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Marry Money or Steal It



Marry Money or Steal It?
by Lonna Gooden VanHorn
Have you gotten those e-mails about Kerry and Teresa?  You know, the ones about Kerry marrying his money.  Stalking heiresses?
I have never seen Kerry's first wife, but he is still friends with his ex brother-in-law.  Not too many brothers are friends with men who have really done their sisters wrong.  I also cannot imagine anyone making Teresa do anything she did not want to do.  No one held a gun to Teresa's head to make her marry John Kerry.  Not surprisingly, thrice married Rush Limbaugh is one of the ones vocally outraged about Kerry's luck with women.  Jealous, perhaps??  
Women marry money all the time, and that is okay, but in this country if an only moderately well-off man marries a  a much richer woman he is a giggolo.  Or something.  Additionally, he could not possibly be marrying the woman for any reason other than her money. 
In monarchies impoverished noblemen always married a rich man's daughter if they could, but in my opinion, anyone who had the chance to marry Teresa and didn't would be a fool, even if she was dirt poor.
I saw "Operation Petticoat" again a few weeks ago.  Tony Curtis's character was explaining to the Cary Grant character that there were two ways for a regular schmuck to make money.  Marry it or steal it.  He had joined the Navy because it gave him entrance into the circles where he could marry it.
Well, if Kerry married money, at least three of the four Bush brothers (I am being charitable to Marvin, here) all made money the second way.  They stole it. 
Yoshi Tsurami, one of W.'s Harvard business school professors who had a very low opinion of Bush and says he demonstrated "pathological lying habits" and who also says Bush's policies will take us back to the "Gilded Age" of the robber barons, said he told W. when he was a student that he felt sorry for the investors in any business W. was likely to be involved in. 
Well, he was right.  W. went bust in three businesses.  His shareholders took a beating but he did okay.  Daddy's rich friends, some of them Daddy's rich Saudi friends bailed him out.  They received tax breaks for doing so.  Guess who paid for those tax breaks?  We did!  The Arlington, Texas, taxpayers were largely responsible for the millions W.made from the Texas Rangers.
Both Jeb and Neil were involved in failed Savings and Loans.  Neil's (Silverado) cost taxpayers a billion dollars.  Jeb's (Broward) was a little less pricey.  Guess who paid for their reckless business dealings?  We did!!
So, if a voter chooses to make this election be about how the candidates became wealthy men (as if Senators are so poorly paid they are paupers without their wive's money) we have two choices.  We can vote for the man who elicited enough admiration from two wealthy women that they opted to marry him, or we can vote for the man, who like his buddy Ken Lay, got rich at the expense of employees or investors in his businesses, and at the expense of we taxpayers.
Bio:  Lonna Gooden VanHorn is a housewife working 24/7 to "write" Bush out of the White House. 
Her poor husband (a Vietnam veteran, and currently unemployed) has recently been sojourning with his children, and at Lonna's parents' farm in southern Minnesota, because her Mom is a great cook, and he has given up on getting a home cooked meal in New Mexico until after the election. 


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