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Who Will Replace on 2004 Ticket

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Who will Replace Bush In 2004 Presidential Race? Once It sinks In That He's a Loser, Just Like His Father Was,  will there be a feeding frenzy of Republican Presidential candidates, like in California?

Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com It could reach a point where the Republicans face a new and wonderful situation-- when they realize that George W. is going to do what his Daddy did-- lose the presidency for the Republicans. Will they be smart enough to see it and deal with it? Will they have the ability to face the reality and kick the smirking loser out of the running? Steal is a good term-- since Bush set the precedent for stealing a presidency. 

The leaders of the Republican party may be greedy sellouts to megacorporations and the far right religious extremists, but they are not dumb, and neither are the money people at the megacorporations. Even Neocons like William Kristol and Richard Perle are smart enough to see the writing on the wall: Bush is a loser, Bush is going bye-bye. Bush will bring the Republican party down.

When they reach that point, two possibilities appear.

One, Bush holds on to his power and goes down, hopefully bringing the Republican party down with him. The Democrats will use his flight suit picture, his lies, the massive unemployment figures, the economy, the Iraq quagmire, his corporate corruption to bring out a record number of voters who will not only vote Bush out of office, but also the Republican majority in the senate and house.

Or, though this is unlikely, considering the strangle-hold Bush and his people have on the Republican party, having zombyized it's leadership into lock-step obedient drones, the Republican party may actually bite the bullet and decide not to allow George W. to run for a second term. They'll probably allow him to exit gracefully-- explaining he wants more time with his family and more time for church. If they're smart, they'll insist he wait at least a year before starting to work for Halliburton or one of the other corporations indebted to his presidential largesse.

At that point, the Republicans will be putting out a help wanted sign. Bush will be unemployed and they'll be seeking some candidates to run in the primaries to replace him. It will be interesting to see how they use the money they've raised for his candidacy. Will they give the hundred million dollars plus to the person they pick to replace him on the supreme court anointed throne?

Let's look at some possible candidates:

You have your regulars, like Pat Buchanan and Pat Robertson.  Ahnold could just skip California and jump right into terminating George W.'s 2nd.  Tom DeLay is slimy enough to attack his mother, so there's certainly no loyalty issue for him. How about Bill Gates or Michael Dell? They're Republican backers with enough money to wing an election out of their own pockets.

Colin Powell might have had a shot at one time, but he's been too tainted by Bush blood. Bill Frist has no particular claim to a leadership image.

Condeleeza Rice has a history in the WhiteHouse  now. She might grab some of those elusive women voters the Republicans do so poorly attracting. Or Katherine Harris. The Republicans already know she'd sell out her children for a winning vote. She'd be a malleable candidate.  Elizabeth Dole might fit the bill. But how to handle Bob's Viagra ads.

How about the military card? It seems to be working for Wesley Clark.  Would Tommy Franks be a hit, or General Norman Schwarzkopf, if he's even a Republican.

Or, would one of the neocons take a run for it? Wolfowitz's ego seems totally unrestrained, as does Perle's. William Kristol has  the weekly standard-- that conservative bastion of publiishing as a bully pulpit  from which to launch a campaign.

John McCain could make the campaign very interesting, since he's still perceived as an honest politician. Or, we could see Dick Cheney... nah, just kidding.  He'd have to run as a third party candidate-- the  Halliburton-Enron party.

Of course, the Republicans will most likely be locked into someone who faithfully repeats and believes the republican mantras-- cut taxes, get rid of government, deregulate industry, privatize national resources and organizations, support business and military over people, cave in to the religious far right.... That should make it easier for the democrats to beat any candidate the Republicans come up with, once they face the cold hard fact that Bush is a sure loser, just like his father was.

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