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Bush Is Out Of Touch With His Own Reality; Cheney-Approved source Confirms



Bush Is Out Of Touch With His Own Reality; Cheney-Approved source Confirms

by Keith Krebs

Many of you will remember Dick Cheney 's faux pas during the Vice-Presidential debate, when he sent viewers to ""  instead of  ""  (the Annenberg Political Fact Check site) as intended, the latter being a non-partisan political fact checking site. Therefore, I think we may assume that Bush-Cheney '04 won't now dispute the non-partisan nature of, nor the factual representations of, the very same Annenberg Political Fact Check.

Well, do you also recall President Bush's lame "I own a lumber business?  That's news to me.. Need some wood?" comment during his second debate?

It seems that according to, George W. Bush DOES, in fact, own a lumber business.

Simply head to:  yourself, where it says in part:

"President Bush himself would have qualified as a "small business owner" under the Republican definition, based on his 2001 federal income tax returns. He reported $84 of business income from his part ownership of a timber-growing enterprise... ..The Lone Star Trust currently owns 50% of another company, "LSTF, LLC", described on Bush 's 2003 financial disclosure forms as a limited-liability company organized "for the purpose of the production of trees for commercial sales."

So, here's the question.. Is a person who not only doesn't know that he owns an interest in a timber concern, but pointedly makes a joke about the fact, implying he doesn't own any such concern, during the debate for President of the World's most powerful and influential nation, someone you trust to know what is going on in the government he is supposedly running?

For me, the answer is an unqualified "NO!"

If  George W Bush doesn't have a clue about his own financial affairs and moreover belittles John Kerry (who seemingly knows more about GW Bush's finances than does the President himself) like some middle-school class clown for pointing out a fact of President Bush's own finances, during a debate the President supposedly spent days preparing for, does anyone really believe George W Bush is any more aware, or more capable, in his handling of the copious information flowing through the White House, and necessary to making INFORMED decisions on policy? No wonder George W. Bush is able to paint complicated policy issues as simple "black and white"  options:  Things ARE very simple when you consciously choose to remain ignorant of, or are simply unable to grasp, the salient facts.

In the end, do you trust, George W. Bush: a man who doesn't know his own finances, with stewardship of our nation in a dangerous, difficult,  and exceedingly complex moment in our history?  ..Or, do we instead choose Senator John Kerry the man who demonstrated a better grasp of the President's own finances than did the President himself? 

As a lifelong Republican, I must admit: in retrospect, for any thinking person, the President's performance is embarrassingly painful to consider. George W. Bush's lack of touch, with even his own reality, has made the right choice on November 2nd painfully obvious.

Only someone as separated from reality as George W. Bush would need me to be more specific.  But, although you supposedly don't read post-debate critiques of your performances, just in case you are reading Mr. President: " It's the choice Dick Cheney WON'T like me making."

Keith Krebs

"Just some guy," caretaker of the Multiverse's largest EPSON printer User Community (highly recommended by Vogon Poets and MegaDodo Publications), at:
and  the Multiverse's largest Canon printer User  Community at:
"For the rest of you out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together guys"



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