veteran Writes Farewell Letter, Warns of Environmental Catastrophe Under Pruitt Compounding growing problems inside EPA is an autocratic and secretive Pruitt management style in which he declines to meet directly with non-political staff, refuses to use email so as to not create any record, and issues orders to create decision documents at odds with the overwhelming weight of evidence. Scott Pruitt has become the leading candidate for worst boss in the world.
Trump Mental Deception -, From GoogleImages
SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, February 6, 2018
6 Ways Trump Is Bad for Food, Health and the Environment In the past year, Trump and his enablers have been unrelenting in their attacks on food safety, environmental protections, climate change, government transparency and so many other values we hold dear. We are in the midst of the most significant environmental and public health challenges imaginable. We're no longer dreading the harm the Trump administration could do to our health and environment -- we're living it.
Two sides opposed on most issues come together over the positives of distributed solar power., From ImagesAttr
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, April 16, 2015
Al Gore Teams Up With Tea Party to Fight for Rooftop Solar When you find Democrat Al Gore on the same side of an environmental issue as a far-right Tea Party leader, it's eye-opening. But left and right are coming together over the issue of distributed solar power and the right of homeowners and businesses to install rooftop photovoltaic solar panels.
Scott Pruitt, From FlickrPhotos
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Report: EPA Hires 12 More Bodyguards for Pruitt, Costing $2M Annually for Full Security Team The EPA is expanding Pruitt's security detail with an additional 12 agents, meaning his total security fleet stands at 30 bodyguards. This will cost the department $2 million a year in salaries alone and does not include training, equipment or travel. No other administrator has needed 24/7 security but Pruitt has reportedly received more death threats than any other EPA chief.
Climate Change is Real -- VERY REAL, From YouTubeVideos
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, August 8, 2017
Leaked Government Report Sounds Alarm on Climate Change Before Trump Could Suppress It The Trump administration is getting more Orwellian by the day, but as fast as it tries to bury the truth about climate change, scientists are fighting back and showing that they will not be silenced by the climate deniers in the White House.
EPA head Scott Pruitt becomes latest Trump official to be harassed at a restaurant, From YouTubeVideos
(7 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, July 4, 2018
Teacher Confronts Scott Pruitt at Restaurant, Asks Him to Resign Kristin Mink, a schoolteacher and mother of a 2-year-old, confronted Scott Pruitt, the embattled administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), at a restaurant in Washington, D.C., on Monday and urged him to resign.
Peggy Wilcox of Anchorage takes a selfie with Frostpaw the polar bear at the rally., From ImagesAttr
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, September 1, 2015
Hundreds Rally in Alaska to Tell Obama "Climate Leaders Don't Drill the Arctic" groups are hoping that the President will change his mind on Arctic drilling. "We are thankful the President is willing to see for himself the real impacts of climate change, but we hope that once he understands the dire situation, he would go further and actually address the situation by taking effective action such as canceling Shell's Arctic drilling," said Faith Gemmill of RedOil.
President Donald Trump, From FlickrPhotos
SHARE More Sharing        Monday, August 7, 2017
It's Official: Trump Sends Formal Notice to UN to Pull America Out of Paris Agreement Trump is walking the wrong way into the history books on this. For all his policy failures and the continuing chaos around the West Wing and the White House, his total disregard for the future of this planet and for future generations is beyond comprehension to anyone but his fossil fuel cronies.
From ImagesAttr
(6 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, July 27, 2015
Hillary Clinton: If I'm Elected President Every American Home Will Be Powered by Renewables by 2027 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton rolled out an ambitious climate and energy proposal Sunday evening. She said, if elected president, on day one she'd set two national goals -- every American home will be powered by renewable energy by 2027 and more than half a billion solar panels will be installed across the country before the end of her first term.
From ImagesAttr
SHARE More Sharing        Friday, November 27, 2015
The World Takes to the Streets Ahead of Paris Climate Talks This weekend, before the opening of the climate summit in Paris on Monday, hundreds of thousands of people are taking to the streets in more than 2,000 events spread across 150 countries to demand that negotiating parties keep fossil fuels in the ground and finance a just transition to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050.
Ted Cruz, From ImagesAttr
(4 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, October 8, 2015
Watch Climate Denier Ted Cruz Bully Sierra Club President in Senate Hearing Cruz relies on classic denier arguments, saying satellite data shows the Earth isn't warming and that there has been a "pause" or "hiatus" in global warming, which NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, has refuted.
From ImagesAttr
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, November 9, 2016
"Trump's Election Is a Disaster" Donald Trump has won the presidency. Yes, the billionaire television personality who denies climate change, has ties to the Dakota Access Pipeline, and has promised to "renegotiate" the Paris agreement and completely dismantle the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, will be the next President of the United States!
Many Colorado citizens want the right to decide for themselves whether drilling sites like this one should be allowed in their communities., From ImagesAttr
SHARE More Sharing        Friday, August 22, 2014
Colorado Town Sues State, Gov. Hickenlooper and COGA to Protect Right to Ban Fracking In a state wracked with clashes over its explosive expansion of fracking, residents of Lafayette, Colorado just outside Boulder, have filed a motion for a preliminary injunction to prevent the state of Colorado, Gov. John Hickenlooper and the Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA) from taking away the town's right to ban the practice.
SHARE More Sharing        Sunday, August 21, 2016
Fossil Fuel Industry Is Killing the World's Coral Reefs Recent research confirms that the above-average sea temperatures causing this bleaching across 38 countries are the result of human-induced global climate change, rather than from local pollution as was previously argued and the fossil-fuel industry is the main culprit behind these impacts.
Scientists fear Trump will bury climate report, From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Monday, December 18, 2017
Trump to Drop Climate Change as National Security Threat According to the Federalist, which first obtained a draft document of the national security strategy, the Trump administration would actively oppose efforts to reduce the burning of fossil fuels for energy. The new Trump doctrine is seemingly at odds with Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis' views on the issue of climate change.
From ImagesAttr
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, November 8, 2017
U.S. Now the Only Country Not in Paris Climate Agreement After Syria Signs On The U.S., under President Trump, is now completely alone in this global consensus to limit temperature rise to well below 2 degreesC to avoid dangerous climate change. Under the terms of the Paris agreement, the earliest the U.S. can officially exit the pact is the day after the 2020 election.
Pentagon removed nearly all references to .climate change. in report., From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, May 12, 2018
Pentagon Watered Down Climate Report for Trump-Era Publication, Draft Reveals According to The Washington Post, the 2018 report edited out 23 direct references to "climate change" and only used the term once. It also edited out more than one mention of the decline sea ice in the Arctic. Military officials said they did not believe the wording of the report would have a significant impact on how the military responds to climate change.
Louisiana congressional candidate Lenar Whitney, who enjoys being called
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, December 19, 2014
The Results Are In: The Number One Lie of the Year Is ... Nearly 50 percent of PolitiFact's readers found anti-climate positions to be the most significant falsehoods in the public discourse. The specific "global warming is a hoax" statement PolitiFact used as its hook to debunk climate deniers in general was made by Louisiana congressional candidate Lenar Whitney, who enjoys being called "the Sarah Palin of the South."
Jerry Brown: #COP23 Speech. The Threat of Climate Change is Profound, From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Shadow U.S. Climate Delegation Promises World #WeAreStillIn Paris Agreement A group of U.S. leaders, including California Gov. Jerry Brown and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, reaffirmed the country's commitment to its Paris agreement targets this weekend at the COP23 talks in Bonn, Germany.
Caribou graze on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, From FlickrPhotos
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, December 20, 2017
GOP Tax Bill: How the Environment Lost The Republican tax bill has major repercussions for our precious environment. Environment America noted that the bill continues massive incentives for fossil fuel production amounting to tens of billions of dollars over the next decade. The deep-pocketed Koch Brothers have spent more than $88 million in traceable funding to groups attacking climate change science, policy and regulation.
“This important step forward shows that we can achieve lasting victories for ocean and environmental health.”, From ImagesAttr
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, August 30, 2014
California Bans Plastic Bags Plastic bags create a direct threat to wildlife, like the Pacific leatherback sea turtles, that mistake the bags for food. A study of more than 370 leatherback sea turtle autopsies found that one in three had plastic in their stomach, most often a plastic bag.
From ImagesAttr
SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, August 12, 2014
Enviros Blamed for Bursting Frack Bubble The bursting of the fracking bubble will have almost nothing to do with environmentalists, but they have deliberately and courageously put themselves in harm's way. Fracking has terrible impacts on water, air, soil, human health, the welfare of livestock and wildlife and the climate.
Ben Carson, From FlickrPhotos
SHARE More Sharing        Monday, November 9, 2015
4 More Bizarre Ben Carson Stories Emerge The past week has been a torrent of crazy Ben Carson stories. First he stabbed a child when he was young, and then he didn't. He got a full scholarship to West Point but it turns out they don't actually give those. It appears, at this point, basically nothing in his memoir is credible. Carson has a quite a credibility problem he'll have to answer for in the coming days if he's serious about running for president.
From ImagesAttr
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, October 27, 2015
Snowball-Throwing, Climate-Denying Senator May Crash Paris Climate Talks If he attends COP21, it won't be the first time Inhofe has made his case in front of world dignitaries at an international climate conference. In 2009, the Oklahoman crashed the Copenhagen talks for a few hours, confused some local reporters with his presence and hopped right back on a plane to Washington that same day after failing to secure any meetings.
President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Friday, July 7, 2017
Trump on "Direct Collision Course" With G20 Over Climate Even if Trump makes it through the summit relatively unscathed, his views on climate change are still going to be continually challenged by NGO's, scientists, the media and of course, kids. It will be the issue that haunts his presidency to its bitter end.
With its spate of natural disasters, some spurred by human action, California isn’t looking like such a “Golden State.”, From ImagesAttr
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, August 25, 2014
Earthquake, Drought and Wildfires Ravage California The magnitude 6.0 earthquake, which occurred early Sunday morning, is the largest to hit the state since 1989's Loma Prieta quake. It injured several hundred people. The earthquake is understandably dominating the headlines coming out of California, while the fallout from the state's record drought is being reported almost daily.
From ImagesAttr
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, January 25, 2017
Oil Pipeline Spills 53,000 Gallons on First Nations Land Tundra Energy Marketing Inc, which owns a pipeline near the spill, has been handling cleanup efforts since Saturday. As of Monday, 170,000 liters (44,909 gallons) have been recovered. The pipeline was shut down after the breach was discovered. It is currently unclear how the leak happened or which company operates the underground pipeline that breached, as multiple pipelines operate around the site of the leak.
From ImagesAttr
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, September 29, 2016
11 Times Trump Said "Climate Change Is a Hoax" After just 18 minutes of the debate, conversation between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump quickly transitioned to renewable energy jobs as they discussed the economy. During that exchange, Clinton slipped in the well-known fact that Trump believes climate change is "a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese." Though he has called climate change a hoax numerous times since 2012, he still interrupted Clinton to reject that claim.
From Donald Trump, From Images
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, August 21, 2017
Trump Disbands Climate Advisory Panel As Trump's presidency spirals like a toxic vortex from one crisis to another, and with the global news media reacting to one venomous tweet after another, it is easy to miss the slow assault against science and the environment that continues below the radar.
Philippines' Former Climate Negotiator Yeb Sano's 900 Mile Pilgrimage to Paris Summit Ends with Fast, From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, December 2, 2015
Yeb Sano and the Fast for the Climate Movement at COP21 Last night's event was the culmination of a one-day fast where thousands of people from more than 90 countries fasted in solidarity with vulnerable people and to call for a just transition toward a safe climate future. The purpose of the evening event was to break the fast and join together to celebrate unity across faiths, cultures and continents as well as civil society's global leadership toward climate action.
Oil Drilling in ANWR, From YouTubeVideos
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, December 11, 2017
While America Focuses on Tax Bill, Congress Quietly Tries to Open Arctic Refuge to Oil Drilling The U.S. Senate has passed a Republican tax-reform package that contains a provision to authorize oil drilling on the coastal plain of Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, placing the biological heart of one of our last pristine, untouched places in severe peril.
From ImagesAttr
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Watch Susan Sarandon Share on Colbert Why She Broke Up With Hillary Clinton Susan Sarandon said she had to break up with Hillary Clinton after she voted for the Iraq war. "Then she became Secretary of State. I'm an environmentalist. Fracking is absolutely the worst thing you can do for the environment. ... She goes 'behind my back' and she's selling it all over the world. ... She's selling Monsanto. ... How can I trust her? And I'm a feminist. [Women] need a $15 minimum wage, right?"
Senator Jim Inhofe Throws A Snowball On The Senate Floor, From YouTubeVideos
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Senator Inhofe to Climate Deniers: "You're Doing the Lord's Work" Looks like Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) won't be crashing the Paris climate talks after all. He did, however, provide taped remarks at an unofficial side event yesterday at COP21. The Senate's climate denier in chief told the room full of deniers they were "doing the Lord's work."
Keystone XL Pipeline Protests at White House, From ImagesAttr
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Keystone XL Debate to Take Center Stage in New Congress The House has voted in the past to approve the pipeline and appears poised to do so again -- so quickly, in fact, that three Democrats sent a letter to Speaker John Boehner this week, urging that the House follow the full process of vetting a bill. They asked Boehner not to bypass the committee process to bring an immediate floor vote.
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Largest Civil Disobedience in History of the Environmental Movement Begins Today People worldwide are providing the much needed leadership by intensifying actions through peaceful civil disobedience on a global scale as so much remains to be done in order to lessen the effects of the climate crisis. This includes demanding governments move past the commitments made as part of the Paris agreement signed last month.
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How Pope Francis's Climate Encyclical Is Disrupting American Politics There are signs that this climate and energy revolution is also breaking apart the frozen tectonic plates which have locked American conservatism into an orthodoxy of inaction not just on global warming, but on almost every problem challenging our society. No longer do all conservatives join Koch, Heartland and Republican Presidential candidates in dismissing conservative engagement with climate solutions.
Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline, From YouTubeVideos
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TransCanada Sues Obama Administration for $15 Billion for Rejecting Keystone XL This lawsuit will do nothing to change Keystone's fate; it will merely serve to remind the American people that companies like TransCanada are working against their interests, and that trade agreements like the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) would only strengthen their ability to do so.
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Eating Fast Food Linked to Lower Test Scores A study shows children who ate fast food more than three times a week had lower test scores than those eating little to no fast food.
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White House Fires Back at Charles Koch White House Press Sec. Josh Earnest said Koch's statements were untrue. "I'm not sure whether to describe those comments as remarkably rich or utterly predictable," Earnest said. "It's when the President is advocating, for example, the end of tax subsidies that benefit oil and gas companies, that somebody who has made billions of dollars leading an oil and gas company, might not think very highly of that policy proposal."
A majority of the 1,453 registered voters surveyed--59 percent--said they saw Sanders as honest and trustworthy., From ImagesAttr
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Bernie Sanders Would Beat Donald Trump and Other GOP Frontrunners, New Poll Says Sen. Bernie Sanders would win the 2016 presidential election against all top Republican candidates, with scores that make him more electable in the general than even former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, his main rival for the Democratic nomination, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday.
Hillary Clinton met with House and Senate Democrats Tuesday to talk about her positions on key issues, including climate change. Bernie Sanders left the meeting early and held a press conference to remind reporters that he is more progressive than Clinton, From ImagesAttr
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Sanders Calls Out Clinton's Silence on Keystone XL Clinton's record and her remarks on climate are in stark contrast to the entire Republican field. While a few have tentatively said that climate change is likely happening, all have warmly embraced the fossil fuel industry and most have joined congressional Republicans in rejecting steps to address climate, and all support the Keystone XL pipeline.
Scott Pruitt, From FlickrPhotos
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Scott Pruitt Has Betrayed the Mission, the National Interest and the Public Trust As administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Pruitt has a single overriding responsibility: to protect the environment and public health. Instead, he's protecting big polluters as he moves to delay or weaken needed safeguards at the direct behest of one industrial lobbyist after another. It's time for him to go.
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Bill Nye vs. Sarah Palin on Climate Change: Who Do You Believe? A clip of Nye and Morano's conversation was shown as part of a panel event promoting the movie that featured Sarah Palin, who took aim at Nye by claiming that she's just as much of a scientist as Nye.
INSANE Effects of Climate Change, From YouTubeVideos
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EPA Releases Report Advising Communities to Prepare for Climate Change-Related Disasters Policymakers at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published a report in the Federal Register outlining how local communities should start planning for near-future catastrophes associated with climate change. It addresses how local communities can cope with debris and disaster following floods, hurricanes, wildfires only intensified by a changing climate.
Now with an El Nino underway and predicted to intensify, it looks as if the global average surface temperature could jump by around 0.1C in just one year. Photo credit: Creative Commons, From ImagesAttr
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Halfway to Hell: Global Temperatures Hit Critical Point, Warn Scientists Bold climate action will save huge numbers of lives and produce significant cost savings in the health sector. Direct health impacts from climate change are expected to cost the world US$2-4 billion a year by 2030. The latest research underscores the urgency for government's to act and the solutions are ready and waiting.
We call on others to follow our lead because our planet is quickly running out of time,
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Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Grants $650k to Accelerate Climate Change Solutions Following the April signing of the Paris agreement, R20 Regions of Climate Action (R20) and Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) announced the formation of a new partnership to rapidly identify and fund projects that address the urgency of climate change.
Fifty-seven people, including climate activist Bill McKibben, blockaded the gates at Crestwood's Seneca Lake gas storage facility Monday morning., From ImagesAttr
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Bill McKibben Arrested + 56 Others in Ongoing Campaign Against Proposed Gas Storage at Seneca Lake The fight over the fate of the Finger Lakes received national attention today when best-selling author, environmentalist and founder of, Bill McKibben, joined the opposition. McKibben, 55, was arrested this morning with 56 area residents as part of an ongoing civil disobedience campaign against proposed gas storage in Seneca Lake's abandoned salt caverns.
The Animas River in Colorado turned orange with toxins after a spill sent a million gallons of mine waste into a waterway last week., From ImagesAttr
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Massive Mine Waste Spill Reaches New Mexico As the cities of Aztec and Bloomfield scrambled to cut off the river's access to water treatment plants, they criticized the EPA for what they said was a lackluster effort in providing warnings or answers about the spill. The contaminants seeping into the river -- at a rate of 548 gallons per minute -- include arsenic, copper, zinc, lead, aluminum and cadmium.
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Groundbreaking Study Confirms Link Between Fracking and Earthquakes The Western Canada Sedimentary Basin uses less water during fracking operations than in places like the current mecca of frackquakes, Oklahoma. In the paper, the authors also conclude that the massive amount of wastewater incidents in the U.S. may cloak the impact fracking has had on induced seismicity in the central U.S., which calls for more scientific investigation.
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300+ Arrested in Mass Civil Disobedience Protests at the Nation's Capitol Thousands of activists from around the country streamed into the nation's capital April 16-18 for Democracy Awakening, which featured teach-ins, a rally, a march and lobbying as well as the civil disobedience. The aim: to fight back against business as usual in Washington, DC. More than 300 organizations endorsed Democracy Awakening.
When it comes to both ethnic and gender diversity, the solar industry surpasses the oil, gas and coal industries., From ImagesAttr
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The Solar Revolution Is for Everyone The solar investment tax credit (ITC) provides a 30 percent tax credit to commercial and residential solar users, which has helped the solar industry crack 22 gigawatts for the first time in history this summer. Total U.S. solar capacity is expected to double over the next two years. But if the ITC is allowed to expire from its current levels on Dec. 31, 2016, 100,000 jobs could be lost nationwide.
Oscar-nominated actor and clean water advocate Matt Damon has called on the resignation of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder over Flint's ongoing water troubles. Residents, including 8,000 children, have been exposed to high levels of lead in the city's water sup, From ImagesAttr
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Matt Damon Slams Michigan Governor Over Flint Water Crisis: "At the Very Least He Should Resign!" Flint's water disaster started back in April 2014, when an unelected state official switched the city's main water supply from Lake Huron to the Flint River to save money. Emails released last week revealed that Gov. Snyder and his administration knew about Flint's water quality issues as early as February 2015 but his administration said the problems would eventually "fade in the rearview."
The Greenpeace Thermal Airship A.E. Bates flies over the Decker Coal Mine., From ImagesAttr
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Obama's Coal Announcement Takes Us One Step Closer to Keeping All Fossil Fuels in the Ground President Obama has taken a major step to move us away from coal and accelerate the transition to clean, renewable energy and we applaud his leadership. We hope to see elected officials at all levels support a just transition to renewable energy, which includes keeping all fossil fuels in the ground and taking care of the miners and communities that will need the most support along the way.

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