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I believe that Building 7 is the smoking gun that leads to the truth about the "real" 9/11 conspiracy. How far does the rabbit hole go? Straight to Wonderland, where I wonder why people are so trusting of their government about 9/11, but not so much so on other related issues. Some people have no problem with the governments conclusion, on a global scale, that Global Warming is real, man made and a tax is going to save the day - yet they have trouble believing what has been proven to be false - namely the 9/11 Commission Report and the NIST report, and Popular Mechanics about Building 7 and structural steel collapses.
Global Warming, whether real or false, we know that there are scientist on both ends of this issue. Yet the scientists who dispute the global warming theory, including what we now know as climategate, have been shunned and blacklisted. So have the architects and engineers who stand up for 9/11 truth. Yet they argue based on facts, not hypothesis or speculations.

Global Warming being real is debatable. Building 7 collapsing when no plane hit it is not. It is a fact that building 7 collapsed and imploded within seconds, defying the laws of physics as we know them. BBC reporter Jane Stanley told the BBC audience that Building 7 had just fallen, all while Building 7 is clearly standing in the background of her news report. Who knew this WTC building was going to implode on 9/11? Who warned the BBC?

Many people who do not want to hear about 9/11 truth love to talk about the debatable facts of 9/11, but have no response, just as the 9/11 commission did, to World Trade Center Building 7.

We are being lied to, but that means there are also people who have exposed the lies - and feed it to people like me who spread questions that demand answers, such as the attacks of 9/11 in full. To this day, the number of people who believe that there should be a new and independent investigation into 9/11 is growing by the second.

The 9/11 Truth Movement is a movement that cannot and will not be stopped - though it will be infiltrated by pawns and traitors to our nation.

The 9/11 Movement grows because its an idea, not a group with a leader. Nay, each citizen is their own leader, with their own constitutional rights that cannot be taken away as long as one person respects the United States Constitution. I will gladly be that last person to stand up for your freedoms, and my children's freedoms as provided by the constitution.

Will you stand with this movement? Or attack it? Or will you wait until this affects your pockets, your family, your very existence, the reality you think you know and live in?

We are not waiting for people to wake up out of a trance, sleep-walking. Nay, we are being active in any possible way we know how to. First and foremost included being able to discuss this issue of 9/11 and conspiracies rationally, with humility, understanding, peace and justice for all.

I love this country, and I will not allow the history books to reflect that 9/11 was not an inside job on some level. The facts contradict and disprove the government's own conspiracy theory about 9/11.

So compare the facts of the 9/11 movement to the facts of the 9/11 Commission and go where the facts and truth take you.


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