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Dr. Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan Administration. He was associate editor and columnist with the Wall Street Journal, columnist for Business Week and the Scripps Howard News Service. He is a contributing editor to Gerald Celente's Trends Journal. He has had numerous university appointments. His books, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West is available here, and How America Was Lost, can be ordered here. His latest book, The Neoconservative Threat To International Order: Washington's Perilous War For Hegemony, can be ordered here.

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What's wrong with the media?, From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Journalists Are Prostitutes Western journalists -- Are they drunk? What are they smoking? What sort of pills are they eating? That they behave this way?
Trump to Exit .Open Skies. Treaty, Banning Russian Recon Flights Over US, From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Sunday, October 13, 2019
Are You Ready To Die? The Open Skies Treaty allowed the US and Russia to overfly each other's territory in order that there could be mutual assurance that one country or the other wasn't building up forces for attack. If Washington withdraws from the treaty, which seems in the cards, tensions and uncertainties between the two major nuclear powers will increase. In no way is this a good thing.
Donald Trump, From FlickrPhotos
SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, October 12, 2019
Trump Is History and So Is the USA His enemies have Trump on the run. Has it ever occurred to Trump that every real whistle-blower, people protected by statutory federal law, was completely destroyed by the executive branch, and no one said a word? Yet, here is Trump twisting in the wind on the basis of an unknown CIA agent who orchestrated the whistle-blower complaint with Democrat House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.
Typewriter History And Evolution, From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Friday, October 11, 2019
How I Learned -- or Didn't -- to Write When I was in high school electric typewriters did not exist. We had manual typewriters that relied on our finger strength to make the key hit the ribbon and transfer ink to the paper. In order to pass the course we let our fingers rest on the keys so that we could make the required number of words per minute with minimum errors.
Whistleblowers: Why do they risk it all?, From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, October 10, 2019
Is America in Her Final Days? Will America Be Here Next Year, Next Decade? Many people regard Matt Taibbi as a leftist as he writes for the sometimes foolish Rolling Stone magazine. I regard Taibbi as a vicious truth-teller, who, left-wing or not, has integrity and intelligence far above the Identity Politics American left who are not even worth wiping your ass with.
The Coming Collapse of Western Civilization, From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Monday, October 7, 2019
A Witness To The Collapse A British tribunal just fired a British doctor for refusing to call a 6-foot tall bearded man "madam" and condemned the doctor's "lack of belief in transgenderism" as "incompatible with human dignity and in conflict with the fundamental rights of others."
Modern Feminism is Bravely Stupid! What has Feminism become Nowadays! Everything Wrong with Feminism Today!, From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, October 1, 2019
Feminism Has Ruined Women and Damaged Men Indoctrinated by feminism, a woman regards her vagina as the source of her power, and expects to be paid for access whether she is a wife or one of the millions of young college girls serving as concubines to financially successful men in exchange for educational and living expenses.
Adam Schiff: Nunes should recuse himself, From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Sunday, September 29, 2019
Adam Schiff Epitomizes the Total Collapse of Democratic Party Integrity The transcript of the telephone call shows that what the alleged whistleblower said is false. Yet in the face of the evidence, Adam Schiff speaks as if the evidence does not exist and that the alleged whistleblower's second hand statement is true.
Democrats open Trump impeachment, From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, September 28, 2019
Democrats Reveal the Real Purpose of the Impeachment Investigation This is the real way so-called "American democracy" works. The establishment guides the selection of the Democrat and Republican candidates. Whichever wins, the Establishment wins.
TRUTH, From FlickrPhotos
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, September 26, 2019
We Are Jeopardized by the Creation of False Realities People have lost the ability to tell the difference between fiction and fact. This creates a perfect world for governments to be free of control by citizens. Control passes to organized interest groups and oligarchies who control the explanations.
UK EU Brexit, From FlickrPhotos
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Brexit Spiked If Parliament allows the court's ruling to stand, which is likely in view of the fight over Brexit, Parliament will have ceded the political domain to the court's authority, just as the US Congress sacrificed the US Constitution to the "war on terror."
JFK limousine., From WikimediaPhotos
SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, September 24, 2019
The Coverup of President John F. Kennedy's Assassination Is Wearing Thin American democracy is dysfunctional, because the people live in the false reality of controlled explanations. Americans have no idea of what really is going on, and increasingly seem not to care.
View the Collapse of the World Trade Center, From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, September 21, 2019
America: A Land Without Truth It has been 17 days since a four-year study of the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 by civil engineers was made available to the media. The study concluded that fire was not the cause of the collapse of the 47-story building. The study also concluded that "the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building."
The Threat of Nuclear War, From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, September 19, 2019
Can Nuclear War With Russia Be Avoided? Two factors are driving the world to nuclear war. One is the constant stream of insults, false accusations and broken agreements that the West has been dumping on Russia year after year. The other is Russia's response, or, perhaps more correctly, the lack thereof. It seems that for the Russian government, being a part of the West is more important than life itself.
China and Russia strengthen ties, From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Will Moscow Fall for The Macron Deception? I sometimes wonder just how realistic the Russian and Chinese governments are. The Chinese government tolerates American NGOs that sow discord in China and have Hong Kong in revolt. The Russian government tolerates American and German NGOs that organized the recent protests in Moscow that hurt the Russian government's showing in the Moscow municipal elections.
President Donald Trump holds a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Oval Office at the White House., From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Sunday, September 15, 2019
Armageddon on the Horizon? Trump supporters should let Trump hear from them as he is about to commit the United States to a war of Israel's choosing. A mutual defense treaty between the US and Israel would give Israel the ability to commit the US to a war in Israel's behalf.
WTC smoking on 9-11., From WikimediaPhotos
SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, September 14, 2019
The 9/11 Deception Remains In Control Of America's Destiny Let us learn, to speak with a straight tongue, and in language that doesn't do the enemies work of mind control, but snaps the world awake to the truth of the mass murders of September 11, 2001 that have been used to massacre millions across the world.
View the Collapse of the World Trade Center, From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, September 12, 2019
Some of the Many Things Most Americans Never Heard About 9/11 The airliners that allegedly hit the twin towers were flimsy compared to the steel and concrete of the towers. The airliners would have smashed against the structure and fallen to the street below.
Americans must know 'shocking' details of 9/11 report, From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, September 11, 2019
When Americans Fell for the 9/11 Deception They Lost Their Country Today is the 18th anniversary of 9/11, an event that has turned a once free America into a domestic police state and an international warmonger during the 21st century. America's reputation has been shattered along with the Constitution, international law, and seven nations in whole or part. The massive crimes against the Bill of Rights and the population of seven nations are the direct consequence of 9/11.
A brand new study out of the University of Alaska Fairbanks has confirmed that there is no possible way World Trade Center 7 could have fallen due to fires., From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Media Response to Engineering Report on WTC 7 Reports on the WTC 7 study are confined to a few alt-news internet sites. We have a stunning piece of news from experts and it is blacked out. What more proof do you need that you live in The Matrix where what you know is only what those in charge want you to know?

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