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Charles Sullivan

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Charles Sullivan is a photographer, social activist and free lance writer residing in the hinterland of West Virgina.

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(9 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, October 26, 2007
Truth Matters Any individual who values truth more than lies, who keeps truth alive in his or her heart, despite all efforts to dislodge it from its ethical moorings, is more powerful than even the most advanced weapons systems. Truth emerges unscathed from the rubble of fallen empire as immutable as an inviolable law of nature. Nothing can bring it down because it is real.
(15 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, September 2, 2006
Why I am a Terrorist According to the government's twisted definitions, I qualify as a terrorist. If so, I wear the crown proudly and defiantly. Here is why.
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, January 25, 2006
Understanding Root Causes By engaging in party politics, the practice of pitting liberal against conservative, we are playing into the lands of the status quo. By so doing we are unwittingly creating a diversion, a smoke screen, for the empire builiders--the Capitalists--to continue playing the game safely out of public view. Capitalism is the real enemy operating behind the scenes of a decaying nation.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, December 3, 2007
Henry Thoreau and the Patrons of Virtue Henry Thoreau astutely observed: "There are nine hundred and ninety-nine patrons of virtue to one virtuous man." Thoreau hit the nail squarely on the head, as he so often did. We Americans are patrons of virtue rather than virtuous people. It costs nothing to be a patron of virtue; but it requires character and effort to be a virtuous person. Apparently, we have yet to learn the distinction.
SHARE More Sharing        Friday, January 6, 2006
America's Covenant with Israel America's covenant with Israel does not serve the interests of peace and stability in the Middle East. Our pact with Israel not only violates international law; it is unjust and inhumane. And it is as dark as it is strange.
(8 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, November 19, 2007
Of Boycotts and Elections The political system should belong to every citizen, rather than to the moneyed gentry that have locked most of us out. No one is going to give us the keys. We must take them because they rightfully belong to us.
(3 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, January 3, 2006
Peak Oil and the End of Empire Connecting the dots of Peak Oil, the real perpetrators of 9/11 and the untold story behind the U.S. invasion of Iraq and a host of other nations to come. This is what our people are really dying for.
Allegory of the Cave, From ImagesAttr
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, January 7, 2014
Interpretation and the Allegory of the Cave The ideological chains that bind and subdue us are stronger and more effective than any chain forged from steel. These manacles are more freedom inhibiting than
(3 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, October 3, 2007
Loaded Language and Loaded Guns: The Meaning of Opposites One can no longer understand US policy on the basis of conventional language or traditional wisdom. Language itself and its long established meanings were long ago twisted and distorted in order to deceive the people. Now war is peace and occupation is liberation.
From ImagesAttr
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, June 14, 2006
The Flag of the Corporate States of America Above all else America is a place of commerce. Capitalism is god here. Countless atrocities have been committed against earth and man under the American flag in the government's efforts to expand markets and increase corporate profits. The commercial media has not told us the truth about these acts.
SHARE More Sharing        Friday, December 30, 2005
Terrorists in High Places What are the hidden motives behind those who are really running the American government? What did they have to do with the events of 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq? What horrors are they concocting for our future?
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Sunday, April 9, 2006
Beyond Capitalism: Problems and Solutions Capitalism is an economic system based upon greed and the exploitation of workers and resources. It is the root cause of much of the world's turmoil, including militarism and war. It gives rise to fascism and Plutocratic rule while it stifles Democracy. Capitalism produced George Bush and the volatile situation in the Middle East. Both capitalism and Bush have to go.
SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, June 20, 2006
The Strange Language of Capitalism When George Bush and other capitalists speak about freedom you must understand that they do not mean freedom in the sense that most of us understand it. They mean the freedom for corporations to gain access to markets and cheap labor through the use of coercive force.
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, January 19, 2006
Squeezing the Work Force In the midst of soaring corporate profits, rising productivity, and astronomical CEO salaries--real wages are on the decline. We must remake militant labor unions in the image of the workers.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, January 14, 2006
Reining in Sociopathic Corporations' Power Corporations have more rights than people, with none of the accountability. They display sociopathic behavior and rule the world with dire consequences for all. We must hold them to the same level of accountability as people; even revoking their corporate charters when necessary.
(8 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Sunday, May 21, 2006
Fruit of the Poison Tree Millions of citizens are rightly calling for the impeachment of George Bush due to his criminal and unethical policies. But when Bush is gone the system that produced him will remain in place, as healthy and viable as ever. It will continue to bear a plentiful crop of poison fruit, perhaps even more sinister than Bush. That is why we must think revolution rather than reform.
(3 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, February 26, 2007
American Plutocracy and the war on Workers As we look to the democrats in Congress to end the occupation of Iraq and to divert another impending disaster in Iran, we must recognize that, like the commercial media, these people are working for the Plutocracy, not for the public good.
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Resistance and Hope In these trying times of doublespeak and group think it is easy to feel overwhelmed and demoralized. But action is the antidote to despair. It is vital that we stay connected to other people engaged in related struggles; that we provide mutual support to and encourage one another to continue a spirited resistance that does not know how to quit. We are rarely as alone as we are lead to believe.
(9 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, June 16, 2006
The Bogus Take Back America Conference The premise of the Take Back America Conference held in the nation's capital this week should have been to wrest power from the hands of the capitalists and putting it in the hands of the people where it belongs. My invitation to the event described Hillary Clinton and John Kerry as progressives, which made me laugh out loud. Then I realized that the conference organizers were serious. Needless to say, I did not attend.
SHARE More Sharing        Monday, June 26, 2006
War is Still a Racket USMC General Smedley Butler was right when he said in 1933 that war is a racket. It sitll is and always will be. War is the ultimate contempt for life; the ultimate betrayal of human potential.
(4 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, January 23, 2006
Unhitching our Wagons Pitting Democrat against Republican, liberal against conservative, as we so often do, does not address the underlying cause of what ails America. We are trying to reform a system from within that cannot be reformed. The problem isn't with the political parties, it is the system itself. We must go beyond reform and enter the arena of revolution.
(3 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, November 1, 2007
Behind the Facade of Incompetence The narcotic of state sponsored propaganda has a powerful and hypnotic effect on our collective senses, and it is rending asunder the fabric of what is supposed to be a free and civil society. We believe what we are told and accept what we are given, without demanding truth, justice or accountability.
(5 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, October 12, 2006
The Assassins of Truth The American government derives its power from corporate bribes, rather than from the populist support of her people. Therefore, this cannot be a Democracy; and we should stop calling it by that name. The corporations are represented but the vast majority of the people are not. It is about time that we learn the difference between Plutocracy and Democracy.
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Sunday, March 5, 2006
Matewan Revisited The history of America is the chronicle of class struggle. The current fight is the same fight that working class people have always faced. Events that occurred nearly a century ago in the small town of Metawan, West Virigia, sheds considerable light on class struggle in America. It also provides inspiration and hope through the courage of one Sid Hatfield.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Throwing Down the Gauntlet In the midst of an enormous neocon led assault on the Constitution and our freedoms, one wonders where is the opposition Party? This is a call to arms.
SHARE More Sharing        Monday, January 30, 2006
Democracy or Plutocracy? That which ails America also ails much of the world. Whatever it is named, it is so deeply ingrained, so profoundly wrong, that it cannot be reformed. If we want to have a free and Democratic society, more powerful forces must be marshaled against the existing infection of Plutocratic rule. Our journey must begin with an understanding of the kind of government we have.
(11 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, November 28, 2006
Clueless in America: Feeding the tapeworms of desire Whatever the origins of the grossly inflated America self image, it is, in part, the paradigm behind the ideology of Manifest Destiny--a force that continues rampaging and pillaging most of the world in its quest for markets and wealth.
(11 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, April 14, 2007
The Apostles of Deception The phony evangelicals have stolen the pulpit and the ignorant and foolish have fallen under their spell. Now we have fools and con men, pretenders and flim-flam artists: hucksters, jilters, jokers and clowns fleecing the hapless flock. We have Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, George Bush, Hillary Clinton, and those masquerading as the Christian right marching us into war after war.
SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, January 12, 2013
Contesting the Systems of Power There is much confusion about the terms "liberal" and "conservative" these days. One thing that must be clarified, however, is that we can no longer rationally associate liberalism or progressive ideology with the Democratic Party. Nor should worker advocacy, environmentalism, feminism, or unionism be associated with democrats, who long ago abandoned left-wing ideology to pursue a course of self-interest and capitulation.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Sunday, June 3, 2007
Over Hill, Over Dale: The Militarization of Culture The glorification of war is nearly ubiquitous in the culture. You see it in the vehicles we drive, aggressive behavior, excessive national pride, flag waving, military style clothing, movies, video games; and now--television commercials.
SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, March 18, 2006
Organized Labor and Social Justice Movements In America social justice has always been precipitated by organized labor. Part of the problem we face as a nation today is the decline of strong labor unions. We need to bring back the kind of strong, revolutionary unions envisoned by Eugene Debs and others.
SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Remembering the Haymarket Martyrs Every now and then events transpire that cut through the rhetoric, the carefully contrived images purveyed in the press and historical texts, and reveal a nation's dark soul in grim detail. Such an event occurred in the streets of Chicago on May 4, 1886. It was an event for which four innocent men were hanged. Out of the chaos and mayhem arose the first labor unions and the eight hour work day.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, December 14, 2006
The Cash Cows of Personal Debt Like genetically modified poultry with abnormally large breasts, the American consumer was bred to consume and to be consumed by predatory capitalists. They are taken in by seductive advertising campaigns that nourish the urge to consume, no matter how destructive to the self or to the planet. The majority of them will never get out of debt.
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, November 27, 2007
The Ghosts of Misplaced Conscience We forget that commercial exuberance rests on the broken bodies of the exploited worker; it rests on the scrolls of flora and fauna that have been pushed out of existence because there isn't enough room for them and us with all of our precious, energy consuming toys.
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, January 11, 2006
Bad Choices and Bad Consequences Every choice we make as both individuals and as a nation have consequences. We are where we are because of the choices we have made along the way. Current events are the consequence of some bad choices we have made in the past.
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, January 12, 2006
Defending Progressive Values Why do progressives frequently allow our advesaries to define who we are and what we belive? True progressives should be proud of the their contributions to society. We should also ask if our long time alliance with the Democratic Party continues to serve our best interest. Has the time come for a parting of the ways? I believe it has.
(5 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, March 26, 2007
The Moral Imperative Justice and morality do not enter into the economic equation of capitalism. Neither does compassion, the rights of other people to exist unmolested in their beliefs, or the concept of equality. There can be no peace without justice; no reckoning without a high regard for truth. Our past speaks volumes about the probable future.
(4 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Corporate Globalization and Middle East Terrorism The U.S. and Israeli governments are responsible for most of the conflict in the Middle East. According to Amnesty International, both nations are conducting terrorist campaigns in the Middle East. Corporate Globalization and capitalism are the economic underpinnings of The New World Order that we are foisting upon the world.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, March 14, 2006
The Parasites of God Just as when he donned that flight jacket years ago on the flight deck of an air craft carrier, a jacket he did not earn by service, Bush dishonored all of those who genuinely earned theirs. He dishonors true Christians, men like Tom Fox, each time he dons the garments of Christianity and uses them in the service of Satan and empire.
SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Militarism and the Corporate Welfare State American citizens must recognize the link between militarism, war and capital and build a better system--a form of government that serves the people rather than capital.
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, June 6, 2006
Sacred Ecology and Capitalism As a result of over population and unbridled greed, virtually all of the world's great ecosystems are in decline. The global ecology is the underpinning of the world economy. Impairment of the ecology guarantees the collapse of the global economy. Capitalism is the primary culprit.
SHARE More Sharing        Sunday, June 18, 2006
A Plea for Net Neutrality The Internet remains one of the final refuges for free speech and political dissent. If Telecommunication giants such as AT&T, Verizon and Comcast have their way that will change. Fox News will provide the official version of history.
(6 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Sunday, October 21, 2007
Uncommon Grace: Biology and Economic Theory Like all economic systems that are not based upon real science, or an appropriate land ethic, the concept of property rights and private ownership are misguided and ultimately self-destructive constructs. The public welfare and the ecological integrity of the earth exceed all economic self interests in importance. Economics are based upon self-serving, false premises, whereas ecology is real.
SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, March 7, 2006
Whatever Happened to Courage? One of the most valuable lessons taught by history is that from time to time people rise up and fight back against horrible tyranny and impossible odds. American labor history provides many instructive and inspiring examples.
(5 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Of Hamster Wheels and Men By putting our faith in those who serve the almighty dollar, rather than upholding the principles of democracy ourselves, we diminish our own power--we cede it to the corrupt and diabolical whose primary purpose is to rape and exploit us. Let us leave the safe haven of our hamster wheels and occupy the streets until justice reigns for everyone. There is no other way.
(13 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Sunday, June 17, 2007
The Absence of Reason The death of innocent civilians means nothing to a government that routinely murders civilians around the world, and sends its own to kill and be killed for imperialistic reasons. Pax Americana is an old phenomenon, not one that began with George Bush and Dick Cheney.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, January 28, 2006
Standing at the brink Let it be understood that we are witnessing history repeating itself, as it so often does. Our ignorance of unwritten history is what dooms us to repeat it. So much of written history has been fictionilized to make martyrs of the worst kind of human beings.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, January 7, 2006
The War President The perception of strength, courage, and decisivness in George Bush as a war time president are the creation of his handlers and PR firms. The truth is that Bush is a moral coward. His record speaks for itself.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, January 27, 2006
When Ignorance Rules In the parlance of computer technology there is a saying--GIGO. Garbage in, garbage out. The computer spews out a result that is consistent with what was programmed in. That is the kind of citizenry we have produced; a citizenry whose minds are filled with garbage; a citizenry that cannot think for itself, and act in its own defense.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, July 17, 2006
Gods Among Ordinary Men The Bush regime operates in unprecedented secrecy under the pretense of fighting a war on terror. They are, in fact, conducting an illegal war of terror against innocent people both at home and abroad.
(13 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, September 18, 2006
What if they gave a War? It is no coincidence that those who make war never fight in them. It is the corporations that lobby for war because there are profits to be made; and profits to be kept. The purveyors of war are invariably cowards and pathological liars.
(3 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, September 7, 2006
Ethnic Cleansing in New Orleans America is a land where sharp divisions of race and class play an important role in deciding one's fate. People with wealth and property matter in America; those without do not. Hurricane Katrina and the ethnic cleansing of New Orleans provide the evidence.
(4 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, January 3, 2007
Soldiers and Imperial Presidents America's armed forces are in Iraq under false pretenses that have nothing to do with democracy or liberation. They are there for reasons that are as nefarious as they are treasonous; and, more than anyone, the men and women in the military need to know this.
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, March 10, 2006
Externalizing the Cost of War There are 192 recognized nations on earth; the U.S. has troops in 135 of them. We are bringing democracy to the world through the sites of an AK-47 and carpet bombs. If this is democracy the world has had enough of it!
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, December 19, 2005
Big Brother Is Watching This is not the first time that law abiding citizens have been under surveillance by the government. Whenever ordinary citizens organize and demand justice they pose a threat to Washington's corrupt power brokers.
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, December 1, 2006
Ghosts in the Machine: Encounters with the NSA Some time ago the thought police, represented by the NSA, clandestinely moved into my computer. It did so without my permission and in violation of the law, not to mention the Constitution. I am astonished that so many manifestations of a police state have managed to crowd onto my hard drive. Disease thrives in dark places. My office, like much of the Middle East, is an occupied territory.
SHARE More Sharing        Friday, February 17, 2006
The Making of a Zombie Culture It can be exasperating to those of us still in full possessin of our mental faculties to witness the zombie-like state of indifference that afflicts our fellow citizens, even while the sky is falling upon them. Their minds truly are not their own.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, March 1, 2006
Shining Light into the Abyss Comparing the social policies of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez to those of U.S. president George Bush reveals much about whom each man serves. Understanding the roots of colonialism leads to an understanding of current U.S. policies, both domestic and foriegn, and their tragic consequences.
SHARE More Sharing        Sunday, January 22, 2006
Manufacturing Fear The Bush cabal is trotting a familiar face onto the public stage in order to sell more fascism to the American people. Through the commercial media the Bush cabal is marketing bin Laden as a terrorist threat, providing cover for the real terrorists to operate safely out of sight. The real terrorists hold high officies in the Bush regime.
(4 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, May 12, 2006
Fanning the Flames of Dissent Capital knows neither loyalty or nationality. Its sole motivation is to maximize profits and to concentrate wealth. Capital is responsible for the class warfare that has utterly destroyed America and taken us through war after war. The only cure is revolution that takes place in the streets. Revolution does not occur at the ballot box. We have only ourselves.
SHARE More Sharing        Sunday, January 29, 2006
Revolutionary Movements and Leadership The question I am asked most frequently by those who comment on my essays is "What can we do?" or "Who is going to lead us?" What follows is the author's imperfect attempt to formulate a workable game plan. It is offered as a starting point for serious dialogue and direct action.
(14 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, November 6, 2007
Amazing Grace We refuse to believe what we are seeing and we dismiss it as too preposterous to be real. We no longer wholly trust our own senses or follow our most innate instincts, failing to recognize that they are all that is true; all that allow us to survive the wretched madness that pursues us like rabid dogs, and relentlessly nips at our fleeing heels.
(5 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, November 1, 2006
The Spoils of Corruption There are three primary pillars that are the underpinning of our society: government, religion, and media. Organized religion, like the mainstream media and the government, is controlled by the wealthy and powerful. It serves the high priests of capitalism and is little more than an enabler of corruption and conquest.
(3 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, November 9, 2007
Solidarity An aberration of nature, the blood of the punks and thugs is not red like ours; it is green, the color of money. They have an insatiable thirst for blood-our blood; the blood of all innocents. Blood money is their currency. Through some kind of strange alchemy, they are able to convert blood into money to own the world.
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, January 12, 2007
George W. Bush: A Symptom of Disease Corporate America put George W. Bush in office to wage endless war; to bankrupt the federal treasury to the extent that few social programs will survive, and virtually all of our tax dollars will go toward supporting the Military Industrial complex. In many ways he is the perfect man for the job.
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, February 9, 2006
Government without Representation Regimes such as the Bush cabal have always plagued America. They are a recurring cancer that pervades every cell of society. They recur because we are treating symptoms, not underlysing causes. The cancer replicates itself through the capitalistic system of inherent inequity. Let us treat the disease and rid ourselves of its scourge for eternity.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, March 31, 2006
Ignorance by Content and Omission In terms of democracy creation the commerical news is useless if its intent is to inform and to educate. It is effective and useful if its intent is to purvey propaganda and to deceive the masses. Consumption of commercial media may be hazardous to your health.
SHARE More Sharing        Friday, March 3, 2006
America the Pitiful The drip bags of propaganda are permanently attached to our veins to assure that we never awaken from our news-induced coma. Mind control is more subtle than the open use of coercive force in shaping human behaviors. No one is more effectively enslaved than those who think they are free.
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, November 8, 2006
Voting in the absence of Choice Amidst the jubilant atmosphere in the aftermath of the mid term elections it is important to remember that the same special interest money controls both parties. It is still the corporations, the wealthy, who run the country, not we the people.
(7 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Empire's War on Labor Like it or not, America has a long history of imperialism and oppression. It also has a history of abusing working class people and using them as canon fodder against other working people in other regions of the earth. War is not only imperialistic, it is anti-worker and anti-earth.
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, April 3, 2007
Government and Citizenship The Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence--all important and eloquent documents--did not bring about the most important achievements in American history. Ordinary people did that by organizing and taking their protests to the streets. That is where freedom is won.
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, June 28, 2006
The Bourgeois Congress and Economic Violence If the greatness of a nation is measured by how it treats the poor rather than its military expenditure, America must rank near the bottom of the heap. The disparity between rich and poor has never been greater and the gap is widening at an accelerating pace. It didn't just happen. It is the result of policy deliberately enacted against the poor.
SHARE More Sharing        Monday, January 9, 2006
Cutting the String that Binds Us It is the perception of powerlessness that keeps millions of American citizens from claiming their real power. Power belongs in the hands of the people, not in the hands of criminals. What we believe about ourselves will determine our national destiny.
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Talking Revolution The American social and political landscape is beyond reformation. We must look into the annals of history to find strategies that work, while also providing hope. We need to talk revolution.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Sunday, January 15, 2006
Honoring Dr. King Those of us who recognize the just cause of the civil rights movement would be dishonoring the memory of Dr. King by going to the mall on his holiday and spending our money on trinkets of excess.
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, November 22, 2006
The Cumulative Effect of Lesser Evils What essential difference to imperialistic policy does the mid term elections make? Does anyone honestly expect the Democratic majority to energetically work to repeal the Patriot Act and Military Commissons Act? To defund the occupation of Iraq and Palestine?
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, February 24, 2006
Corpses in the Garden America has a shameful and brutal history of genocide and oppression that most people refuse to acknowledge. History is a path of unbroken events that lead to the connundrum of the present. Viewed in the context of history, current events lose their ability to deceive and to distort.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, December 16, 2005
Victims of Creeping Fascism One by one our basic freedoms are being stolen from us by those who purport to represent our interests. These are freedoms for which millions of our own fought and died. Were their sacrifices in vain? It appears so, unless we awaken from our stupor and do something about it.
SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, February 4, 2006
The Failure of Citizenship George Bush's Orwellian vision of America is the result of an enormous influx of money by the wealthiest people in America. Therefore, we should not be surprised at whose social and economic interests are represented. Only massive and relentless civil disobedience can dislodge the Plutocrats from power.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, December 17, 2005
Marketing War, Selling Occupation Like any other commodity bought and sold in America, war is marketed to a gullible public with the same callousness as a pack of cigarettes. The consequences are equally tragic.

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