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Time for Kerry to Let Loose

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Time for Kerry to Let Loose

By Rob Kall


In the next debates, for every question Kerry gets asked, he should answer the question and then attack Bush.


For every rebuttal, he should, if and when Bush lies, distorts or dissembles, calmly, but firmly say to Bush, "Now, Now George, this is just another lie, or another example of you being too out of touch with reality. You really need to stop depending just upon butt-kissers for your info. and here, in a nationally televised debate, you aren't going to get away with the way you usually lie in press conferences where the press can't ask real, tough questions."

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IF Bush makes any claims about taking credit for a good economy, Kerry should ask  Bush why Americans should trust his numbers on the economy, on the economy's growth, on unemployment, any more than they should trust his reports on WMDs, on nuclear threats. Why should we trust the federal agencies you've filled with lobbyists and right wing extremists beholding to corporate interests, people ready to leave your employ to take jobs as high paid lobbyists, like the Medicare official who lied about the costs of the medicare drug program, then took a job with a pharmaceutical company.

Kerry should call Bush a lying, spineless fraud-- a traitor to the people of America, having sold out America to Megacorporations

He should accuse Bush of manipulating honest, spiritually genuine people for political reasons. 

Accuse him of being so clueless, it's clear that Cheney pulls his strings and let's face it, Cheney lied his ass off when he wasn't avoiding answering questions during the VP debate..

Between the latest reports on WMDs, Bremer's comments on understaffing troops, the blatant lies about the conditions in Iraq, Kerry should be calling Bush a Liar almost every time he opens his mouth. Kerry should be saying that Bush lies so much, and so often, the media have been overwhelmed by it.

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Kerry should point out that Bush lost it in the last debate, even with the 32 page contract protecting him. Kerry should point out that if Bush can't handle the pressure of a simple debate, and control his face, then how will he function in a real crisis, sitting at a table with smart people? How will he integrate their advice and make decisions under pressure?

Bush will parrot Karl Rove's words--- will call Kerry a flip flopper, will say that Kerry wants to raise taxes, will accuse Kerry of subjecting the US to a "world test." Anyone want to wager against me that he'll mention the $87 billion?

If he's dumb enough to bring up the "world test"  Kerry should jump all over him, call him a liar and distorter, use it to show how Bush can't take a straight truth without twisting it, without bending it far from reality to meet his devious needs. And he should tell Bush he's pathetic and unable to tell what is real and what isn't.

He should tell George that he's not cozy and safe in the White House, with a bunch of butt-kissing sycophants who don't disagree with him because they know he can't handle it. Let me make this clear. It's not that they're afraid of him, it's that they know he'll lose it, fall apart, decompensate and go nuts.

Accuse him of being overly influenced by right wing neocon extremists who used the "intelligence" of Achmed Chalabi, who proved to be an Iranian double agent.

Kerry's  new ploy, questioning Bush's connection with reality is a winner. He should work it. Fling in an "eart to George. Hello what planet are you on?

Remind him that he questioned about paying for making the country secure, that it might raise taxes. Damned right, it might and should raise taxes on the wealthy, so we can afford to keep this country safe, so they have a place to enjoy their wealth and make more wealth.

He should attack Bush for talk the talk but not walking the walk of being a Christian-- letting four more million Americans enter the ranks of the poor, allowing close to 50 million people to go without health insurance, cutting funds for children's health care, for being arrogant.

He should ask Bush, "How many lies do you think the American People will take? How many of your former appointees and employees have to come forward accusing you of incompetence of failing to do a proper job, before you admit you made a mistake, let alone face the fact that you should be ashamed of yourself.

"Call me a flip flopper George. You're a pathetic, chronic liar, a dumb fraud and a traitor who deserves to be in jail."

Okay, so this pundit is letting his fantasies get away from him. But it is time for Kerry to put his foot down, to refuse to allow Bush or his people to lie to the American people.

My guess is, if he goes on the attack, Bush won't know how to handle it and will come back with either braindead, canned verbiage that's obviously worthless campaign rhetoric, or he'll get even stupider and start coming back with frat boy repartee.

Kerry should NOT show Bush respect. He does not deserve it. There's a chance that this will lead to Bush canceling the last debate. That's okay. He'll be the coward pulling out. Kerry can buy some time and run his own debate, using footage of George Bush instead of the real dummy

Kerry should say, in his summation in the debate, especially if Bush does as badly a second time, that Bush supporters ought to look into their hearts to see if they are really voting for the best president for America or for the Republican party. America has been hurt badly by the wrong decisions, actions and judgments of the Bush administration. It is time to get rid of them and the Republican congress that have given them a free pass to rip off America.

  okay... so this is a flat out rant.


Rob Kall rob@opednews.com is editor of www.OpEdNews.Com living in Bucks County , PA.   You can find over 150 additional articles by Rob Kall at this Archive.


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