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I am a disabled Gulf War Era USAF jet engine mechanic. I suffer from many ailments and suspect that there is a very high chance that my disabilities have at least, in part, been caused by my hands on cleaning ( no gloves issued ) of A-10 Warthog aircraft and non-powered ground equipment that came back fom the first Gulf War.

I was stationed at RAF Alconbury in England from 1989-1991.I was actively involved in refueling A-10s on the runway in what is known as "hot pit" refueling. ( Now, I wonder if this term has a more sinister meaning - such as radioactive pit stop - possibly due to ionic radiation from active radars or other weapons systems attached to the aircraft. )

The A-10 Warthog fires depleted uranium sabot rounds and flies through its own gunsmoke which causes incredible corrosion to the nose of the plane. --So what about after affects of cleaning these planes, especially after coming back from the first Gulf War. I am contemplating a major league - invisible - toxic mess that myself and countless others wandered into in the course of our everyday duties.

At the time, I recall thinking it was kind of unnecessary to sandblast and repaint simple rolling carts, just because they had been in the sand. To my way of thinking, a simple wash and redoing of the moving parts - lubricated/wheel areas and a repain would have been more than suffficient.

So why the extra cleaning?

All of what I have just revealed led me to become a veteran advocate - which led to becoming a kind of toxic detective - and then become veryinterested in military induced medical conditions. I now research Depleted Uranium, Autoimmune Disease causing Squalene additives in Anthrax Vaccine, ( Man-made/ patented )Micoplasmas that have been causing all kinds of health problems since this experimental germ warefare agent got loose all over the world.

Later on I learned about DOW Chemical and Dioxin and Agent Orange. Then I earned about EUGENICS, Project Paperclip, The Center For Controlled Conflict, The CFR, The Trilateral Commission, MJ-12, Project MK-ULTRA, The false flag attack blueprint called Operation Northwinds envisioned in the early 1960s by the CIA.

But for the most part, I am simply a family guy, stuck at home with my computer, trying to get a better look at a world that is clouded with disinformation, lies, and oddly named secret projects.

More later,,,


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