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"I am a patriot in the tradition or Mark Twain who stated that 'a patriot is one who supports his country 100% of the time...and the government when it deserves it."

As such I am passionate about protecting the rights of US citizens under the Constitution and a believer in the principle of Eternal Vigilance."

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(8 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, May 3, 2007
Bush's Illegal Use of Signing Statements is Impeachment Reason No. 1 In a Pulitzer Prize-winning article in the Boston Globe, Charlie Savage courageously published details of Bush's outrageous "signing statements" added to new legislation. Bush has been assuming the powers of a dictator, ruling by decree, under our noses.
(4 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, December 3, 2008
Dead Horses Goes Live Today Are you really sick and tired of the same things happening over and over again? Welcome to Earth! This is the planet where we keep riding Dead Horses long, long after they stop breathing. Visit to find out how you can identify your favorite Dead Horse and perhaps start a chain reaction that could lead to some Noble Steeds!
SHARE More Sharing        Friday, August 31, 2007
Bush Busted in Public Toilet: Read All About it The misfortunes of Senator Craig from Idaho are indeed sad. Sadder still is the amount of air time devoted by channels like CNN to allow their audiences to soak themselves in their prurient interests. But what if it had been someone else who was busted and the story unfolded differently?
(3 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Sunday, August 5, 2007
America's Freeway Blogger Lights the Way to Citizen Power Re-connecting with the roots of our Democracy: the exercise of Free Speech, in defiance of power elites who would stifle the expression of truth. In the words of Howard Zinn: "A Power that Governments Cannot Suppress."
SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Easy Tools for Compensating for Mainstream Media "Sins of Omission" Some simple ways to track news stories and store URL's as a means of aggregating the news stories not being covered by mainstream media.
(6 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Sunday, March 23, 2008
Nancy Pelosi: Where is Your Photo-Op In Support of the People of Iraq? Our Democracy is virtually defunct, the economy is in recession while the Fed bails out the predatory banking system that caused the current financial crisis, we are still spending $12 Billion per month on a failed war that was left the Iraqi nation and its hopes utterly shattered---and Nancy suddenly decides its time to take a strong moral stand against the use of naked power to achieve political objectives.