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I just wrapped up a 74 minute interview with Andy Worthington, probably the foremost author on the Guantanamo Prison.

I'm very pleased to report that Andy's writings will be appearing regularly on OEN now that we've made more solid contact. Andy posted the above piece just minutes ago.

If you know of writers you think we should be publishing, please let me know, preferably with contact info, and please check first to see if we already do cover them.

We've had a good beginning response to our call for volunteer editors. I'd like to have a "class" of them getting started. So, if you missed the call, or are reading it again and considering-- we really do find great value in people who can give as little as an hour a week helping in the queue and posting articles that are not submitted directly by the author. Drop me a note and your member page URL to take the next step. Not yet a member, then sign up and get started and THEN send me the url.

No You don't have time to volunteer but want to help?
We're starting a new year. We need about $4000 a month to do what we need to do. Please make a donation to help, or set up an automated monthly contribution. Click here to donate to today. You will be tickled pink that you did-- not Code Pink. But that reminds me. Here's some interesting info from Medea Benjamin. It's very rare that progressives get any responses from Eric Holder. She did.

" I talked to Eric Holder at the inauguration of new dc mayor and council this morning. For what it's worth:
I said it was wrong to for the FBI to be raiding the homes of peace activists and that this has horrified the peace community around the country. He just said: "I'll look into it."
I asked re Bradley Manning being held in confinement and mistreated: He answered, "He's being treated humanely. Media reports are inaccurate."
I said it was not right to go after Julian Assange: "We'll see. We're still investigating." I said that if he went after Assange he'd have to go after NYT. He said emphatically, "No, that's different." "

Thanks, Rob Kall, OpEdNews


Latest Headlines

By Roger Shuler
Why Did Former Bush-Administration Official Wind Up Dead In A Delaware Landfill?

A former Bush official turns up dead in a puzzling case of murder.

By Ray McGovern
Obama Should Read WikiLeaks on Afghanistan
"Perhaps President Barack Obama should give himself a waiver on the ban prohibiting U.S. government employees from downloading classified cables released by WikiLeaks, so he can get a better grasp on the futility of his Afghan War strategy," says former CIA analyst, Ray McGovern.

By Rob Kall
Andy Worthington Guantanamo Prison, Wikileaks and Julian Assange

the big picture and what needs to be done next on Guantanamo

By Sherwood Ross
China's "Secret" War Plan Revealed By U.S. Magazine
Hey, how about a war with China? Well, if not a war, how about an arms race centered around Taiwan that sucks up billions of taxpayers' dollars for the military-industrial complex?

By mike ferner
"Dear Afghanistan" A Global Listening Project for Peace
As I began to realize how dangerous the Peace Volunteers' work could be, the global call-in project dubbed "Dear Afghanistan," became much more than a chance for callers to meet a handful of charming, brave boys. It was the beginning of an international support committee that at some moment may need to quickly mobilize to demand governments intervene to protect these young men's lives.

By Michael Chamberlin
Reading the Constitution: The GOP's Intro to "Repeal Amendment" Shenanigans

The GOP plans to read the Constitution into the Congressional Record when the House returns to session on January the 6th. I have some advice for the House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi.

By Press Release
Challenging Propaganda Stereotypes: War and Peace in the Quran and Bible

One of the widest perceptions in the Western world, especially after the attacks of September 11, is that Islam's holy book, the Quran, promotes conflict, violence and bloodshed.

By Sylvia Clute
The Moral Dilemma of Military Service
On the one hand, the U.S. armed forces are held to the level of individual moral accountability in war set out in Nuremberg Principle IV: you cannot blame your commanders or your government for your immoral acts in wartime. On the other hand, U.S. military personnel are denied the opportunity to make a number of personal moral choices in times of war. These are irreconcilable policies, and some call for consistency.

By Joan Brunwasser
Art Shay: That Was Then, Part One

The New York Times Sunday Magazine ran my [heart surgery] story on its famous back page and Kathy Ryan, the picture editor, wrote me saying it was the most touching story they had run in 20 years.The layout included a 15mm Voigtlander wide-angle Leica shot - a grotesque self-portrait of me in an oxygen mask. Also, a dramatic shot of a big, strong black arm, wheeling me down the hall to my possible life or death.

By YJ Draiman
Happiness it's meaning
Happiness it's meaning

By Gary Vance
I Am Uninsured and Scared
This writer has recently lost his health insurance and shares with the reader the new feelings of frustration and fear due to the ongoing health care crisis.

By Fatima Shaik
Review of 'A Free Man of Color': A Historical Play with Modern Signifance
A play that talks about post Katrina New Orleans' roots, at the time of the sale of Louisiana to America by France, through the story of a Black slave-owner.

By Paul Thomas
Calculating the Corporate States of America: Revisiting Vonnegut's Player Piano

Kurt Vonnegut's Player Piano from 1952 offers us a vision of the US we may already have before us--the merging of corporate America with our government. The corporate reform of public education is the logical next step.

By Andy Worthington
Andy Worthington Visits the US to Campaign for the Closure of Guantánamo on the 9th Anniverary of the Prison's Opening

Guantanamo expert Andy Worthington is visiting the US from Jan. 6-12 to take part in a series of events in New York and Washington D.C. aimed at securing the closure of Guantanamo on the 9th anniversary of the prison's opening.

By Gareth Porter
How Afghanistan became a NATO war

NATO was given a central role in Afghanistan because of the influence of US officials concerned with the alliance, according to a US military officer who was in a position to observe the decision-making process.

By Reza varjavand
Blind Adherence to Free Market Ideology May No Longer Serve Us Well
If there is anything useful about the recent economic crisis is the lesson we should learn from it. It should persuade us that despite our steady faith on capitalism, it is not without shortcomings . Our infallible adherence to free enterprise doctrine may no longer serve us favorably?

By Bud Goodall
The Year Ahead in Political Narrative
Master narratives shape the political landscape at home and abroad, and this year in politics the role of master narratives about America, American identity and culture, and America's place in the world are likely to further divide the left from the right. However, our divisions will set the stage for political action on the left that is desperately needed.

By Kathy Malloy
Reality Bites

Looks like politics are off to a particularly ugly start for 2011, with the Neocons in Congress promising to attack President Obama from all directions, with total destruction their ultimate goal. Their first plan of action, led by Sen. Mitch "the lizard" McConnell, is to pummel Obama's flank by dismantling health-care reform piece by piece, ensuring that no sick child will have any kind of coverage, ever.

By Tom Engelhardt
Tomgram: Engelhardt, War Is a Drug
If, as 2011 begins, you want to peer into the future, enter my time machine, strap yourself in, and head for the past, that laboratory for all developments of our moment and beyond.

By Dave Lefcourt
Tomorrow is D-Day in the Senate
Tomorrow marks the opening session of the new Congress whereby all rules changes governing how the Senate operates, including the filibuster, can be amended by a simple majority vote. The current use of the filibuster by the Republicans has meant tyranny by the minority to kill any measure before it can come up for a vote. This must not continue. This basic reform needs to happen tomorrow.

By Stephen Lendman
Israel's Barbaric Solitary Confinement
If sustained long enough, it turns human minds to mush.

By Stephen Lendman
Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons
Destructive weapons from hell that should be banned

By Stephen Soldz
PsySR Open Letter on PFC Bradley Manning's Solitary Confinement
Psychologists for Social Responsibility (PsySR) is concerned about the deleterious effects of the solitary confinement in which Bradley Manning is being held.


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The chief flaw in our present technology-based security scheme is that it doesn't do any good. Hundreds of millions of passengers have been searched, and the system has yet to catch even one terrorist.

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