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Diane M. Grassi

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Diane M. Grassi is an investigative journalist and reporter providing topical and in-depth articles and analysis on U.S. public policy and governmental affairs, including key federal and state legislation as well as court decisions relative to the public interests of average Americans. Ms. Grassi sticks to the facts on myriad issues, often given short shrift by the mainstream press and broadcast media. With a passion for holding U.S. lawmakers and government officials accountable for their legislative and policy decisions, Ms. Grassi has an undying resolve to awaken others to these facts in order to promote an educated electorate.

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SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, November 16, 2006
Offshoring U.S. Patients No Cure For Ailing Healthcare System With more and more corporations adding select foreign hospitals as Preferred Providers to their employees' health insurance plans, it remains difficult for patients to get the necessary information needed to make a reasoned decision on whether to have surgery performed, let alone halfway around the world.
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Clinton Soda Deal Ignores School Funding Problems Clinton's enthusiasm for his new leaf on healthy eating since his double bypass surgery in 2004 falls far short of the mark in analyzing the underlying bevy of problems that contribute to childhood and adolescent obesity.
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Designs On Perfect Baby Drives Assistive Repro Industry What started out to be an alternative in enabling women to become mothers has arguably created ethical concerns.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, September 8, 2006
Post-Katrina Role of Property Insurers Threaten Consumers Nationwide Over the next year, 43% of the U.S. population which covers 18 states can expect their policies to either be dropped by their insurance carriers or have their premiums escalate between 20% and 100%.
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Unrestrained Globalization Will Defeat the American Athlete The sports industry including the U.S.Olympic Committee wishes to change its image from that of competitor to that of being inclusive and politically correct even at the expense of American athletes.
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, August 9, 2006
U.S. Power Grid Unreliability Enabled By Legislation While it seems that most everyone believes that the power grid woes culminated with the rolling blackouts of 2000-2001 in California, the initial concerns with major outages go back to November 1965 when power went out throughout most of the Northeast.
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Baseball & Rawlings Bring New Meaning to Free Trade It is not too late for MLB and its superstars to take a stand on workers' rights, regardless of lax U.S. laws in the world of free trade and its agreements' legal loopholes.
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, July 19, 2006
New Orleans Remains Problematic for Army Corps of Engineers So far over $20 billion has been allocated by the federal government to assist in New Orleans and Gulf Coast restorations. Yet, such appropriations do not solve the most desperate problem New Orleans faces which is the restoration and reformation of its levee system.
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, July 12, 2006
U.S. Military Suffers Equipment & Base Shortfalls For the Marine Corps, yearly costs in Iraq are about $5 billion. But the Marines will get little help in the $11.7 billion in "reset" costs to restore all of the equipment which has become worn out or lost over the past four years.
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, July 5, 2006
Free Trade Agreement With Oman Disregards Best Interests of U.S. Since the United States became a party to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994, U.S. construct of the Foreign Trade Agreement (FTA) has changed considerably. Such agreements now have a much more profound impact on state and local economies across the country.
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Foreign Control of U.S. Interstates Encouraged by Feds Eisenhower was prompted to persuade the nation's people to build the interstate highway system, as a matter of national security. Yet, as funding from federal gas taxes and state user fees have fallen behind the inflated costs associated with road construction and maintenance, more and more state governors and lawmakers no longer see the operation of roads solely as a public responsibility.
SHARE More Sharing        Friday, June 16, 2006
Case of Eminent Domain Resonates Year After Supreme Decision Although the takings of private land belonging to homeowners and small businesses under the guise of eminent domain have been argued repeatedly and primarily over the past half century, the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2005 decision came closest to heightening the blurring of legitimate use of such takings for public use.
SHARE More Sharing        Friday, June 9, 2006
Breach of Trust Undermines Active & Retired Military The long history of security flaws within the VA does not come as news to many within the Government Accountability Office or within the VA’s Office of the Inspector General. And for that reason, it makes it even more difficult for lawmakers to fathom.
From ImagesAttr
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Why America's Pastime Is Losing Its Identity Major League Baseball must be held accountable, regardless of myriad cultural reasons attributed to children’s lack of interest in baseball, predominantly in the inner-city neighborhoods, for its lack of investment in them.
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Scathing Report on Air Marshals Reviewed by House Judiciary The report’s acting title: "Plane Clothes: Lack of Anonymity at the Federal Air Marshal Service Compromises Aviation and National Security,” while self-explanatory does not tell the entire story.
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, May 18, 2006
False Documents of Undocumented Remains Problematic The issue of false identity remains an intrinsic problem of immigration and necessitates it being a part of any discussion concerning immigration reform.
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, May 10, 2006
EU Renews Pressure Over U.S. Airline Ownership Should the latest proposal be adopted, with exception of few areas, all airline operations, including prices, scheduling markets, fleet structure, marketing and alliances have the option of being controlled by foreign investors.
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, May 4, 2006
Congressional Recoil From Latest Dubai Takeover The national security implications of a foreign entity operating key factories that are Department of Defense suppliers might well have demanded the same call for scrutiny from the Congress as the Dubai ports deal.
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, April 19, 2006
China Sole Manufacturer of Material for U.S. Missiles During this week’s U.S. visit of China President, Hu Jintao, and his meetings with President Bush, it would be apropos to revisit a deal finalized in 2004, which leaves the U.S. totally dependent upon China for key rare earth metals and their production necessary in the manufacture of the most crucial of U.S. military warfare.

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