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Civil War 2009

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Civil War 2009

By Rob Kall      a speculative fiction

Sometimes it feels like we 're on the verge of a 21st century civil war. This is a totally fictional speculation on what a civil war might look like, if the partisan conflict keeps getting uglier and uglier. It is inspired by Orwells 1984, Sinclair Lewis 's It Can 't Happen Here, Elie Weisel 's Night, to name a few classics. This is a total fiction.

It took two more stolen elections (2004 and 2008) before the American patriots who had not left the country, or who were not thrown in detention centers under the 2005 anti-sedition act that had been hidden in the just- before-midnight passed Patriot Act 3 took action..

It had taken a few years to recover from the loss of the most active and visible leaders-- political, alternative media, activist-- who had been the first to be rounded up by the AA American on Alert (though they were derisively referred to as Ashcrofts a**holes.) But eventually, staying under cover, working by word of mouth, with no internet or cell phone exposure at all, especially since the privacy laws were gutted by president Santorum within months of his election as president, the estimated 58 percent of the nation that opposed the extreme policies that the right wing had foisted upon the nation with their fixed election machines finally took action.

Taking a cue from Islamic terrorists, they began using cell phones to detonate explosives. The simple but effective bombs were assembled from components purchased from Radio Shack, Agway, Home Depot and Walmart.

Some of the first targets were Diebold machines. After all, everyone knew that Diebold electronic voting machines had been manipulated to miscount votes in some regions, to fail in neighborhoods with high percentages of democrats-- primarily high density African American. The first bombs hit the corporate offices and within days, over a thousand Diebold built automatic bank teller machines built by Diebold had been blown up-- the cash taken by the NAR (new American Revolutionaries.)

The money, close to $50 million, was used to buy unregistered automatic weapons. By 2007, George W. had passed laws requiring registration of all guns purchased by non-registered citizens-- meaning registered Republican. At least 90 percent of the country was now registered republican, since it was almost impossible to get a decent job, and certainly a job with viable healthcare. And healthcare insurance was needed more than ever, since downgrading of environmental and food quality regulations had increased the incidence of a variety of cancers, heart disease, viral vectors, brain disease from beef.

The ten percent of the people who were not registered republicans were not allowed to register. They became a new, sort of lower caste-- doing the jobs that could not be outsourced and that were no longer performed by republican Latinos.

Many of the people to get the weapons were former professors, since the US Christian Higher Education Conference, established by Bush in late 2005 had set guidelines which led to the firing of hundreds of thousands of tenured professors with unacceptable credentials (not born again, or not possessing a record as a fervent Bush supporter.) Universities were made free for all who qualified and a good six percent of the citizens of the New American Century did qualify. Since most professional jobs were now outsourced to countries where education was much cheaper, the US no longer required masses of highly educated citizens. Besides, the more the education, the more likely the citizens were to be seditious, especially women with graduate degrees.

The underground members of the New American Revolution (NAR) were not without help. They had allies outside the US-- the French, the Venezuelans, the British, who had turned away once Tony Blair was thrown out and thrown into jail. And the Iraqis, once they overthrew the puppet leaders the US had tried to install, were major supporters, with the Northern Saudis, who had partioned the former Saudi Arabia-- allowing the fundamentalists to have the southern portion while keeping the northern and upper eastern portions adjacent to Iraq. The Wahabists had accepted land with less land in exchange for control of Mecca. The Northern Saudis, who chose western democracy and equality for women, helped Iraq to quickly plug it 's oil into the planetary energy matrix. After losing 10,000 GIs, by the middle of 2006, the US had pulled out, left Iraq to be split up among the Kurds, Shia and Sunni, declaring their hasty departure a victory, though all signs of US presence that had not been terror bombed were removed within days of the last helicopter departure.

The foreign nations were providing funds, arms, safe passage, asylum and strategy for the brave souls who still believed that the US could be salvaged. They believed that all the people living secretly in opposition to the Santorum dictatorship would, if they had the chance, rise up and take back America. Already, Key west had been taken and held for two weeks, until a mini nuke was used to obliterate it. Santorum 's whitehouse spokesperson, Sean Hannity, reported that the terrorists (the underground revolutionaries were defined by the government as an American branch of Al Qaeda) had accidentally exploded a nuke they had planned to use on a major American city. Records clearly indicate that the nuke strike was ordered by Vice president DeLay.

The lesson the NAR learned was that the only way to fight was asymmetrically, taking down targets and making media coverage happen rather than taking turf. This was not easy, considering the fact that all the major network 's studios had been bombed early in the conflict, and the government 's corporate surrogates had taken over all news coverage. Allegations that the government actually did most of the bombing itself to speed up the media takeover have not yet been fully proven, as common as the rumors are. Within a year of the first exploding cell phone, all national media facilities were housed within government buildings or government security zones where only registered citizens could go. There was no need for profiling, since only whites, latinos and asians were permitted.

Rob Kall rob@opednews.com is editor of www.OpEdNews.Com living in Bucks County , PA.   You can find over 150 additional articles by Rob Kall at this Archive


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