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At the age of twenty one and not having to ever walk the plank I became a Navy veteran, remembering well the euphoria I felt when I left that ship for the last time in November of 1977 as my mind was fixated on a well known figure of speech that was repeated on occasion by fellow shipmates, "Back in the days when ships were made of wood and men were made of steel...", but alas that was in the past because my strings were cut and I was free at last. And I was also looking forward to starting a new career as a mechanic with the taxpayer funded mass transit system in the City I was from. What I didn't expect was that a corporation had a cost plus contract too operate that system for the City. And if you can imagine, cost plus contracts with the government are very lucrative for corporate investors, and if the business is terribly mismanaged or even corrupt, well now that's just an added bonus for the investor. And thanks to the ineptitude and magic of venal politicians, a complicit news media that would sooner sell out their fellow citizens for their daily bread than to expose the fleecing of their fellow citizens, and our fellow citizens who instinctively trusted both their political leaders and the fake news they are fed day in and day out, it was more than easy to keep the lid on whistle blowers like myself who would never be heard and the taxpayers would never know or see how bad it really is, that is until it's just too late...

As an epilogue to how I've seen the world over the last thirty years I wrote the following perspective, it's my attempt to put the tip of the iceberg in a nutshell. It's called "Giants of Words and Power"

I have seen men giants of words and power in many high places, putting lids on those who's feet run to expose their many faces, and a suppressed mans words are thorns in the sides of those who say, there's nothing we can do, and while pushing the lid down they turn and walk away.

Dissenting voices silenced as truth despairs the shameless tyrants, wolves in sheep's clothing clocked in religious fever and patriotic reveling to deceive the faithful and the just.
Evil greedy gluttons of power preaching parity but far removed, demanding oaths and conformity of lesser classes fed fat with mammon and revelry but left bereft of good decision for lack of truth.

Truth found in a hidden past but not lost.

Truth found in a censored present but not unseen.

And truth found in an unsustainable future waiting to be seen.

And soon will be the days when men begin to say, it was the past, truth forgotten that could have set us free...

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