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Kerry Betrayed Us, DNC Let Us DownKerry Betrayed Us, DNC Let Us DownKerry Betrayed Us, DNC Let Us DownKerry Betrayed Us, DNC Let Us Down

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Kerry Betrayed Us, DNC Let Us Down



It is insanely unbelievable that the Kerry campaign and the DNC (Democratic National Committee) failed to anticipate the theft of the vote in Florida and Ohio, especially after the 200 election,  and after Ohio 's Ken Blackwell showed his cards early, refusing to accept new voter registrations because of their being on the wrong weight paper, or Glenda Hood, failing to follow the Florida constitution requiring paper trails for all votes.

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It is outrageous, inexcusable, and worse ... that over 50 million people trusted them to be prepared in ten different ways for dealing with electronic vote manipulation. Yet that seems to be the case. Bev Harris has done a huge freedom of information request, in an effort to dig into the mess. But Kerry and assumingly, the DNC just laid down and gave up in defeat.

Me, I knew that there was no way that Kerry could depend on Florida , no matter what the pollsters said. The state was lost to crooked manipulations by Jeb Bush and his surrogates. That meant Kerry had to get the other two major states -- Ohio and PA. Pennsylvania was looking the most solid for Kerry, so it made sense that Ohio would be the next " Florida , " and that 's what the media were all saying. It turned out to be true.

Kerry has acceded the presidency to Bush. This is a betrayal of the faith we who voted for him gave him, that he 'd hang in there and fight if the Bush criminals pulled the same crap again.

But the DNC seems to be getting off much to lightly to satisfy me. They should have had a plan, should have been ready to rock and roll legally, not only on the day of elections, but also on the days after. It appears that they did not. It is time for Terry McCaulliffe to get the hell out of the DNC. It is time for the leadership team that is now running the democratic party to get the hell out and for new, stronger, smarter, tougher leaders to take over.

The failure to be prepared to take on the fight over electronic vote theft is the tip of the iceberg. The weak-kneed, spineless decision-makers chose to go after middle of the road un-decideds. They were afraid to offend people by taking real stands, by standing up for real values and principles. And now, we have lost so much.

Since it seems clear that the DNC and the Kerry campaign are not fighting for the stolen votes, then someone else must take the lead. I am not willing to let a handful of spineless sell-outs accept defeat. There 's some buzz that McCaulliffe has a close tie to the Clintons, and sees this outcome as a way to insure that Hillary gets on the 2008 ticket (probably to run against John McCaine.) I take that with a grain of salt. The bottom line is that the DNC has failed us. We need to take over.

There was a moment where I thought we should start a new party. But that 's not really viable. The most sensible thing to do is to fire McCaulliffe, Fire Al Frum and the other centrists wimps who failed us in this election and to bring in someone tough. I would love to see Howard Dean running the DNC. He 's tough and honest and did an amazing job waking up the left side of eagle, giving it a left wing that helped the democratic party to soar higher than ever before.

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McCaulliffe out, Dean in. If not Dean, then it is essential that a dynamic, visionary leader be brought in to lead the democratic party. It might be argued that the DNC head has to be a strong fundraiser. Well the Dean campaign changed everything when it comes to fundraising. The Kerry Campaign raised hundreds of millions of dollars. We can do it without a fundraiser at the helm. We need to raise more money than ever,, but we 'll do it in new ways. There are tens of millions of people who are not going to sit still and let this pass. Bottom line --we need, we must have  new leadership in the DNC --very soon!!

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