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A Terrorist's Eye View of Bush And Kerry

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A Terrorist's Eye View of Bush And Kerry

by Rob Kall


Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, echoing the republican flip-flop taunt, says, "If the terrorists thing we're going to be weak, flabby and wishy washy, they're going to take advantage of the situation."

Of course, the terrorists aren't paying attention to flip-floppiness. They're charging ahead, using George W. Bush as their poster boy for their recruiting. They're using the pre-emptive war and racist, corporations before people policies of the republican party of the US has supported as examples of why the rest of the world should hate the US, why the dollar should be devalued and treated with mistrust, why US products should be rejected in favor of other products.

The terrorists will see a John Kerry who didn't run from battle, who didn't let his fellow GI die, and had the guts to go back and get him. The terrorists will see a John Kerry who saw Iraq as a stupid move. But they'll also see Kerry as having made a massive mistake-- trusting George W. Bush. The terrorists will see John Kerry as a man who will bring in the international resources of the world community to bring pressure on them-- something George W. Bush has been fumblingly incompetent at.

The terrorists will see John Kerry as smart and open-minded enough, and confident enough to solicit counsel from advisors with multiple viewpoints and perspectives, rather than insulating himself from reality, like George W. Bush has done, by only listening to a small group of extremely partisan advisors who all come from the same political background. This led Bush to be duped on WMD and more.

The Terrorists will see John Kerry as smart and savvy enough to recognize that the challenge of terrorism is not a war like old wars, and, if it is actually a war at all, it is an asymmetrical war that requires totally new tactics, tactics that Bush and his military leaders have failed to understand, so they have actually allowed the terrorists to succeed, so they are now and have been winning the war-- a war to recruit more terrorists, to win international sympathy and support. There is no question that since Bush became the "war president" many hundreds of millions, if not billions of people throughout the world have gone from feeling that Americans were good, from that post 9/11 time when the world felt, as the headlines read, that WE ARE ALL AMERICANS, to hating America, to feeling that the US is the most dangerous threat to the planet, to George Bush becoming the most hated man , the most dangerous man in the history of the world. 

When it comes to the issue of flip-flopping, I've already written extensively on that in my article

Rebutting Bush's Cheap Flip-Flopper Taunt; the flip-flop smear campaign demonstrates that Kerry's a good leader and Bush is bad leader and a flunky with secrets to hide.

The terrorists are thrilled to have Bush running the US military. Bush has allowed his neocon egghead advisors to take over intelligence operations, totally screwing them up, filtering real data-- information from sources like the CIA and FBI-- that contradict the wacko and partisan theories they have.

The terrorists love Bush because he keeps Rumsfeld, a dinosaur from the old era of traditional warfare, in charge of a military that must face an asymmetrically attacking foe. And Rumsfeld just does not get it. And the terrorists know that Bush is unable to fire people. Maybe it's his lack of spine. Maybe it's because he knows that the people he needs to fire have too much on him that he can't risk them whistelblowing. Either way, the terrorists are confident that Bush will keep the incompetents, sycophants and losers that surround him, protecting him from discovering what is really going. On.

The Terrorists love Bush because he keeps John Ashcroft as Attorney General-- having arrested hundreds, if not thousands of suspects without a single conviction.

And what do the terrorists think about the Republicans? They love that they use the fundamentalist Christians as rubes, suckers, who, every day, by supporting Bush and his oil company cronies, maintain the wealth, power and influence of the Middle east, instead of enabling the US to develop alternative, non-fossil fuel energy technologies that will liberate the US from dependence on Mideast oil. The terrorists are looking gratefully to the republicans for leaning on the US media so they don't report the actual horrors of the Iraq war-- horrors that the rest of the world see on a daily basis. That keeps the US public ignorant of the horrors and wiling to allow Bush and company to keep up the policies which are creating such an ideal "soil" for recruiting more terrorists and building and consolidating the hate for the US.

What do the terrorists think about Kerry? He's their worst nightmare, because he'll go after the roots of terrorism-- starting with the Saudi princes who fund the spread of hate through tens of thousands of madrasa religious schools, where the terrorists are most successful at finding recruits.

Senator Hutchison, you want to raise the thought of what the terrorists think? Then be ready to deal with reality. Oh, that's right. You're a Bush Republican. Reality is not your style.

Rob Kall rob@opednews.com  is publisher of progressive news and opinion website www.opednews.com and organizer of cutting edge meetings that bring together world leaders, such as the Winter Brain Meeting and the StoryCon Summit Meeting on the Art, Science and Application of Story This article is copyright Rob Kall and originally published by opednews.com but permission is granted for reprint in print, email, blog or web media so long as this credit paragraph is attached.  Over 100 other articles by Rob Kall


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