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Lawyer, Blogger, and iconoclast advocating for Haiti and the children of the Haitian Revolution. I love all things politics. SHEER political independent unafraid to slay the most sacred cows of ideological orthodoxy from the Left, or the Right. I enjoy global affairs and aspects of pop culture. Child of the Haitian Revolution. AYITI!! HAITI!

Pascal Robert has been known for years to the online world as THOUGHT MERCHANT. Since 2007 he has been recognized for his hard hitting, blunt unvarnished style of bringing attention to current events and global affairs, especially those affecting communities of color.

One of his earliest Blog posts "The Revenge of the "Good" Blacks" was published in The Black Commentator, one of the most sophisticated online sources for commentary on issues affecting the African American community at that time.

In 2008 THOUGHT MERCHANT was recognized for its coverage of the Democratic Primary by authors of the famous Black Political Blog, "Jack and Jill Politics," for being the first to introduce Hillary Clinton's plans to use the Super Delegate system to disadvantage Barack Obama in the Democratic Primary to the Blogosphere.

After the election of President Obama, Pascal Robert continued to blog about the issues of political and social importance facing communities of color and greater society until the January 12, 2010 earthquake hit his beloved ancestral homeland of Haiti. Pascal was one of the first to break the story on the internet via Facebook and Twitter.

The devastation from the earthquake so affected Pascal, he created a new Blog to exist in tandem with THOUGHT MERCHANT to concentrate on issues exclusively facing Haiti and the Haitian people subsequent to the earthquake: Dessalines' Children Blog:

Pascal Robert then transformed all his online activities to not just addressing politics and social issues as he did before, but becoming a full fledged online advocate and activist for Haiti. HAITIANS AGAINST SWEATSHOPS IN HAITI

Pascal Robert has appeared on online radio discussing Haitian history and the issues facing the Haitian people such as his appearance on Urban Media Network's online radio program hosted by well known online personality L. Martin Pratt.

Pascal's Blog piece, "Can Haiti Get Beyond Politics as Usual?" was a featured blog on the website Haiti Rewired: An online Social Network for Haiti Activists.

Pascal Robert is also the co-founder and list administrator for the Haitian Bloggers' Caucus: A consortium of Bloggers from Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora. Requests to join the

Pascal's work, and the work of all members of the Haitian Bloggers' Caucus, can be viewed on this new Blog aggregator. It includes Blogs by people of Haitian descent living in Haiti and abroad. The aggregator was put together in an effort to amplify the often neglected perspectives of Haitians regarding their country:

Pascal's parents fled Haiti in the mid 1960's from the oppression of then President Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier. He was born and raised in New York City.

Hofstra University, Bachelor of Arts, Social Science
Boston University School of Law, Juris Doctor

You can follow Pascal on twitter:

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The Most Important Founding Father: Haiti's Jean-Jacques Dessalines America owes its current existence to the Haitian Revolution. Trump supporters should thank Haiti when thinking of pride in the homeland.
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Why America Deserves Donald Trump as President Trump is "simply a political manifestation of all America has ever been: arrogant, belligerent, dishonest, and motivated by sheer avarice." The Democrats offer only "vapid identity politics" in which "Black, female, gay, and transgender comprador brothers and sisters of American empire drop bombs on Syrian children and protect police for snuffing out the lives of unarmed Black motorists."
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What is the Utility of Pan-Africanism in the Age of White Nationalism Panel Discussion on Pan-Africanism in the Age of Global White Reactionary Nationalism
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Why Bernie Sanders is the Most Important Thing to Happen in American Politics Since Ronald Reagan Bernie Sanders did more for progressive politics in this country than any could have imagined and he should be remembered for doing just that.
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Black Eugenics: How the Black Mis-leadership Class of the Early 20th Century Supported Sterilization of the Black Poor In the early 20th century, college educated African Americans often supported Eugenics theories as a means of racial uplift and "purifying" the race. Forced and voluntary sterilization of the Black poor ensued regularly since it was the poor who were almost always deemed unfit
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Mario Cuomo: Governor of Mass Incarceration Mario Cuomo will lionized in the mainstream media as a champion of liberal causes. What most will ignore is his role as a Governor who built more prisons than any in New York State's history.
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Kanye West, Olivia Pope, and the New Faces of American Empire Black popular culture has been used in the past at the behest of American empire. However, in the age of Obama those ploys haven an even more fascinating twist.