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You Can't BS Jesus

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You Can't BS Jesus

by Patricia Ernest


Is religion a way of life or is it being used as an excuse for sin?  Religion seems to be a big player in this world today.  The President is a righteous man and a bible carrier.   The religious right calls a lot of the shots.  They are the leaders in the anti-gay marriage parade.  They are pulling some holy strings in Washington.  So it would appear that America is a wholly holy land....right? 

Don't be so sure about that.  According to bush, it's okay to pollute God's earth.  It's okay to declare war and kill people based on non facts.  It's okay for anyone to carry as big a gun as they can lift.  It's okay to portray oneself as an imposter.  It's okay to deny civil rights and its even okay to amend the Constitution to see that those civil rights are permanently denied.  It's okay to lie and it's okay to steal.  That is just not my recollection of what the Bible teaches.  I will admit it has been a while since I read the Bible, so perhaps there have been some editorial changes to it in the past few years. 

It appears that the more religious our country professes to be, the more ugly it becomes.  A couple of years ago there was a question that religious people asked themselves for guidance.  They would ask, "What would Jesus do?"  They would ponder what Jesus might do given a particular set of circumstances.  I think it might be proper to pose that question today.   Would Jesus deem it necessary to destroy our forests and all the creatures that depend on wild lands so a few can profit from timber, minerals, or oil?  Would Jesus allow polluting of the air and water in the name of big corporations?  Would Jesus fabricate events?  Would Jesus lie in order to start a war?  Better yet, would Jesus initiate a war on any grounds? Would Jesus approve of what this administration has done to this earth and the inhabitants of this earth?  If Jesus popped in today and asked bush for an explanation of what has happened over the past three years, what would bush say?  Remember, Jesus isn't supposed to be fooled with.  He already knows the answers to all of His questions.  So what would bush tell him?  Bush couldn't bs Jesus.  He would have to tell him the truth.  Don't you think that would be an interesting conversation to sit in on? 

Jesus might ask, "So George, what was the real reason you declared war on Iraq?  Remember George, I already know the reason, but I want to hear it from you."  Can't you just see bush's face?  Can you imagine him looking down at his shoes the same way he did when Russert did his interview?  But, it would be different now because remember, you can't BS Jesus.  Then Jesus might ask, "George, why have you allowed my Father's creation, this beautiful land, to be polluted with chemicals?  Why are you allowing His wild creatures and their habitant to be destroyed?"  Again bush would most probably get that deer-in-the-headlights look on his face.  You know the one where he looks like his brain has been called into action but it just won't kick in.  He might stammer for a minute, but he wouldn't be able to explain his way out of that one.  Remember, you can't bs Jesus.  Now Jesus might say, "George, if you believe that My Father created all of mankind, why do you feel you are worthy of deciding which of His children may marry and which may not?  Why do you believe that you have the right to make that decision?  What makes you superior?"  Again that would be a tough one for george, because Jesus would not listen to any bs.  And finally, perhaps Jesus might inquire about the "Mission Accomplished" stunt, the fake turkey stunt, and all of the photo op stunts.  Jesus might inquire about why george refuses to take responsibility for the many misstatements of this entire administration.  I bet Jesus would have a million questions for bush.  I bet bush would be sweating before that conversation was over.  And, you know why he would be squirming and stuttering and sweating?  That's right, because you cannot bs Jesus.


Patricia Ernest,  nesters@bellsouth.net gives us this info:

I write about what matters to me and what I believe should matter to you.  If you read what I write you will know who I am.

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