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A Harbinger of the Dark Times to Come... Bush Appointees Go from Bad to Worse-- but there are some reasons for hope. 

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A Harbinger of the Dark Times to Come... Bush Appointees Go from Bad to Worse-- but there are some reasons for hope. 

By Rob Kall


Bush has received a batch of resignations from his cabinet and key agencies within the government. You can be sure that every single new appointment will be worse than the one before, that they will go from bad to worse, from abominable to horrifying, from unbelievably bad to nightmarishly frightening. Get ready to see, even before Bush is certified in his second stolen term as president, a frightening new face of America --a harbinger of the dreadful changes that are soon to come.

I 've been reading a 1975 book by Jimmy Breslin, How the Good Guys Finally Won: Notes from an Impeachment Summer

Reading Breslin's recantation of the Nixon thugs, it makes me realize that Bush's mob will  go even further in the corruption they perpetrate, with far less restraints, considering that Nixon had to deal with a democrat controlled congress. We 've seen how the republicans have suspended ethics so DeLay can still serve in office while being investigated. That 's just the tip of the iceberg.

Bush is replacing a blatantly fascist but somewhat dumb and clumsy Attorney General who, at least, had some sense of morality, twisted as it is. But the replacement has a track record of unethical, dishonest, corrupt behavior, and he is totally obedient to Bush. Here 's an excellent article that gives you flavor for how bad Gonzalez really is:

Why The USA Must Reject Bush's Evil "Marquis de Sade" Nominee For Attorney General: Alberto Gonzales, who Wrote "Torture Memo" That Laid Groundwork For Abu Ghraib by EVAN AUGUSTINE PETERSON III, J.D

The Secretary of education was hired because of the wonderful record his school district had, and then we learned that it was a fraudulent success. The schoold district mis-labeled drop-outs and if those drop-outs were factored in, Rod Paige did a lousy job. His replacement is a Bush buddy with no real track record or experience, and her husband is also a major advocate for vouchers in education. Over 90% of kids using vouchers to leave public school go to religious school. Advocates of the voucher system are really trying to wipe out public schools, where things like independent thinking and evolution are taught.

We don 't know who 's going to replace the other vacating posts, but be assured, each one will be filled by an appointee far worse than the already terrible people who are leaving.

We have four dark, dangerous years in front of us. It will take commitment and teamwork -- more cooperation than liberals, progressives, greens, libertarians and democrats have ever before engaged in. We will need the democrats and independents in congress to be tougher and stronger than ever before and we will have to help them be strong by communicating with them more than ever, letting them know we expect them to be strong and supporting them when they take tough stands.

We MUST let the DNC know that they failed miserably in dealing with election vote fraud, that they can not be cowards or panderers --seeking what they call the center, but what is really a diluted republicanism that is a treacherous disloyalty to Democratic principles and to the Democratic base. That means you need to contact the people who vote on the next DNC chair.  Click here to check for members of the election committee in your state.

While times are grim, there are reasons for hope. If the Ukranians can demonstrate about stolen elections, so can we. Progressives have made some progress in states like Colorado . We need to focus on repairing our very broken election system by 2006. By then, the Republicans will no longer be able to blame Bill Clinton for their failures. We need to learn from George Lakoff and start taking back the political language and the moral turf, also using strategies like the Republicans have used.

Bush 's imperial hubris, in appointing such whoppingly offensive losers in such key leadership posts will boomerang back on him. We WILL be ready to hang him on his own petard. The republicans ' hypocrisy, in protecting criminal Tom DeLay, in attempting to create a 1984 world of privacy invasion and favored treatment of the rich will also boomerang back on them.

We will prevail. The universe operates in cycles and spirals, pulsing, like the heart, going through darkness of night before the light of day. Our time of darkness is at hand. But after the darkness, there is always light. Even the darkness of the failed mainstream media will not stop the light that is growing in brightness and strength that is emanating from we in the progressive media. Our light has already toppled some of the most powerful. As our strength continues to grow, the independent, progressive media will lead the USA  out of the darkness of the valley of the shadow of death that George Bush and his republican cronies have cast the USA into. Whatever God or higher power or organizing coherence in the universe you believe in, there is no way that the gang of thugs who have pirated the leadership of this nation will stay long in power. They may be here to test the rest of the democratic nations of the world --the ones with better, smarter democratic laws than our antiquated ones that came with the role of being the first in modern history. Yes, the USA's democratic apparatus was the first to be cobbled together. Now there are over 80 other democracies in the world, most with governments and laws that are more effective at representing the people. The "Bush test" of democracy is a severe one. Will the USA survive? It will take our most passionate commitment, our hardest work and the smartest help from the rest of the world-- deftly dealing with BushCo as the management of the most powerful government in the world, while realizing that it is also a government that is mentally ill. It's like dealing with a mental patient with a gun. You act gingerly to help protect the rest of the world while also wanting to help the mental patient, hoping you don't have to hurt him. I worked in emergency psychiatry as a psych tech. Sometimes these psychotic patients get pretty roughed up by the police. Sometimes they end up killing themselves. Sometimes the system saves them. Sometimes it fails them. We'll see how America fares in the next four years. These are dangerous times, times when, if you are a praying person, it is time for prayer.


Rob Kall is editor of www.OpEdNews.com Read over 150 of his articles at Rob Kall's article archive  Read his blog at www.opednews.com/robsblog.htm Rob lives in Bucks County PA, which, went for John Kerry in the 2004 election.

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