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A Bush in the Bird; distraction form running away from Viet Nam

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A Bush in the Bird
by Patricia Ernest
A Bush in the bird is worth more than serving in Viet Nam.  At least that's what they seem to want you to believe.  A  bush flying a jet in the Guard is much more important than someone serving in the war in Viet Nam?  Well okay, let's just let that go for now.  Everyone is scrambling around trying to prove where bush was or wasn't during his "service" in the political war in Alabama, and meanwhile we are right this very minute fighting a real war in Iraq.  Where was bush during the buildup to this war, the war where our soldiers are being murdered and innocent Iraqi people are being murdered?  I want to see some proof that anything that was said to justify this war was truthful.  Where are the mental records on that? 
I'm pretty sure I don't give a tinker's damn about bush's dental records, or who had lunch with whom in Alabama.  I'm also pretty sure none of this proves anything worth proving.  While the mystery of the Guard duty seems to be making all the headlines, our soldiers are dying.  Sorry to be redundant, but that's just the way it is.  They just keep dying and dying.  Let's talk about that, shall we?
If you are overly concerned that bush didn't give the required time in the required manner during his stint in the Guard, or if you think some lies have been told about that, or that someone had fudged the details, relax, don't sweat trying to find the proof.  If your goal is to prove some hanky panky went on way back then so that you can cast dispersions on bush, relax, you don't have to go that far back.  While you're wasting  your energy chasing a puff of wind, there's a hurricane right behind you.
Everyone, except, no there are no exceptions, now knows that there were no wmd in Iraq.   Here's where you can use your detective skills.  When we were all hearing from the UN inspectors that there no wmd in Iraq, try to figure out where bush was then?  Why didn't he hear that report?  Who was he having lunch with that day?  As I recall, at a press briefing Ari told us that during one of the UN inspector's reports, bush and Cheney were having lunch together.  Well sure, that explains it.  Plus it gives bush a good alibi too.  They were probably lunching and chatting about something much more important than whether or not there was good reason for them to send our soldiers to war.
Now think back about all the other events that were staged since this war began.  Think about the Jessica Lynch story, the landing on the carrier, and all the other "events".  Where was bush when these plans were being made, when events were made bigger than life, and when out and out lies were being told?  Where was bush then?  Where is he now?   The truth is out there now, but bush won't come out with it.  He is absent without leave from reality!
If you've been fretting and fuming about bush's Guard duty, just let it go.  If you've been stressing over how to prove bush hid his Guard records in a spider hole, forget about it.  You're making this much too difficult on yourself.  You don't have to prove anything about bush's slipperiness, he's doing that for you every day.  Don't be distracted listening to the Republicans crowing about the time that bush was in the bird.  Pay attention to where bush is today.  A proven lie carries much more weight than the hint of a lie.
Beware of distractions, keep your eye on the eagle and the dove, don't worry about a bush in a bird.

Patricia Ernest,  nesters@bellsouth.net gives us this bio:

I write about what matters to me and what I believe should matter to you.  If you read what I write you will know who I am.

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