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You might find some material in my posts that you can use in your daily struggle to free the working class from the fear, ignorance and slavery under which we have been trying to survive for so long. If my ideas are of any use to you I hope you will spread them to others.
This profile was updated on September 11, 2016. My beliefs have evolved since I began posting on social media in the summer of 2012. If you are looking for consistency, you are probably in the wrong place here. I think we need to be flexible in our understanding of how our world works and when I circle somebody it is because I can learn something from that person. Learning means adjusting our beliefs.
One thing never changes with me. I think the only life worth living is in service to the working class. I am not on Google+ looking for friends but the people I have included in my circle of working class heroes have become my friends and family.
You will notice that less than ten percent of the people who have circled me get admitted into the circle of working class heroes.
In order to be a hero of the working class it is important to remember we are citizens of the world and It is our responsibility to make sure all the children of every nationality inherit a clean, safe and peaceful world from us.
Following that thought, I believe it is important to realize there is an alternative to toxic capitalism that is destroying our entire planet.
Because many white people are bewildered about relations with Black brothers and sisters, I want to recommend the work of Tim Wise, specifically his book "White Like Me" and the YouTube documentary by the same name.
As you'll notice, my stream is used in the service of working class politics. My rules are pretty simple. If you have a desperate need to label people you will be frustrated here. This is an exchange of ideas to build a progressive movement, not a forum for self-absorbed individuals to trot out all their credentials and judge the methods and priorities of other progressives.
It is my habit to process huge numbers of posts every day and share the ones I think would be helpful to build on the grass roots movement Bernie Sanders has inspired. I expect everyone to be an adult and check the authenticity of these posts. Heroes of the working class correct me all the time if I make a mistake. I am not interested in writing Sacred Scripture here. This is social media and I do not always check out every single post. Let's take responsibility for our own conclusions.
I do not engage trolls, neoliberals, libertarians or any other neocon vermin. If you get your jingles out of insulting others or getting an angry reaction, don't bother to try to infest my stream. I block about 60 trolls a day and I am pretty fast at it.
This is class war and make no mistake about it.
Some rough talk goes with the progressive movement. I am also outraged at the behavior of neocons, disgusted by the unbridled selfishness of libertarians and frustrated by the frightened majority which appears to be paralyzed by the influence of the presstituted mass media. However I'm asking you to try to keep it a little bit clean for the gentle people who visit my streams hoping to find some help.
People who follow my posts know I have had a long standing struggle with using rough language. I have tried to stop swearing so mucking futch but lalochesia has won the battle.
It is my policy to separate any and all religious beliefs from politics. There is no place for religious dogma in government. My posts do, however deal with morality that is universal to all belief systems.
I will mute people who make fun of my religious friends.
However, since I consider any form of evangelizing a precursor to colonial invasion, for me religious talk has no place in a progressive stream. That warning includes my atheist friends who can be just as annoying as any evangelist by trying to convince (themselves and) others that their way of seeing the universe is the only one. A person's religion is private and I expect my religious pals to STFU about their meditation habits and dogmas on my streams. That is what your own streams are for.
Jokes about fundamentalism and other extreme expressions of monotheistic organized religion are hugely entertaining and have an educational place on my streams. What I do not tolerate are hurtful remarks based on the assumption that if someone recognizes a higher power or subscribes to spiritual hypotheses which can be reflected in their posts, that they are fair game for ridicule.
My working hypothesis is that we are all interconnected and my happiness is dependent on yours. We are citizens of the world and masters of no one and no thing.

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