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Bush Rats Jumping Ship,to Be Replaced By Ebola-Toxic Next-Generation Republicanazis


Bush Rats Jumping Ship,to Be Replaced By Ebola-Toxic Next Generation Republicanazis

by Rob Kall

It’s official—Colin Powell has submitted his resignation and assistant secretary of State Richard Armitage’s resignation is coming.  We have the resignations of US Attorney General John Ashcroft and Commerce Secretary Don Evans.  Rod Paige, secretary of Education is expected to resign as do US Energy Secretary  Spencer Abraham and Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman. We can expect the Bush administration to replace these losers with far worse threats to the planet.


For starters, Bush is replacing John Ashcroft, perhaps the worst cretin, democratically speaking, with Alberto Gonzalez. We go from Ashcroft,  a fascist who has no compunction stripping away constitutional rights, to Gonzalez, who will take the nation into a banana-republic where the Geneva conventions or contemptibly scoffed at and ingnored, where international laws are routinely violated, where the president is seen as having the right to do anything he damn well pleases, with impunity.


We can expect the Commerce Secretary to be a more blatant example of a wolf being appointed to guard the henhouse—surely someone who will act to enhance the abilities of transnational corporations to rape and pillage the USA’s resources and trounce and wipe out the regulations that protect consumers, workers and the environment. Oh, but they’ll have new regulations added, you can be sure. They’ll have regulations that protect big corporations from litigation, from liability and that open up new economic opportunities for big corporations to steal from the nation’s public assets and commons.


Who will replace Colin Powell? There are a few possibilities—someone who gave millions in campaign contributions—but I’m guessing it will be a frothing at the mouth xenophobe like Zell Miller, someone who will push the Bush administration’s apparent foreign policy of alienation of former allies to a new level.  Delusional idiot Pat Robertson might be another candidate, or some other religious extremist, who could base US policy on the doctrine of the LEFT BEHIND series—expecting to deal with the anti-christ and planning our foreign policy to facilitate the coming “rapture” as Jesus returns to bring all believers straight to heaven, while leaving the rest of the world to die.


I wonder which Oil lobbyist or CEO will be appointed to run the energy department—surely one who will be happy to go to Alaska and dig the first shovel of dirt to break ground on drilling ANWR. And for the Education secretary, we can expect to see someone who is an aggressive advocate for school vouchers, and ultimately, for the ending of the public school system since that is the ultimate aim of the right wing extremist religious fundamentalists who perceive public schools as a threat to the teaching of their theocratically warped view of the world, of science, of America. Paige was brought in to his job because of a purported great success in the Houston school district that turned out to be a fraud. He is one slimy rat who should have gone a long time ago. Sadly, we can be pretty sure he'll be replaced by someone far worse.

Here's what a Madison Wisconsin Capital Times editorial said about Ann Veneman,

"Veneman was a horrible agriculture secretary who constantly sided with corporate interests against those of farmers and consumers. Her "service," if it can be called that, was distinguished by nothing so much as her efforts to expand free trade.

"Unfortunately, Veneman promoted a free-trade model that served multinational agribusiness, not U.S. producers. Her tenure ends with America importing more food products than it exports. What an awful legacy!"

 But are these leaving losers rats jumping ship? I think so. Colin Powell, a man who entered the role of Secretary of State with the great confidence and expectations of the American people let us down. Supposedly a moderate, Powell proved to be a sellout wimp who allowed the Bush administration to prevaricate it’s way into the Iraq war. Rather than being a moderate, he was an enabler and foil for right wing extremists and neocon imperialist chickenhawks with delusions of stealing Iraqi oil and being lovingly received by the people of Iraq . I don’t think the “ratness” of John Ashcroft needs any explanation. He was one of the most visible signs of the early threats of fascism in the Bush administration. We are now seeing, as we knew and feared, that as the Bush administration takes its “mandate” and “spends its political capital” the nation will spiral downward into a darker, more malevolent, malignant period of our history. The rats that are leaving the sinking ship will be replaced by worse vermin—toxic, horrific, vile plagues upon the nation. The ship that is sinking is our shining democracy that is, or was, of, by and for the people. It is no longer a shining example for the rest of the world—it is a rogue, pirate lawless regime that the world will continue to grow to hate and fear.  These are sad times, but it is best if we face the reality. Let's hope the minority democrats in congress do all they can to protect the coming rape and torture of America.

Rob Kall is editor of Read over 150 of his articles at Rob Kall's article archive  Read his blog at Rob lives in Bucks County PA, which, went for John Kerry in the 2004 election.

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