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Born in Nijmegen in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, 1944. From 1946 I lived in Oegstgeest, Zuid Holland. A sometimes furious child I was soon again in a good mood. I would sing told me my mother who is now 88, reading from her diary. School from 6 to 12 years old I hardly remember, except that a strong boy was always near me as an escort to a general, I was a bit light of posture. High school I could not take more than 2 years, it was so boring. I rather read poetry with students of the Leiden University near by where I lived. Studied at home, went to another school and got a diploma of some sort. Then I went to mix with the art crowd in Amsterdam. I was sales manager for an art gallery, also worked the best sandwich shop in Amsterdam. My father had found me a job on the cruise liner the "SS Rotterdam". I worked the restaurant on the ship and was a few times in New York. A trip around the world was how I found out that we are all One. I had been in the Hiroshima museum and refused military service. I went to France, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco and Spain back to Holland. In Amsterdam I helped the decriminalization of Cannabis. I was taken to Sweden by a red head 19 year young wild Swedish woman with her two year younger sister. We married after we undertook the most remarkable voyage of my life. Without any money we went, me, my girl friend and her sister, hitch hiking through Denmark, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Iron Curtain Bulgaria, Turkey, Persia, Iran under the Shah, and my beloved Afghanistan. We returned the same way and in France I made my wife pregnant. What happened on that trip should be made into a book, I need a writer. Anyway, I married when it became evident that a child was on the way. When my son was about 2 or 3 my wife became pregnant again, from another man. She wanted to be the Josephine Baker of the North, not by adopting 12 different kids but by making them herself. I had been first; I could go now, thanks. I toured all music festivals in Europe in a VW van and was back in my beloved Amsterdam to help in the street Vaudeville Theater. I experimented, tested, and evaluated all and every drug on the markets, white, grey or black. I lived on boats in the canals of the old city but then got a little house from a befriended old man. He had started a radio station in the Netherlands in the 1920 or 30ties but now was over 80 and quit mad. The house was in the very centre of the magic city at number 19, Harten Straat, Street of Hearts. I opened an art and antique shop and started a relation with a young woman aged 19. She was from West Friesland, blond, a little taller than me and a very good second wife. We married for God, not for church or civil census. When the old man died I went to Greece and became sailing yacht skipper in the Aegean Sea. The pleasure of yachting made me sell the little house in Amsterdam and buy a 36 Chung Hwa sailing ketch. I sailed it for 12 years. My Dutch woman came with me sailing to Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, Egypt, and the Sinai. She found the weather too hot and returned home when we dropped anchor in the Gulf of Eilat. What a hassle it would have been had we married, now saying goodbye was fine. Alone until one Israeli Sabra girl took over. She was 19 when she came on board and we sailed west. She got a Dutch passport because I married her officially in Holland. She left me 8 years later in Marigot, French Saint Martin, Caribbean. Then I got my 4th serious relation with a woman, Linda, 19 years young again, I was 46. I had sold the boat and the money was gone with the ex wife, I became apprentice at a goldsmith workshop. I became goldsmith and it is still my hobby. I Live since 1996 on Dutch Sint Maarten and have my work place and tools at home. I do lost wax casting. Goldsmiths from the island come to have their gold cast in my molds. My girl friend of 1990-19992 is now one of my beloved ex "wives". At present I am 64 and my girl friend is 23. I am a Humanist.

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