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Volunteer a little time and make a big difference

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Though I am a graduate of Syracuse University with a major in art and a dream of going to italy to study art, I fell in love and married and had kids, had another marriage, and many life changing events. Primary was since high school dreams that came true. The Kennedy Assassination 4 days prior event was a real eye opener. Caused me to seek with passion why I had that dream and to try to explore the meanings behind events. After reading thousands of books, i became a public speaker in various areas, Astrology, Fate vs Free Will, Alternative Healing Methods,a free lance writer
and photographer creating my own greeting card line.
The mystery of life draws me always and I am fascinated by our connection not only to every living thing, nature but the Stars as well.As a senior I am disheartened where America's values have gone, our current government, and what has happened to our citizens what with hurricanes, foreclosures, lack of health insurance, the high cost of the medical field, the bombardment of drug advertising on TV when there are less harmful methods available. I mourn the loss of children's innocence and that we have not evolved past causing wars to solve problems. I do my best to contribute signing petitions, writing letters to papers,
and encouraging debates with friends in person; far more satisfying than being on the phone and Internet.
People have forgotten how to be close to one another and intimate as opposed to physical intimacy. One of many missions is to write and speak of the Roosevelts whose high mindedness, dedication, humility, great service, and love of this country should never be forgotten. For once we forget FDR and ER and what they did and stood for, (if you've never read FDR's speeches I suggest you do)then you can say goodbye America. Now there was a president to be admired. A giant of a man. Blessings to all our citizens, for we are the heart of this country and must regain 'government of the people, by the people, for the people.'

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