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My name is Rachel Begley but I go by desertfae online. My dad, his best friend Fred Alvarez, and Fred's housemate Patty Castro were all murdered in 1981 on a professional hit. You may be wondering what they did to have a hit put on them-My dad and Fred were trying to expose government corruption. Let me explain....
Fred was a tribal leader of a small tribe of Native Americans in California, the Cabazons. This tribe was very poor, had no running water, or electricity. In 1979 a man named John P Nichols came to the tribe and offered to help them make money-he called himself a 'grantsman'. There was a condition to him helping, that he be allowed to control what happened with the tribe, and become a 'member'. I guess they must have figured that they were so poor that it didn't matter because they let him into the tribe and gave him control. Shortly after this Nichols brought in Wackenhut and they formed a joint venture.
What took place during this joint venture many people know about, however many don't realize where all of this took place. Here are some of the projects that were worked on:
Iran contra, Inslaw, CIA drug trafficking, money laundering, biological weapons manufacturing and testing, arms deals, child trafficking, deals with Osama Bin Laden etc. All of this took place in and around the Cabazon reservation.
When Fred found out about all of this, he went to my dad and between them, they tried to stop it (my dad even told me they were trying to stop bad guys a week before the murders). They met with someone to tell them and were told they needed proof of the allegations. To get the proof they broke into old man Nichols office and either took or copied documentation proving all of this The day they were to take the documentation and prove their allegations, they were (as well as Patty) found shot to death - the result of a professional hit. This all happened when I was 13.
Because of my investigation into the murders and things surrounding them, I have managed to get my dad's, Fred's, and Patty's murder reopened, managed to find LOTS of evidence regarding other murders (including murders of multiple individuals looking into my dad's murder, such as Danny Casolaro), and uncovered a huge network of spy agencies, government officals and mafia related activies all tangled up with each other- this is what is called the Octopus. I am here to expose it.


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