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Rama Demetrius Dyushambee, Doctor of Divinity - Aka: The Cosmic Detective, Cosmic D and/or whatever other labels.

Dr. Dyushambee is the Founder of, and Minister for YOUtopia INstitute [YOUtopia (u toe pee ah) v. Pursuit - Attainment -Sustaining and Maintenance of the IMP/Individual Maximum Potential, for the harmonization and balance of the three levels (literal, symbolic & mystical) of human existence, from the perspective of; 'Myself as a part of the Whole'. YOUtopia is an original word, and not in any dictionary, yet.] - Author of Cosmic Consciousness: Do-It-Yourself Manual*, Producer, Composer and Musician on the Let’s Heal It, original music CD, which is Hot to Cool, Smooth to Raw, Slow to Fast - Thought provoking - Different grooves and feelings - Gospel to Blues to Jazz to Country & Western to Funk, and so on...to Romantic too - ALL Soul music, straight from the Source.

*Cosmic Conscience
“As we reach for higher and higher levels of human potential, a completely new kind of moral development enters into the picture, which is what I call "cosmic conscience." Cosmic conscience is what emerges when the individual awakens to the evolutionary impulse or Authentic Self, and begins to see his or her own capacity for self-awareness as part of a fourteen billion year process of development. When you contemplate this nothing-less- than-cosmic context for your very own life, and begin to understand that your own experience of awareness is literally the cutting edge of that vast unfolding process, you realize that the continuation of that process is now completely dependent upon your own willingness to consciously create the future…

The degree to which you awaken to this cosmic conscience is the degree to which you will actually find the wherewithal to handle your own personal experience, however overwhelming it may be, because you realize that who you really are and what you're here for is far greater than any of your. That alone is far…” From Andrew Cohen

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Monday, August 18, 2008     

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Georgia On My Mind, & Everything Else... What it is is what it is. 'What it is now' is that everybody on this planet now has access to witnessing Russia flaunting the fact that NO nation - especially the USA, league of nations in the United Nations, Extraterrestrials or otherwise can stop them from doing whatever they want in the country of Georgia. The posturing of Dubya, Condie, Cheney with their empty backup "stern words of warning" - "insisting" - "signed agreem