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Bush Awards Saddam $120 Billion

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President Bush Awards Saddam Hussein and Iraq Another $120 Billion For A Job Well Done.

Logic Turned On Its Head !

(by James Boyne) Please reply and tell me if I am crazy?


James Baker, former Treasury Secretary, and now special envoy to President Bush is on a worldwide tour to convince the Western European nations to "forgive and forget " $120 billion dollars in debt owed by Iraq during the murderous rein of Saddam Hussein. This $120 billion in dollars is owed to France, Russian, Germany, China, North Korea, Cuba, Syria, and Iran (which never did give Iraq back its entire Air Force)  and other allies and adversaries of the United States.

The bulk of the $120 billion is money owed by Saddam Hussein, his henchmen, and his brutal regime for construction contracts, oil revenue, heavy infrastructure projects that was either fraudulently conceived and executed, or where the money was diverted to other purposes. Much of it was used to procure weapons, munitions, offensive and defensive military vehicles, parts and machinery for missiles, and weapons delivery systems, and contracts from Western European countries to build dozens of Saddams palaces worth billions of dollars. A good portion of the $120 billion was used to rebuild much of the Iraqi Army that we ourselves destroyed in Desert Storm in the early '90s. In affect a good deal of the money was spend on the "never found " weapons of mass destruction and on conventional weapons to kill Americans.

This $120 billion was not just money that Saddam overspent on his Mastercard. Billions have just disappeared into the pockets of Baath Party members, con men, smugglers, the relatives of the famous "deck of cards group ", and other assorted criminals, killers, and terrorists. Saddam himself, in his 6 by 8 foot "spider hole " had $750,000 in pocket change on him. But it must be me that is crazy. No one seems to care.

After the America spending $70 billion to further destroy the infrastructure of Iraq; $87 billion to rebuild Iraq 's schools, government buildings, roads, a 28,000 man police security force fully equipped with over 10,000 new vehicles, reconstituting the entire Iraqi Army, rebuilding the electrical system, the water system, the oil drilling, refinery processes, and the distribution system----James Baker is making the rounds pleading, begging, and bribing for $120 billion dollars in out-and-out forgiveness and forgetness of Iraq 's entire national debt. I wonder what his sales pitch is?

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Is this what we have spent almost $200 billion on with no end in sight? Is this what we have given 400 American lives for with no end in sight? Is this why we killed thousands upon thousands of innocent, nameless, faceless Iraqi citizens----the number of which we don 't even care to account for? How much money do AMERICAN TAXPAYERS---AMERICAN TAXPAYERS---AMERICAN TAXPAYERS---AMERICAN TAXPAYERS, have to invest in Iraq. WHAT ABOUT AMERICA AND AMERICANS.

Why are poor Americans the enemy? Why are Americans without health insurance degraded, humiliated and considered the scorned enemy of our Federal and State Governments? Why is the Federal Congress and Senate out to get American entrepreneurs who have risked their fortunes and gone bankrupt? Where is James Baker and President Bush. Why are Americans that are out of work having the very jobs that they lost being shipped overseas---their jobs never ever to be available again. What in God 's name is a "jobless recovery ".  The next concept we will be hearing from the Republicans is that a Depression is good because it clears the air and helps the economy "rekindle and regroup its true strength ".

Am I crazy? Am I nuts? Am I missing something? Is simple logic too much for me to grasp? Is politics and the economy too much for me to understand? Am I bad at math? Do I not understand the greater strategic meaning of world events? I do have an MBA in Marketing and Economics. I do have a Financial Planning degree. I have worked for 20 years for major multi national corporations. I read four newspapers a day and listen to all sides of all debates with an open mind. But this throwing of nearly a trillion dollars away in one year on a $340 billion dollar tax give back, $70 billion on "shock and awe " $87 billion for an initial Iraqi reconstruction bill, a $450 billion dollar surplus that disappeared in one year. A $200 million Republican campaign war chest for TV ads. A President of dubious character and background. 19 terrorists (15 Saudis) that attacked the very core and fabric of our nation and we don 't have a clue how it really came about.

Yes, I really must be nuts.

What ever happened to Iraq---the country sitting on the richest deposits of oil known to mankind---that was going to be "up and running " and self sufficient in a matter of weeks. The new liberated Iraq. Now, Americas greatest ally in the Middle East because we freed it from a genocidal despot----have we seen one single drop of oil. No, instead, President Bush wants to send the tractors, trailers, bulldozers, and tanks to go and dig up Alaska.

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Last year a record number of Americans---1,600,000---the highest number in our history declared personal bankruptcy. The end result is a credit history that destroys one 's life for ten years and makes it impossible to start a new life. Next year, a new 1,600,000 Americans will declare bankruptcy. Nine million are unemployed. The unemployment rate is 6%. Forty four (44) million Americans have no health insurance.

Seniors have no prescription drug insurance and tens of thousands will die before the new Medicare bill becomes law in 2006. The cruel hoax is that of the first $5000 in prescription drugs will cost seniors $4000. If they have a private drug prescription plan they will in all likelihood be cancelled from it. Prescription drugs from Canada sold to Americans for half price will be prohibited, in all likelihood, right after Bush is re-elected (so he doesn 't lose any more votes by the totally unsuspecting and ignorant American public

IBM just announced today that it would be shipping 5000 high paying jobs to India. No big thing. One of the many tidbits of news that slips through our everyday lives as we are fed 24 hour a day coverage of Scott Petersen, Michael Jackson, the flu, and now Saddam Hussein. The capture of Saddam Hussein won 't create a single job in American. The $345 billion tax giveback to the wealthy didn 't create a single job in the USA. As a matter of fact IBM decided to export 5000 more jobs to India.

Ten years ago there was a massive campaign to "Buy America " to encourage Americans to buy American products and to shun products made overseas. This week the Treasury Secretary Snow was shown on national TV, himself purchasing 16 products for Christmas in Toys R Us. Fourteen of the products were made in China, Korea, Honduras, Costa Rica, Korea, and the Philippines. When a reporter asked him what he thought about all the foreign products he was buying his response was something like " Great, what a bargain, this is great for all Americans, these are real bargains. Overseas products are great because they are so much cheaper than American products. " This is the new thinking.

My how things have changed. Up is down, down is left, left is up, wrong is right, and right has no meaning any more. Logic doesn 't exist.

I hope James Baker succeeds in relieving Iraq of the $120 billion is spent killing hundreds of thousands of Iranians in the Iran Iraq war. I hope he succeeds in relieving Iraq of the $120 billion is spend killing almost 500,000 of is own citizens. I hope he relieves Iraq of the billions of dollars that it spent causing us to spend $150 billion to suppress it and in the process killing 400 Americans----so far.

I hope for the 1.6 million Americans who declared bankruptcy; the 44 million without health insurance; the 9 million unemployed; and the hundreds of thousands of military personnel who are risking their lives----I hope all this makes sense.

Possibly James Baker should go on a world wide tour of foreign countries and just ask who wants money and how much because all we want to do is give all the American taxpayers money away.

American is up for grabs----its jobs, its educational system; its technology; its political system; its health care system; it pharmaceutical industry; its Congress, its, Senate and its White House. It is all for sale, or rather, it is all just for free. Five billion foxes have entered the hen house----or rather the White House, and the frenzied orgy of foreign countries devouring American taxpayers money sees no limits.

What a wonderful tribute and reward to Iraq, the Baath Party, and to Saddam Hussein himself, and to France, Russia, and Germany, China, and the U.N. for backing us up. Another $120 billion that will sneak through Congress and the Senate and will in fact bankroll the "forgiven debt ". One wonders what James Baker 's "marching orders " or rather "bribing orders " were from President Bush to extract $120 billion in concessions, when we couldn 't even get them to support us in the war effort itself.

Maybe the best thing that could happen to our country would be for George W. Bush to be re-elected so he can totally destroy the economy by giving away, wasting away, and totally mismanaging our economy. Maybe we just need to learn another good lesson like the Great Depression under a Republican administration.

If you are an American and declared bankruptcy in the last ten years---even if you spent some the money to kill and butcher over a million human beings in the Iran-Iraq War or you just spent some of it on murdering 300,000 of your own fellow citizens----James Baker has a blank checkbook and would be more than happy to talk to you about relieving you of your debt.

James Boyne


 James Boyne is a satirical, political freelance writer and has ten other articles published on www.opednews.com. He has previously been a diehard, staunch, conservative Republican who has voted for Goldwater, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush I and Bush II, and now has made a 180 degree turnabout and supports the candidacy of Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), who appears to have the most integrity, honesty, common sense, straightforwardness, enthusiasm, optimism, and "fire in the belly " to be possibly the best President in recent memory. He is a progressive, populist, liberal, Democrat and is a man of principal, intelligence and experience. Mr. Kucinich comes from a humble background and clearly spells out his positions on issues on his web site www.kucinich.us so there is no question where he stands on issues. He is an eloquent, articulate, inspiring, motivating, positive, optimistic and enthusiastic speaker. He writes his own speeches, which is truly refreshing.

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