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A Winning Strategy



A Winning Strategy by Stephen Dinan

You are faced with two options now: watch and wait for the seemingly inevitable conclusion or take real action that could still result in removing Bush from power.
The parties will be busy fighting over details, squabbling over votes, challenging results, and perhaps waiting on provisional ballots in Ohio.  Bush will most likely declare victory but it will not be validated until all the votes are counted.  The extended counting process does not look likely to result in a Kerry victory but it will buy valuable time.
The question is what to do with that time.  You’ve tried all the normal political channels.  You’ve registered voters, called friends, implored people with emails, tried to alert those who are unaware of the egregious violations of the public trust we have witnessed.  That process is now over.  Straight politics is not going to remove Bush from power. Street protests will not do it.
You are likely feeling desperate,  knowing that a second Bush administration with a clear majority in both the House and the Senate and an ailing Supreme Court Chief Justice means drastic changes: expanded war, siphoning of wealth to an elite,  a right-wing Supreme Court that overturns Roe V. Wade, the steady retraction of civil liberties, a steamrolling of what‘s left of our environmental protections, and increasing corporate power.  There will be nothing to prevent the erosion of democracy as we know it.
If we don’t use this time to do something powerful and unforgettable, we will not live in the same America in four more years.  Moments like this call for boldness and heroic action.  The question is “What action?”
There is only one thing that will change the outcome and result in victory – the breaking out of a major, criminal-level scandal that is enough to spark a national crisis of confidence in the President.  It needs to be traceable all the way to the top.  And it needs to be based on legitimate facts, or it won’t be credible.  
I submit that the only way we can achieve real victory will be if a massive movement of people exposes the evidence for Bush administration complicity in allowing 9/11 to happen.
I know that may be challenging to stomach for many.  But there is an increasingly powerful movement of respected leaders that is demanding immediate investigations into a wide range of incriminating evidence.   On the eve of the election, ran a front-page story about the 911 movement (  New developments were covered on three major New York news channels last Friday.   Air America has begun airing interviews with key leaders this week. 100 notable Americans from across the political and social spectrum, including three Presidential candidates (Nader,  Cobb, and Badnarik); 40 authors; dozens of prominent change leaders; the Former Chief of Mission to Iraq, Edward Peck; and stars like Janeane Garofalo, Ed Asner, and Michael Franti have all stepped forward in an alliance with 49 family members of victims  to demand investigation of unanswered questions (see . Families of victims filed a formal citizen’s complaint with the New York Attorney General’s Office last Thursday (   And the CIA report on 9/11 has been illegally stonewalled until after the elections.
The 9/11 truth movement grows more powerful and legitimate every day.  The serious and sober parts of it are based on undeniable facts from mainstream sources that show that the Bush administration almost certainly knew in advance the specifics of the attacks and allowed them to happen to advance political, economic, and military objectives.   They have used the 9/11 attacks for every ounce of political leverage possible.   The only question is whether they did so by design with advance warning.   The evidence grows more compelling daily that indeed they did.  
Michael Moore hinted at these deeper revelations in Fahrenheit 9/11.  Remember the unforgettable scene of Bush in the classroom reading about pet goats after receiving the news?  In your gut, you knew that was not the face of a man who has just received a totally surprising report.  There is something deeper going on.  He knew.
It is time today to pull out all the stops as citizens, demanding the full truth, making a roar so loud that it simply must be addressed by every mainstream media outlet and pundit before the vote counting is complete.  
And that is what will end Bush’s presidency.
To achieve victory, then, I strongly recommend 5 actions:

Forward this article to everyone you can possibly think of, especially to politicians, media, and potential whistleblowers who have not yet stepped forward.  Do it multiple times until they take notice. DONATE – To get the 911 Truth Statement in the NY Times as a full-page advertisement.  Contribute yourself and urge friends to do so: Support New York citizens and 9/11 family members by signing an online petition in support of their formal complaint to be filed with New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.  Petition at   Urge MoveOn through their member forums to focus on this issue immediately. Stay informed at and get active in local groups at

The future of America hangs in the balance.  Are you willing to look into the Bush administration’s darkest shadows if that’s what it takes to bring this country back from the brink?  We need your bravery now.
For the best education on this subject, read these two books.  Griffin’s book is an ideal place to start.
David Ray Griffin’s New Pearl Harbor:
Michael Ruppert’s Crossing the Rubicon

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