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OpEdNEws takes major hit, loses two days of articles and links.

Friday evening, between 5 and 6 PM EST, all the articles and quicklinks posted in the past two days disappeared. We don't know if it was a server glitch or hacking. But they disappeared. If you tried to access an article through a link in the newsletter and it took you to our homepage, this was the reason why.

We do a daily site backup, so some of them will be retrieved. But that will take a bit more time to reinstate.

Starting monday we will add special programming to back up articles on an hourly basis, in addition to the daily backup. That will preven losses like this from occurring again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Meanwhile, enjoy the articles and quicklinks that have been posted since then.


rob kall


Latest Headlines

By Richmond Shreve
The Marines Got it Right - Almost
The US Marine Corps changes its recruiting messages to depict the rigors of becoming a Marine challenging prospective enlistees to step up and see if they can cut it.

By Joan Brunwasser
Canadian Health Care, Even With Queues, Bests US
Opponents of overhauling US health care argue that Canada shows what happens when government gets involved in medicine,saying the country is plagued by inferior treatment, rationing and months-long queues.The allegations are wrong by almost every measure,according to research by the Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development & other independent studies published during the past 5 years.

By Joan Brunwasser
Back to the Health Care Drawing Board
the whole debate needs to be reset & restarted,beginning with this absolute truth:there will be no bipartisan bill,no matter what, period,end of file,turn out the lights when you leave.The GOP won't vote for anything the Dems come up with,because they don't care about reform.Obama needs to go back to the drawing board,& come up with something that will pass that will actually help people worthy of the word "reform".

By Mary Pitt
Now I Know Why Mama Cried
I stood at the curb and watched the vehicle carrying my last connection with my family away down the street and perhaps never to be seen again -- and I know why Mama cried.

By Jon Faulkner
Stick A Fork In It: It's Done The Fascists Won
Anyone with two eyes knows the U.S. is a cooked goose. There aren't going to be any marches on Washington, or any grand, eloquent words that will wake the nation up. Creeping fascism has finished creeping, and is now here.

By Richard Wise
The State of Ohio botched a lethal injection for the third time in three years. Governor Strickland now must decide what to do. I think he should return Romell Broom to a cell in general population, to live and die in prison.


Latest Articles


Best News Links from the Web

PostPartisan - Learning From Irving Kristol
E J Dionne: I feel about Kristol much as I felt about Bill Buckley: I like people who approach politics with a twinkle in their eye (as against rage in their voices), and I simply wish that Kristol, like Buckley, had not been so effective.

G-20 Activists Win One in Court
But there was one victory for demonstrators that came out of a federal lawsuit filed against the city by several activist groups planning to protest against the G-20 summit. CodePink Women for Peace and Three Rivers Climate Convergence will be allowed to use Point State Park from Sunday evening to Tuesday evening to host public awareness programs on refugee camps around the world and to publicize global climate issues.

BDS: The Winds of Change Blew from the UK and the Blow Back
Three presents for Palestine this Eid: 1. UK Unions representing 6.5 million workers voted YES to boycott, sanction and divest to pressure Israel to END the Occupation of Gaza Palestine. 2. The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation's 300 member groups Voted YES to an academic and cultural boycott of Israel. 3. The Brazilian Parliament's decision added an enormous blow for Israel's economy and foreign relations.

Operation Northwoods and the 9/11 Truthers by Jacob G. Hornberger
Given Operation Northwoods how can anyone, especially the Pentagon, be surprised that there are people willing to believe that the federal government is capable of staging such horrible things as 9/11?

Noam Chomsky's 8/06/09 UN Address: Dialogue on the Responsibility to Protect
Throughout history, there have been a few principles of international affairs that apply quite generally. One is the maxim of Thucydides that the strong do as they wish, while the weak suffer as they must. A corollary is what Ian Brownlie calls "the hegemonial approach to law-making": the voice of the powerful sets precedents.

Nearly 60% of Americans STILL Believe We Are on the "Wrong Track"
The last time the number was this high, weren't we starting to talk seriously about impeachment?

Dalrymple: There Is No ‘Right' to Health Care
If there is a right to health care, someone has the duty to provide it. Inevitably, that “someone” is the government. Concrete benefits in pursuance of abstract rights, however, can be provided by the government only by constant coercion.

"The Ant and the Grasshopper" Retold, Yet Again -- by ME Russ Buchanan
A progressive reworking of the conservative version of Aesop's "The Ant and the Grasshopper" that has been become a web favorite of the Right.

Indiana Court Strikes Down Voter ID Law
The state court said the law violated the Indiana Constitution by not treating all voters equally. The legislature passed the voter ID law in 2005, and it was challenged in federal court. The Supreme Court upheld it in April 2008, but that July the League of Women Voters brought a new suit in state court.

Tikkun Magazine - Has President Obama Abandoned You and His Own Vision of the Caring Society?
Who's to blame for Obama's conservatism? Him or us?

Me Talk Presidential One Day
Latimer worked as one of Dubya’s speechwriters during his final 22 months in office.He was there to help sell the surge to a skeptical public.He was there as we pretended that the fundamentals of the economy were strong.And he was there to see a president who failed to grasp his own $700 billion bailout package—even as he was pitching it to the public on live TV.A disillusioned insider reveals just how messy things got.



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