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Sorry Stupid White Men, Bush Is Not Viagra

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Sorry Stupid White Men, Bush Is Not Viagra

By Rob Kall


It's disgusting to see the lying spinmeisters on Fox News and MSNBC. I imagine that Hitler had spokesmen just like them. These contemptible partisans nakedly spewing total untruths are talking to the "Stupid White Men" that Michael Moore wrote his book about-- the same stupid losers who Bush was talking to last night-- losers who would rather feel good because they're supporting a man for president who's as dumb as or dumber than they are.

Maybe they feel good about themselves supporting someone who talks like them and probably did as poorly as they did in school. Maybe these stupid oafs get the feeling that by supporting this blowhard moron embarrassment for a president that  their penises are larger.

Sorry Joe White Man, Bush is not Viagra. By supporting this "bring it on" false machismo spineless loser, you are selling out your country for some false confidence, probably boosted by many daily hours of listening to traitorous propaganda spewed by Fox News and your local radio station playing local right wing sycophants and the nationally syndicated traitor team of Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Savage and their goose-stepping imitators. You can almost hear the sieg hiel in these right wing traitors to democracy, traitors to the founders of this nation, traitors to humanity-- loyal liars for big business, corporatist and Christianist fundamentalist forces trying to take down and destroy the America built with the blood and tears of its founders and the millions who fought for freedoms and democracy that these cretins want to throw away.

The comparison between the smirking chimp moron Bush and Kerry is so stark, the outcome of the polls so devastating to Bush, yet you have rightwing pundits saying that Kerry was trounced? And they do it and there are no countervailing voices to tell them they are either total idiots or complete, simpering liars.

Well, they know they are talking to their brainwashed, head in the sand, bush-blinded Stupid White men and the abused women who are stuck with them.

Any person with a brain, who has not been  totally brainwashed by hundreds and thousands of hours of the puling trash and lies spewed by right wing media, must see that these three debates have shown Bush for the liar and half wit that he is (yes, three-- at least Cheney has a brain. He's a liar, but he has a brain.).

When, as a canvasser,  I knock on doors and encounter Bush supporters, I ask them if they saw the debates. Some say that the debates convinced them. It reminds me of the stage hypnotists who give their innocent subjects a "cue" word. When that word is uttered, the subject enters the hypnotic trance and makes a fool of his or her self, executing the post-hypnotic command given earlier. There's no use talking to this army of the brainwashed. They will need the help of the equivalent of a cult-member de-programmer. Of course, if the media were straightened out, there's every likelihood that these Stupid white men and their women could heal themselves with the help of a few years of fresh "media air."

Meanwhile, my patience for them is growing thinner and thinner and frankly, I am seeing them more and more like the people who enthusiastically supported Hitler in the 1930s. I'm sure there were even German and Polish Jews who liked what Hitler had to say, who deluded themselves into thinking that he would be good for them. There are millions of Americans who are buying the lies and promises, the deceptions and distortions of George W. Bush and his handlers. Thank God it looks like the majority of Americans are beginning to see Bush for what he is, and getting to know that Kerry is a vastly superior man for the job of president.

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