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Iraq Has Made us Safer From Terrorism My Ass

Iraq Has Made us Safer From Terrorism My Ass

By  Doug Basham  

If the American people ever needed more inspiration to march on Washington, dismantle the White House brick by brick and throw the current, lying usurpers out on their worthless asses, consider this...

For months, those of us who care more about our country than we do our party; who care enough to do the research past the CMM (Corporate - *read conservative* - Mindless Media - *read Faux News,, and “conservative” talk radio*); who have refused to be intimidated with idiotic charges and accusations of being anti-American, unpatriotic and unsupportive of the troops - we have said this war with Iraq will not make us one iota safer from terrorism. Why? Because Iraq is (or at least was) a secular nation that has acted more as an ally in our war on terror than an enemy. Hussein saw radical Islamic fundamentalism as big a threat to his dictatorship as apparently his western dictatorial counterpart  (that’d be Dumya) sees it to his, and promptly stomped it out whenever it reared its ugly head.

And why should those of us who pay attention be surprised? This mirrors how Ronnie "I don't swear and I love everyone who has AIDS" Reagan and the first Bush liar saw Saddam/Iraq, when they were providing them with what the second Bush liar would later refer to as "weapons of mass destruction" – AND - provided them even after they knew he/they had used them, dropping them from American made helicopters. But today in George W. Bush’s America, no-one in the administration and scant few in the “liberal media” (filthy conservatives favorite lie) care to revisit the good old GOP days.

And so what happens today? A member of this administration comes right out and ADMITS the administration lied... and that the Iraq war has NOT made us safer from terror. Oh yeah. Perhaps you caught the admission? It came from Homeland Security’s own Tom Ridge. Mind you, he didn’t use those exact words. No, instead he raised the moronic, color coded, terror warning alert, using words like "threat indicators are perhaps greater now than at any point since Sept. 11"... and "extremists abroad are anticipating attacks that will rival or exceed the scope of those of Sept. 11". To those of us who have and continue to pay attention, there is no difference. A rose by any other name… Obviously, the invasion of Iraq has not made us safer from terrorism, therefore, Bush lied and our soldiers died. Period.

And what is the response from the American people who once again have had it thrown in their faces that this administration doesn’t give one good G-- Damn about their safety and have lied them into a war in the name of corporate cronyism by selling it as a necessary step in the war on terror and an excursion that will make them safer, only now to admit now that we are not safer? Where is the outrage, well deserved, appropriate and critically necessary?

If the American people are not marching on Washington DC as I write this column, we have once again proved beyond a shadow of a doubt the depths of ignorance to which we have sunk. This country, George W. Bush’s America, is being consumed by the same type and magnitude of ignorance being exhibited by a leadership that is the very personification and glorification of ignorance.

So let’s recap, particularly for those mindless, conservative minions who continue to swallow this administration’s offerings without even tasting, let alone chewing… over 450 American soldiers dead; thousands of innocent Iraqis dead; new reports of upwards of 11,000 wounded U.S. soldiers and medical evacuations from Iraq; troops suicide rate alarmingly high, even for wartime; oil wells given the “protect first” priority; Cheneyburton overcharging the American taxpayers and yet still serving our soldiers dirty food from even dirtier preparing facilities; reports of soldiers not being paid for weeks and being refused medical care; UPI’s Mark Benjamin’s illuminating articles on how poorly returning soldiers are being treated at Fort Stewart and Fort Knox; soldiers not being properly equipped and families having to purchase equipment here in America and ship it overseas; Bush banning the media from covering dead soldiers return to the country they died serving (apparently, funerals don’t meet the “free speech zone” requirement); Bush’s refusal to attend even one of their funerals; his “form letters” of condolence to the dead soldiers families; the story of the seventeen 1991 Gulf War POW’s who were tortured in Iraq, and eventually won a settlement against the government of Saddam Hussein – Bush trying to overturn their settlement, claiming he needs the money to rebuild Iraq… and all this for what? FOR WHAT?!

A raised terror alert? And the possibility of attacks “perhaps greater now than at any point since Sept. 11 that will rival or exceed the scope of those of Sept. 11"? For this?! Can there be any doubt (save sycophantic, boot licking Bush apologists) among rational thinkers how much we’ve been lied to and deceived over this Iraqmire debacle?

And what do you want to bet the "liberal media” - instead of holding George W. Bush accountable for his "the war with Iraq has made American safer from terrorism" lie, will not even verbalize the connection between that lie and the raised terror alert? The same “liberal media” who beat the Iraqi war drum for months leading up to its inception; the same “liberal media” who gave us a 2-3 day Saddamathon following his capture without ever once stating that Saddam’s capture in no way changed the fact that Bush lied and our soldiers died. Yes, that “liberal media.”

Color me cynical, but quite frankly? I wouldn't be surprised if der Bushler got a bump in approval ratings after this latest terror alert raising. Why? Because he's doing so much to "protect der homeland." Welcome to George W. Bush's America. Sickening. Welcome to GOP Nation. Sick. 

You have an opportunity to throw these filthy, lying, dangerous usurpers out into the streets on their worthless asses in 2004. For the sake of your nation and what it used to be and still can be... I suggest you do just that - while you still can.

=          =            =            =            =            =            =

Doug Basham broadcasts every weekday morning on AM 1230 KLAV in Las Vegas from 8 - 9 AM Pacific (11 am – 12 noon Eastern). The show is also simulcast on the internet. For more show or guest information, to listen live on the web, or to sign up for his free email newsletter, please visit . Doug can be reached at  This article is copyright Doug Basham and originally published by but permission is granted for reprint in print, email, blog or web media so long as this credit paragraph is attached. 



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