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Between canvassing and phone banking, go to a church you've never gone to today-- a right wing, evangelical or a megachurch. Monitor them to see if they do endorsements. DO it with a concealed recording device. Let's cover this abuse of tax exempt status. At the least, let's find out what churchgoers are told the Sunday before elections. Rise of nations Intel 82810

Off to nail down PA for the blue guy,

rob kall

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Newest Articles

By Kris Malmquist
Poll: Should We Legalize/Decriminalize Marijuana?

Cast your vote on whether or not the time has come to stop locking people up for smoking a doobie or two.

By Karmacounselor
Poll: Do You Know If Your County Is At Risk For Voter Fraud

After reading an article warning of voter fraud, what have you done, if anything, to speak up, verify, and ensure your vote is safe?

By PrMaine
Poll: What Punishment?

Vote caging and purges, systematic voter intimidation, vote-flipping and corrupt tallies of votes all go on in our elections and for the most part they go unpunished. Should this attitude change in the future?

By Connie Feijen
The Hidden Massacre
Chemical warfare in Iraq and its consequences.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Steven Leser
Chambliss - Georgians Can Rid Themselves And The Senate Of This Anti-Veteran Outrage

If a non-veteran is going to attack the patriotism of a veteran, particularly a combat-wounded veteran, they better have audio tapes and video of the veteran committing treason, not the trumped up nonsense spouted by Chambliss and his campaign in 2002

By Kevin Gosztola
The Lens With Which We View This Election
No doubt I have irked many readers and writers with my persistence and vigor in arguing on behalf of third parties in this election. I ask that you understand this persistence and vigor stems from the lens which I view this election through.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Richmond Shreve
Take Heart My Republican Friends
The downside for conservatives is much less dire that most think.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Karla Hansen
Meeting President Ahmadinejad And Debunking The Axis Of Evil
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been one of the most frequently demonized national leaders. "Wiping Israel off the map" has been a frequent accusation leveled against him. Listening to him close up I came to a different understanding.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Rip Rense
We have nothing to fear but fearful Real American Chumps.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Steven Leser
John McCain Is Untrustworthy On Taxes, Economy And Environment Says Mitt Romney

McCain openly admits that he doesn't know enough about the economy and Romney makes clear he is a flip-flopper who made many of the same statements for which McCain now criticizes Obama

By Mary Shaw
The Trouble With Nader
As much as I appreciate the idealism of these third-party voters, the electoral process isn't set up to work in their favor. We've got a two-party system in which third-party votes are potential spoilers. But there is a way around this.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Linda Milazzo
Election Night, DO NOT CONCEDE: Open Letter Signed By Gore Vidal & Others To Senator Obama & The Democratic Leadership
If we cannot afford another Republican administration, we cannot afford a third concession in the face of election fraud.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Press Release
Mike Connell, Rove's IT Fixer, Ordered To Testify On Monday
US District Judge Solomon Oliver denied Michael Connell's motion to quash the subpoena issued for his deposition testimony ordered the deposition to take place at Noon on Monday Nov. 3,2008,in Cleveland.Cyber security expert Stephen Spoonamore in the King Lincoln case before US District Judge Algenon in Columbus have identified Connell as a key witness to Karl Rove's various maneuvers affecting elections during this decade.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Dan Fejes
Who Needs A President, Anyway?
America was founded and existed for a short time without a president. As we prepare to elect our next one it may be useful to look back to when we didn't have one at all, and to the very limited role envisioned for it by its creators.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Dr. Dennis Loo
It's Happening Already
An attempt by the GOP to steal the 2008 election is already underway. Whether they succeed this time, the third time in a row, or not is the question.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Evie Martin
Nursing From Sauron's Teat
Sarah Palin and the Role of the Vice PresidentRise of nations Intel 82810

By James Nimmo
In 20 Words Or Less Tell Me Why...
Why, in 20 words or less, am I forced to follow the religious tenets of people who believe wine can be turned into blood, an Arab rode a horse into "heaven", and a migrating tribe of nomads walked a path through the Red Sea while I and my partner are denied civil liberties such as those enjoyed by these cult believers who have no questions asked as to what they do with their genitals.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Jason Leopold
DOJ's Internal Watchdogs Probing Leak Of ACORN Investigation
The Department of Justice's internal watchdogs are investigating who told the Associated Press that the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), a grassroots group that has registered hundreds of thousands of new voters, is under federal investigation for alleged voter registration fraud, according to John Conyers, the Democratic chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Dave Lindorff
Studs And Me
With the death of Studs Terkel, the whole nation has lost a real friend, and journalism has lost an unequalled master.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Matthew Hardy
Welcome To The U.S.S.A.
"Welcome to the U.S.S.A." is an excerpt from A Culture of Crybabies: The 21st Century World of Wimps, Whiners, and Victims, by Matthew Hardy. Whether we elect President Obama or President McCain, the average man and woman will continue to pay half of everything they earn to government. Both the Democratic and Republican parties want your money for their political agendas. Welcome to the United Socialist States of America.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Doug Rogers
Why Are We Confused About Healthcare?
The serious difference between Healthcare Now and Health Care for Americans Now, besides two words.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Herinder Rai
Dumb & Dumber And Joe The Plumber - It Couldn't Get Any More Farcical. Hang On..Is That The Terminator? Ok, It Just Did.
Just when you think McCain would have had enough of his own ridiculous stunts....he just has to pull another. In campaigning for the GOP ticket, Arnie shows that his judgement, much like his acting, is very poor. The public recoil in disbelief with every painful-to- watch misadventure, but like an older version of David Blaine, McCain is never quite done.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Mary MacElveen
Sarah Palin And The Prank Call: The GOP's Self-inflicted November Surprise
Over the next two days she will be barnstorming on behalf of Senator John McCain and she will deliver tough messages and why voters should vote for their ticket. After today's prank that was pulled on her, she lost whatever credibility the Republican ticket thought they had.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Jack Clark
Debunking The "Socialism" Charge
I address what seems to be the final big lie directed at Barack Obama -- that he's a socialist who wants to take money from the middle class and give it to the poor. Huh? Among other things, you'll see how McCain supports the very same "socialist" policies he criticizes Obama for supporting.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By David Swanson
Both of the last two elections were conceded by the Democratic presidential candidate. The 2004 election was handed to George Bush while votes were still being counted in closely-fought Ohio. While the 2000 election was contested to the Supreme Court, it too was ultimately conceded to Bush "for the good of the country."Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Chris Rice
Wanna Break The Law?

By James Raider
A Water Policy For Canada
Canada has a responsibility. It also has an abundance of an infinitely renewable natural resource. It should nationalize bulk fresh water sales.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By David Model
A Letter To Senator Obama
Senator Obama has made a committment to end torture and obey the Geneva Conventions. I am asking him to extend his committment to the United Nations Charter which only allows the use of force under two conditions: approval from the Security Council; and a substantial and immediate threat to the United States. In the second case, the Security Council must become involved asap. The implication is withdrawal from Iraq etc.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Lani Massey Brown
SysTest Labs: Why It Matters To You As A Voter, As A Conpiracy.
Dubious victor in botched election hired SysTest to "prove" voting machines didn't scrap 18K votes. SysTest, the same company that certified the machines first place. SysTest, it matters. If you vote, SysTest could be responsible for ensuring your vote counts ... or not. An unsettling stream of election failures on ES&S DREs, just 1 of 15 vendors tested by SysTest casts more doubt on our already troubled elections.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By David Glenn Cox
A Single Lifetime
Surviving to over age 50 is no major accomplishment, in and of itself. It's only a chance to see things and experience things, and sadly, most of it for the worse. As a child, playing in the sun was not seen as a danger; the polar ice caps weren't melting, or at least we didn't know about it yet. Gasoline was .29 cents a gallon and seat belts were a novelty only required in the front seat.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Abdus Sattar Ghazali
Why American Muslims Are Poised To Vote En Masse For Obama
American Muslim voters are poised to vote en masse for Barak Obama, the Democratic Presidential candidate on Tuesday. The question is why the Muslims are leaning towards Obama and the answer is not difficult � they have been victims of anti-Muslim policies of Bush administration since 9/11. Muslims are optimistic that a sweeping change promised by Obama will alleviate their plight and guilt by association sufferings.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Jim Goodman
Will A New Administration Give Us The "Safest Food Supply In The World"?
The corporate food industry tells us our food system is safe. 25% of us will get food poisoning every year, obesity and diabetes are approaching epidemic proportions is that what they call safe? No,they mean they can safely say they will make a profit, no matter how many people they sicken.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Steve Beckow
The Internet Revolution: WE The People Say "NO!"
The people are standing up and saying "NO!" to the deep state, the real terrorists who presently control the Earth. We will not allow you to torture, enslave and murder us. Your day is over.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Shanen
I Hope You Have Hope
A wide-ranging appeal to undecided voters, going from hope to voting through gerrymandering to an endorsement of Obama.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Betsy L. Angert
Make History; Vote Early
In this election year, America has made history. Throughout the country, people are able to vote early. Millions have decided to take advantage of what never was this easy to do, contribute to the greater community. The question is will the once apathetic, those who felt powerless, or the people who were willing to be labeled as lazy participate.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By GLloyd Rowsey

In 1935, Walker Evans began working on 'Let Us Now Praise Famous Men' in collaboration with the writer James Agee. In 1938, Evans' first major exhibition, 'Walker Evans: American Photographs' opened at Museum Of Modern Art's temporary underground gallery in Rockefeller Center, New York. In 1968, Evans became a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Letters; and in 1973, he received a Grant from the Mark Rothko Foundation

By Economics Professor Emeritus Rodrigue Tremblay
HOW U.S. Politicians And Bankers Built A Financial Debt House Of Cards
Large amounts of public money in excess of $2 trillion are now being used to settle the risky bets that large banks took over the years and which went bad.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Amit Dwivedi
Living On The Outside: The Impact Of Diabetes-related Stigma
Stigma-related to diabetes, is particularly more pronounced for girls. Stigma in response to illness is not a new issue in some parts of the world. Stigma has long been associated with mental illness, physical disability, leprosy, cancer and tuberculosis. However, diabetes-related stigma is particularly severe as diabetes is a life-threatening chronic condition. Stigma is particularly complex as it operates at many different lRise of nations Intel 82810

By Dr. Dennis Loo
What Matters Now? The Bush/Cheney Legacy
In 2002 Cheney declared that "Reagan proved that deficits don't matter." What have the Bush/Cheney years proved? That the rule of law and the truth don't matter. What can be done in the face of this outrage and the fact that the elections promise no accountability?Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Don Williams
Wake Me Up, I Must Be Dreaming, Obama's Still Ahead And It's November
My God, can it be true? Barack Obama, person of color, is about to be president!Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Linn Cohen-Cole
Bush Agenda Moving Into Place As You Are Distracted By The Election
A group of people in this country are being singled out for true totalitarian control and for personal destruction by corporations (using the government to do it) - a group we all depend on for our own survival - and no one has any idea. And the USDA is moving fast to get it in place (and as silently as possible) before any change in government.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By JGideon
'Daily Voting News' For November 01, 2008 - Morning Edition
a collection of local, state, national and international articles on electronic voting and election issuesRise of nations Intel 82810

By Stephen Fox
Analysis For Journalists And Editors About Announcing Winners Before Election Day
Post Op Analysis of NM Sun News front cover OBAMA WINS!, CNN coverage, L.A. Times, London Telegraph, London Mirror, papers in India, Taiwan, Romania, Italy, and Pakistan. The comparison with the Chicago Tribune and Dewey is absurd, extraneous, and totally irrelevant. They printed several hundred copies the night of the election thinking Dewey won. We printed 11,000 copies ten days before the election, sure of Obama's victory.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Bruce Allen Morris
Yes, They Can Steal A Landslide (GOTV, Baby, GOTV!)
Will we see a popular vote land-slide for Obama, but an electoral squeaker for McCain. Be prepared for it. SO, GTOV, Baby, GOTV!.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Chris Rice
Prayer Request
"I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, & thanksgivings be made for all men, for kings & all who are in high positions, that we may lead a quiet & peaceful life, godly & respectful in every way." 1 Timothy 2:1-3 (RSV)Rise of nations Intel 82810

By By Kathy Guillermo
Killing Animals Won't Cure Breast Cancer
In laboratories across the country, researchers are busy infecting healthy mice and rats with breast cancer even though such experiments hold little promise for human patients. True medical progress will not come until we stop relying on outdated animal models.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Michael Payne
A New Day, A New Dawn Appear On America's Horizon
Obama will win. Book it and take it to the bank! But right after the November 4 election, Team Obama must hit the ground running. They should have a solid plan of action in place to address the most serious problems facing America as a result of the destruction that has taken place over the past eight years. The wounds inflicted are extensive, the healing process will be difficult, but it can and will be done.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Robert Wolff
For Your Entertainment -- A Wider Perspective
energy, entropy, Life, time, ManRise of nations Intel 82810

By Stephen Unger
Voting Early: Sounds Good, But Its Not The Answer
Many people, concerned (properly) about the integrity of e-voting systems are voting early or casting absentee ballots. Unfortunately, these are both highly vulnerable to being manipulated by either insiders (those running the election systems) or outsiders (intruders breaking into the systems). The problem is lack of proper monitoring of the processes by monitors from competing campaign organizations.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Dana Gabriel
TILMA has been referred to as a Bill of Rights for corporations. Much like NAFTA, it is designed to ensure corporate profits and further advance continental integration. The power of the people and government is being transferred to unelected bureaucrats who serve and answer only to their corporate masters.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Todd Putnam
Why Truthers Need To Vote For Obama
Addresses charges frequently leveled at Obama by many in the "truth" movement.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Washington Post Editorial Board
Obama Wins? Yes, 'Doonesbury' Calls The Election!
Networks have long taken flak for calling elections early, but what are newspaper editors to do when a cartoonist "calls" an election several days in advance? That's the controversial question raised by next Wednesday's "Doonesbury," which Pulitzer-winning creator Garry Trudeau has already submitted and which has been sent to editors.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Project Vote
Voters Eager To Have A Stake In Historical Election: Early Voting Predicts Strong Turnout Tuesday
In the last two weeks voter registration and early voting has shown that voters are geared up and ready to take part in what has been called a "historical event" on November 4.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By E. Nelson
Could Republican Norm Coleman Be The Next Indicted U.S. Senator?

The scandal now dubbed Donorgate is another potential explosive scandal involving Iranian-born businessman Nasser Kazeminy and indirectly his friend and political benefactor Norm Coleman.

By Clyde Novitz
What Really Happened On September 11, 2001?
If the World Trace Center attack on September 11, 2001 was a conspiracy to kill Americans, where are the video clips of the hundreds of people jumping to their deaths from the roof tops of the burning buildings.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By John Wilson
Top 10 Scariest Liars About Obama
The scariest liars about Obama, from truthobama.com.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Daniel Gugliotta
Undecided Voters, Say What?
Undecideds? Who are they?Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Stephen Lendman
Studs Terkel: The Passing Of An Icon
A Chicago legend. An iconic figure passed October 31. He's irreplaceable and will be sorely missed.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By W. Christopher Epler (Bill)
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Progressives & Democrats. Let's WIN This Thing!!!
The goal posts are approaching. Victory is in sight, so now more than ever we should be cheering on our team on the field. Except this cheering mostly means making sure EVERYONE GETS OUT THERE AND VOTES. Yeaaaaa Obama! Yeaaaaa Biden! Our Democratic/Liberal standard-bearers of human Civilization. Mounting enthusiasm, faith, and aggressive activism will save our country, Civilization, and the Earth. It's all up to us now.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By JGideon
'Daily Voting News' For November 01, 2008 - Evening Edition
a collection of local, state, national and international articles on electronic voting and election issuesRise of nations Intel 82810

By Jill Jackson
Baby, I Love You!

Grandparents raising special needs children? Maybe.

By John F. Miglio
Will Barack Obama Be More Like FDR Or Bill Clinton?
If Obama and a Democratically controlled Congress do not deliver on a liberal/progressive agenda in the next four years, there will be hell to pay!Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Steph Fauxco
Why Don't You Like Obama? Is It Because He's Black?
I believe the primary objection to Barack Obama from conservative rich people is not because of his liberalism or his associations, but because of his skin color.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Chris Rice
Only The People Can Hold Their Leaders Accountable
You have ignored the hundreds of thousands of American people who have been calling, faxing and emailing you opposing this bailout at least 100 to 1. You have ignored the almost two hundred economists from around the country that have contacted you and who have no conflict of interest and told you this bill will outright fail.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Jack Lindblad
Local Water Shortages Loom Closer For The Los Angeles Regional Community
Jack Lindblad, running for Caifornia Assembly to represent the 39th District on the Green Party ticket that includes the northeast San Fernando Valley, reveals the nature of the local water crisis facing Los Angeles and points to revitalizing the Tujunga/Pacoima Watershed as a locally-based solution.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Robert Braunstein
Going For Barack, You Betcha
A leftist's journeyRise of nations Intel 82810

By Robert Cogan
Untying The Gordian Knot
How One part of the Financial Tangle Might be UntiedRise of nations Intel 82810

By Robert Morgan
The Presidential Race
Opinion about the effect of race on the Presidential election.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Charles L. Riccillo
"He Who Laughs Last"
Humor in plitical race, taxes, bail-out, qualifications, Biden, Obama, Palin, education, cost of living, jobs, education, health care,jobs, inflation, depression, race, bigotry, ethnicity, family, honestyRise of nations Intel 82810

Vote Against Republicans Across The Board In 2008
Well, all across the great American country-but not in Kansas currently-citizens are voting to throw the bums out-including many bums who are more interested in WALL STREET and their oil buddies than they are in promoting Middle American and Main Street needs. Even if Kansas doesn't join the rest of the country, its progressive voters can turn attention on their needs by pulling off a 5% increase in non-Republican votesRise of nations Intel 82810

Michael Moore's Top Ten Things The President Needs To Do In 2009
The interview with Amy Goodman is called, "Moore on the Election, the Bailout, Healthcare, and 10 Proposed Decrees for the New President's First 10 Days" and is a landmark in good progressive analysis and should become a classic--if Tuesday November 4, 2009 doesn't renew the lengthy string of election disappointments progressives have witnessed time-and-again over the past 4 or more decades.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Marta Steele
Parable For The Undecided
Some advice for those who have not yet decided on a candidate. It is in the form of a parable, which may appeal to those religiously inclined.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By T. Anthony Michael
Epochal Transformation Accelerates As Global Financial Matrix Disintegrates
Fascinating look into the future that compels each reader to reassess what they think they know. Extremely astute analysis of the unfolding financial/economic crisis and its inevitable effects on the entire planet. Captivating read from beginning to end!Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Michael Chavers
The Real America For Lipstick Wearing Pitbulls
You know what gets me angry? It's watching Sarah Palin talk about how she is a real American. By her definition myself and more than half of the country must be fake Americans.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Winston
"The Only Thing Necessary For The Triumph Of Evil Is For Good Men To Do Nothing."
It can't be clearer. Vote for Obama. The other side has ruined our chances for financial security-resulting in our desperate youth joining the military for a chance to succeed. Who will they be fighting if mini-me wins? Not bin laden, but Shiites and Sunnis and Kurds who want to kill our boys and girls specifically because they hate the US occupiers. We are not asking for much--just vote for Obama.Rise of nations Intel 82810

By Vickie Karp
Save VoteRescue Radio!
We all know that it takes months, sometimes years to do the forensics and figure out what really happened on Election Day. Karen and I look forward to helping illuminate that process with all of your reports as soon as we get back on the airwaves!Rise of nations Intel 82810

By ACLU Of Northern California
ACLU Of Southern California's Voting Guide For CA Residents
Many ACLU members around the country have already signed the ACLU's Constitution Voter Pledge to make sure that the next president will be committed to restoring the Constitution and the fundamental freedoms it protects. Here in California, that's not all that voters like you must do to protect freedom and equality in the Golden State. We face critical ballot initiatives that demand your attention.Rise of nations Intel 82810


Best News Links from the WebRise of nations Intel 82810

Oprah's Vote Lost & How You Can Fight To Assure It Doesn't Happen To You!
But I promise, it wasn't her fault, as she suggests in the video, so I hope she'll stop blaming herself and will educate herself and her viewers, instead. Here's a fine place to start, with links to information that will help educate her and her millions of viewers, so we can finally begin restoring transparent, verifiable democracy in America.Rise of nations Intel 82810

Internet Surpasses Newspapers As Source For Campaign News
Many more Americans are turning to the internet for campaign news this year as the web becomes a key source of election news. Television remains the dominant source, but the percent who say they get most of their campaign news from the internet has tripled since October 2004 (from 10% then to 33% now).Rise of nations Intel 82810

George W. Bush: Before & After
Good video put together by Jim HightowerRise of nations Intel 82810

Tony Blair 'Rolled Over' To Avoid Arrest And Jail
BLAIR'S CAPITULATION TRIGGERS SIMILAR RESPONSES ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES Following Blair's capitulation when faced with the evidence of his crimes, we understand that a large number of bankers and others have likewise been 'rolling over' and providing a wealth of detailed information on the financial corruption to investigators, identifying colleagues and others involved in these scams and revealing banking coordinates...Rise of nations Intel 82810

JP Morgan Launches Massive Effort To Save Mortgages
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. launched an ambitious plan Friday to modify the terms of $70 billion in mortgages for borrowers who are behind on their payments or soon could be. The move by the New York bank will cover as many as 400,000 borrowers. They'll be moved into loans carrying lower interest rates, smaller principal amounts or other more-affordable terms.Rise of nations Intel 82810

Maliki To Show Neighbours US-Iraq Military Pact
Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on Friday he will submit the text of the controversial security pact with the United States to all of his country's neighbours. He would do so after Baghdad receives a US reply to five proposed amendments made by Iraq. Maliki "will dispatch delegations to Iraq's neighbours, including Turkey, to show them the security agreement...Rise of nations Intel 82810

Syria May Decide To Cut Off Ties With Iraq
Syria may decide to cut off diplomatic ties with Iraq and suspend the work of the joint security committee as to draw down the number of Syrian troops deployed on common borders. The decision came following the US raid on Abu Kamal region near Iraqi borders, media sources reported.Rise of nations Intel 82810

Compensation At Bailout Banks, Part Two
Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley.Rise of nations Intel 82810

DOJ Ordered To Turn Over Warrantless Surveillance Documents
In an opinion issued Friday in a lawsuit filed by the Natl Security Archive, the ACLU and the Electronic Privacy Information Center, the US District Court for DC ordered the Dept of Justice to submit to the court for review several of the DOJ's legal opinions authorizing the Bush admin to conduct domestic surveillance without prior approval from a secret court.Rise of nations Intel 82810

British Secretary Orders Inquiry Into MI5 And CIA Torture Claims
Jacqui Smith, the home secretary, has asked the attorney general to investigate possible "criminal wrongdoing" by the MI5 and the CIA over its treatment of a British resident held in Guant�namo Bay. The dramatic development over allegations of collusion in torture and inhuman treatment follows a high court judgment which found that an MI5 officer participated in the unlawful interrogation...Rise of nations Intel 82810

Top Free Media Converters For Windows
As technology progresses, numerous different types of media, and thus new file formats, emerge. This can pose a problem, though. With audio formats ranging from AIFF to WAV, trying to listen to music or even watch videos on your computer can become difficult and possibly tedious. Here are some of the top free media converters for Windows to allow you be able to use all your media.Rise of nations Intel 82810

Where Is Daytona's Dwayne Taylor?
Daytona Beach and Florida Legislature Political News and OpinionsRise of nations Intel 82810

Juan Cole: Defeating McCain: Ending Not Only Neocon Policies, But Also Tactics
The anti-semitism accusation has become so overused, so blatantly exploited, and so recklessly tossed about that it has largely lost its sting. And nobody has done more to trivialize actual anti-semitism than the neocons and other assorted right-wing polemicists who indiscriminately use it as a club to beat anyone over the head who deviates from their dictates when it comes to Israel and other Middle Eastern policy issues.Rise of nations Intel 82810

Glenn Greenwald: Sarah Palin Speaks On The First Amendment
Somehow, in Sarah Palin's brain, it's a threat to the First Amendment when newspapers criticize her negative attacks on Barack Obama. This is actually so dumb that it hurts. Palin has this exactly backwards, since one thing that the First Amendment does actually guarantee is a free press. when the press criticizes a political candidate, that is a classic example of First Amendment rights being exercised, not abridged.Rise of nations Intel 82810

New Yorker: Like, Socialism
Back when the polls were nip and tuck and the leaves had not yet begun to turn, Barack Obama had already been accused of betraying the troops, wanting to teach kindergartners all about sex, favoring infanticide, and being a friend of terrorists and terrorism. What was left? The anticlimactic answer came as the long Presidential march of 2008 staggered toward its final week: Senator Obama is a socialist.Rise of nations Intel 82810

CRITICAL VIDEO: "Torturing Democracy"
JUST RELEASED: Three-part National Archives/media documentary on the US and torture. Airing on PBS stations nationwide... Nov 1, 10 pm -- KCET, Los Angeles Nov 2, 8 pm -- WYCC, Chicago Nov 2, 10pm -- KNME, Albuquerque Transcript and complete documentary on line.Rise of nations Intel 82810

VIDEO, FREE UNTIL NOV 4: Missing, Presumed Dead: The Search For America's POWs
This video, narrated by Ed Asner, details the lengths John McCain has gone to -- and still does -- to shut down any search for our missing POWs and MIAs. Sad, frightening -- and disgusting.Rise of nations Intel 82810

Governor Palin's Crank Yanked - Suckered By Radio Stunt
After malicious hackers breached the Governor's private email account, Sarah Palin now falls victim to a wacky prank call. She believed it to be from French President Nicolas Sarkozy but it was in fact zany Canadian radio duo "The Masked Avengers" pulling Palin's leg for six minutes till they finally fessed up - the Governor never caught on.Rise of nations Intel 82810

November 1, 2008 Gallup Daily: Obama 52%, McCain 42% Among Likely Voters
The beat goes on . . .Rise of nations Intel 82810

Political And Social Satire/pictogram's
This is a web site of editorial cartoons that follow current events with a emphasis of the history of the issue. Contains; The 6:01 News w Misters Drip & Drop, Yet More Good News From Iraq w Major General Electric, anchor and single frame pictogram's.Rise of nations Intel 82810

God's Wisdom
If God wanted us to vote He would've gave us some decent people to vote for. I think it's time we leave the church and get back to God.Rise of nations Intel 82810

The Daily Show Exposes The Real Criminals: Those Attacking Community Organizing
The Daily Show uses its tongue-in-cheek style of reporting to shed light on the good work of community organizers like ACORN's Bertha Lewis, while at the same time exposing the flawed and disturbing logic of conservatives like Palin, Giuliani, and Matthew Vadum.Rise of nations Intel 82810



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