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Born the 5th of may 1948, in Marseille, France. High school drop out(getting myself expelled a year before taking baccalauréat the UK A levels the US high school diploma). I enlisted for 5 years in the French Fleet Air Arm to train as military Air Traffic Controler(ATC). Coming out first for the 2 training courses followed in the F F A A school of aviation
in Nîmes Garons. I left the F F A A as a convicted guess what? antimilitarist and the best part of it was that I knew exactly why. So I didn't exactly lost my time as I learnt a trade and I got to know what men could be like(nowadays we have to add and...women) given the right conditions. In a word: bastards. Given my training I took and passed a competitive examination to join Eurocontrol(Agency for the Safety of Air Navigation in Europe) as a trainee ATCO. I followed 2 courses at the Eurocontrol Institute in Luxemburg and again coming out first twice. I was posted at the Maastricht(the Netherlands) U(pper) A(rea) C(ontrol) C(entre) for the training and also for waiting the opening of the UACC in Karlsruhe(then West Germany) as we had been recruited for this centre. Fortunately some influent people in Maastricht did not like me and started to make life difficult for me, harassing me more and more to make sure I would resign. They won, I resigned. So why did I say "fortunately..."?
Because by that time I had proved to myself that I was smart(coming out first from the four courses I followed to become an ATCO, I needed that as you may guess a high school drop out needs it. Well in my case I needed it, anyway. I was feeling especially good of doing it at Eurocontrol because the competitive examinations, the lectures and the work all that was in English. Mission accomplished(who said that?). When leaving Eurocontrol I had no bitterness whatsoever for sure I was calling these guys who harmed me bastards but no more than that. Later on thinking of all these people who harmed me I realized that although they knew they were doing harm they just knew that. And I guess men in power delight in doing harm...if only they could know they pushed me to accomplish my destiny!
You see suddenly I had a big smile on my face and I said to myself: if all these bastards(starting at high school!) knew I would like to thank them to hug them because all the harm they did closed some doors but opened so many others. Anyway...I left Eurocontrol to join the French Civil Aviation Department as an ATC assistant. I never tried again to become an ATCO, I had proved my point so that was it. I wasn't interested in a career. Life had always meant something else than work and little by little I discovered I had been right all along. Especially that during my time at the F C A D I took numerous 2 years unpaid leave to travel. Until the time I quit my work again and this time for good. Since june 1991 I haven't worked. I took a last 2 years unpaid leave in 1988 when my life changed radically as I discovered I was a "buddhist" and that Yoga was also part of my new life. I feel blessed. So I have been in the Dharma of the Buddha and the path of Yoga ever since. No money, no income and...joyful. Hari om!

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