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Putin and Erdogan, From InText
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, January 9, 2020
Turkey and Russia made a deal against U.S. The conversation between the leaders of Russia and Turkey was not limited by the topic of TurkStream. Putin could recommend Erdogan to expel American troops from Turkey (Erdogan previously wanted to do this).
(11 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, January 24, 2019
US to build military bases in Lithuania This week the Ministry of National Defence of Lithuania held the public presentation for interested business representatives concerning procurement documents related to the Public-Private Partnership projects for building three new military facilities in Šiauliai town, and regions of Šilalė and Vilnius., From Uploaded
(3 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, April 14, 2020
COVID-19 will make us think about peace and war World political leaders focus on strategic "threats" while forgetting "natural" dangers. The result is an untenable trade off between military and welfare expenditure. The COVID-19 сrisis has shown us just what the real priorities should be.
From ImagesAttr
(3 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, January 18, 2019
US exit from NATO Last year, US President Donald Trump suggested a move tantamount to destroying NATO: the withdrawal of the United States. over the course of 2018, Mr. Trump several times privately said he wanted to withdraw from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
From Uploaded
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, August 8, 2019
Europe is in big trouble It must be recognized that NATO violates Treaties. Caught by both a need to redress its military weakness in the east and by the risk of aggravating Russia further and with it the prospect of actual conflict, NATO can't articulate just what the nature of its current stand-off with Russia.
US military bases in Europe, From InText
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, January 16, 2020
US troops in the Baltic states - a threat to independence Foreign military bases are integral to preparations for war. The bases intended to increase violence, undermine international security and proliferate weapons.
From Uploaded
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, June 7, 2019
Who will pay for training of a new Lithuanian Armed Forces The Lithuanian government has approved plans to increase the size of the military, reports the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense. On Wednesday, the government authorized the ministry's personnel increase plan for 2019 to 2028, which implements the National Defense System Development Program from 2018. The programs are designed to fund the synchronization of personnel, modernization and infrastructure development requirements.
From ImagesAttr
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, August 10, 2018
NATO Doesn't Want To Protect Baltics NATO soldiers don't want to be anywhere near the epicenter of a possible military conflict in the Baltic states. They know they could quickly become the ones who need saving, not the ones who must do the protecting., From Uploaded
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, May 16, 2019
US nuclear provocation in Europe is real In the near future, the Baltic states and a several European countries may become victims of the game of "nuclear potentials" of the United States and Russia.
Donald Trump, From InText
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, January 8, 2020
Washington does not understand consequences of Soleimani's killing The Pentagon confirmed on Thursday that Trump had ordered the attack that killed Soleimani and other military officials at Baghdad International Airport in Iraq. Iran's top "shadow commander" was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American and coalition service members and the wounding of thousands more, the State Department said.
International military exercises
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Is NATO military exercise the choice of the Baltics? Around 1,000 NATO soldiers from Albania, the Czech Republic, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, the U.S. and Germany are taking part in the exercises.
NATO's misfired weaponry, From ImagesAttr
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Sunday, August 12, 2018
NATO's misfired weaponry or airstrikes on the Baltic countries The Spanish Eurofighter Typhoon 2000 launched an AMRAAM-type air-to-air missile over Estonian territory Tuesday afternoon. All the Estonians are very shocked.
From ImagesAttr
(5 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, January 2, 2019
American "Trojan horse" in Poland and Baltic states The confrontation between East and West threatens potential war between the United States and Russia. In this case, the Baltic countries, Poland can become a battlefield between West and East.
Military spending, From InText
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, May 14, 2020
Military spending increase, despite the COVID-19 outbreak The security of citizens is the biggest priority of any country. It is their responsibility to maintain economic prosperity and peaceful, well-secured being. It appears to be hard to do, due to rise of political tension and other facts related to crime and corruption.
NATO Enhanced Forward Presence, From InText
SHARE More Sharing        Friday, April 24, 2020
Opinion: Fake news or hidden truth in Lithuania Lithuanian Ministry of Defence reports about consistent attempts to spread disinformation, taking advantage of the pandemic crisis.
From Uploaded
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, February 1, 2019
US General: Polish army would be sacrificed On the occasion of receiving the prize of the Great Gala of Polish Business Business Club Leaders, General Ben Hodges spoke on the subject of the Central Communication Port.
From Uploaded
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, March 26, 2019
The first step towards a permanent US base in Poland NATO confirmed it plans a storage facility for US military equipment in Poland, as the alliance steps up its defences in the face of increased Russian assertiveness. The Wall Street Journal reported that the $260 million facility will be located in Powidz, some 200 km (120 miles) west of Warsaw, and will house armoured vehicles, ammunition and weapons for a brigade.
Car accident caused by NATO soldier, From ImagesAttr
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, August 22, 2018
Lithuania: Car accident caused by NATO soldier. Child injured (Video) A 5-year-old child and a man were injured in a two-car crash on the outskirts of Vilnius at about 8 am, August 21. The police reported that a double-vehicle collision left them with minor injuries.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, August 20, 2020
Lithuanians are afraid to serve in the army In 2015 the Lithuanian army reintroduced compulsory military service due to the potential threat caused by the Russia. Young Lithuanians try to avoid the service. Some of them even are not afraid of penalties and imprisonment.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, April 30, 2021
NATO's Kings of the world in the Baltic States and Poland This incident took place in September last year. Information about the incident appeared only now. This suggests that the information was withheld from the public. The command of NATO (U.S. Army) and the leadership of Poland were silent about the incident in Gdansk with the participation of American troops.
Baltic-Way-2020, From Uploaded
SHARE More Sharing        Monday, August 24, 2020
Belarus protest' supporters in Lithuania are in danger of COVID-19 To show solidarity with protests in Belarus is actually a good idea. But unfortunately such a large-scale action can significantly complicate the epidemiological situation in Lithuania.
From Uploaded
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, March 27, 2019
US intermediate-range ballistic missile could be deployed on Guam Russia has called on the United States to resume bilateral efforts towards nuclear disarmament and stop fueling speculations about the possibility of a limited nuclear war, as both countries are poised to leave a crucial Cold War-era arms control treaty.
SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, October 2, 2018
NATO and Russia: mutual accusations NATO will conduct 'Anakonda 2018' exercise in Poland and more than 100 thousand soldiers are expected to participate. NATO countries and the NATO partner countries will participate in the war exercises along with Poland. Poland is deploying around 20,000 soldiers for this exercise. Other than this, there will be 5,000 armoured vehicles, tanks, heavy artillery, 150 fighter jets and 45 warships participating in the exercise.
NATO in crisis, From Uploaded
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, August 27, 2020
NATO in crisis Chief strategy officer at Rasmussen Global Fabrice Pothier told Thursday that NATO was riven with divisions between its members.
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, February 24, 2021
Baltic States may be left without NATO support NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg urged at the NATO Defence Ministers Meeting held on February 17-18 "to increase NATO's funding for our core deterrence and defence activities." In an effort to improve "burden sharing" Stoltenberg proposed that allies jointly fund more of NATO's work.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, January 30, 2019
NATO soldiers may face obesity Servicemen of the national armed forces of the Baltic states constantly report the poorer quality of nutrition at mess-halls compared with that of US soldiers.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, April 21, 2021
New U.S. Civil War as a security threat for the Baltic Region It's obvious that American soldiers will not defend Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and other countries when chaos, devastation and, in the worst case, civil war occurs in homeland and the future of America is at stake.
SHARE More Sharing        Friday, May 21, 2021
DEFENDER-Europe 21 - defensive drills of offensive nature Since 2014 the number of deployed troops in the Baltic region has been constantly increasing. NATO has found the good excuse "not to break" the Vienna Document 2011 on Confidence- and Security-Building Measures, which formally imposes restrictions on military activities in Europe. At the same time, NATO deploys troops in the region on a "rotating basis" and conducting large-scale exercises.
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, March 30, 2021
Deal with the Devil: Baltics are celebrating the anniversary of joining NATO It should be understood that NATO is a tool of American imperialism. Europeans increasingly despise Americans, and only the "threat of Russia" is keeping Eastern Europeans close to Yanks. Western Europeans honestly want NATO to dissolve so we can create our own military Union without the U.S.
(4 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, February 19, 2019
German defence minister: We will stay in Lithuania as long as WE want On February, 16 in the Republic of Lithuania the celebrations on the occasion of the Restoration of the State of Lithuania were held. The State Restoration Day reminds of the declaration of Lithuania's independence from Germany in 1918. However, today this holiday has lost its relevance, due to the fact that Lithuania again loses its independence.
SHARE More Sharing        Monday, June 28, 2021
NATO-Russia relations have entered a new stage Europe's conventional arms control architecture requires a thorough makeover. The Vienna Document on Confidence- and Security-Building Measures (CSBMs), originally adopted in 1990 and most recently updated in 2011, is politically binding and aims to increase the transparency of military postures and activities in Europe.
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, May 5, 2021
Lithuanians are against the expansion of military training grounds Lithuania keeps up policy of militarization of the country, increasing the total area of military training grounds to 1.2 percent of the territory of the country.
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, July 19, 2018
NATO sacrifices the Baltics in favor of the Black Sea The NATO summit in Brussels provided an opportunity for the Alliance to focus on the Black Sea region that has been increasing in geopolitical importance.
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, July 22, 2021
Lithuanian MOD conceals crimes in the army Weapons, drugs, drunkenness, violence, thefts in the Lithuanian Armed Forces are the results of the work of the Minister National Defence of Lithuania. .
SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, January 26, 2021
How the Baltic States will survive without U.S. help The seizing of the Capitol by Donald Trump's radical supporters came as a shock not only to the United States, but also to its allies. Never in recent history has the world seen such obvious evidence of the degradation of the most powerful state on the planet as it is today.
Lithuania in the world, From WikimediaPhotos
SHARE More Sharing        Friday, November 20, 2020
Lithuanian Military Police to protect NATO troops from Lithuanians From January 1, 2021, the powers of the Military Police of the Lithuanian Armed Forces to investigate administrative offenses and ensure security will be expanded. The Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania last week passed draft law on the Military Police. According the new law, it will be possible to independently conduct administrative investigations and provide support for NATO allies in Lithuania.
caricature-Lithuania, From Uploaded
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, September 3, 2020
Lithuania blocks the development of its own economy Admittedly, a lot of good happened over the last years in Lithuania, but unfortunately we have also see political leadership that is not interested in developing their own country.
From InText
SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, April 23, 2019
In Latvia during military exercises shells fell 150 metres from private houses In Latvia, Ādaži County, during military exercises anti-tank shells flying outside of the ground fell 150 metres from residential houses.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, October 29, 2020
Law and double standards in Baltic States The authorities of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have signed special agreements on the legal status of foreign military personnel before arrival of NATO soldiers in the Baltic States. In this way, unlike soldiers of the national armed forces, foreign soldiers in the Baltic States have a number of benefits - they enjoy legal immunity.
Baltic States at the epicenter of military exercises, From Uploaded
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, September 9, 2020
Baltic States at the epicenter of military exercises The Baltic States have become the scene of NATO military actions especially aimed at provoking Russia and Belarus.
SHARE More Sharing        Friday, October 16, 2020
Germany continues to expand its military presence in Lithuania The German Air Force is setting up a Deployable Control and Reporting Centre (DCRC) at Šiauliai Air Base, Lithuania, supplemented by additional sub-elements at Skede, Latvia and Ämari, Estonia. German soldiers are preparing to augment the static CRCs at Karmėlava, Lielvarde (Latvia) and Tallinn (Estonia) and support situational awareness for the airspace in the Baltic region.
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, March 11, 2021
Lithuanian soldiers have no privileges in their own country The Mobile Field Exchange (MFE) has been opened on Feb. 1, 2021 at the Pabradė Training Area in Lithuania as the very first in the Baltic States. So claims by Lithuanian politicians that foreign military personnel are contributing to the country's economy by shopping in local stores have been discredited.
SHARE More Sharing        Friday, January 29, 2021
U.S.-Russia contradictions threaten the Baltic States The U.S. foreign policy trends raise questions and alarm not only its opponents but also close allies. This concern is caused by a number of decisions made by the previous administration, as well as planned by the new one.
SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, March 27, 2021
NATO troops in Lithuania neglect Covid-19 quarantine rules Covid-19 cases have been confirmed in the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup in Lithuania. According to the battalion spokesman, the infected soldiers are from Norway, and the unit has been placed under lockdown.
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, February 27, 2019
Relations between Europe and the US on the brink Today there are many misunderstandings and questions between the USA and Europe in the political and military spheres. Of course, they are partners, but there are problems. The United States continues to define the rules for relations with Europe in the field of foreign economic relations and in the field of foreign policy. But Europe is trying to stand up for its own interests on all these issues.
SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, February 1, 2022
Creation of women's battalions in Lithuania: a demographic threat If Lithuanian government calls for compulsory military service of women, there will be no one in the country to give birth to children. Young women will be forced to leave the country.

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