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I am a male, married for 31 years to the same lovely woman, father of two great kids and now a Grandfather to a wonderful little boy. I am the Director of Sales/Engineering Director for a company where I have worked for 28 years. I am a conservative Catholic and an anti-socialist. I am for smaller government and more personal responsibility. I do not believe government is the answer nor should they be supporting people who lack the initiative to help themselves.
I am against Amnesty for illegal immigrants and want the borders protected by whatever means necessary. If the Federal Gov. will not perform this task then the States must. I believe in the Constitution, the right to Keep and Bear Arms and that the Separation of Church and State does not mean we can't have prayer in school, meetings or any other public or private setting.
I firmly believe that if you spare the staff you will spoil the child. Tough love means being firm. Two lessons that we must teach our kids.

There is no substitute for honesty.

When you are told no it means no not maybe and there are consequences for not following the rules.

I am an avid competitive bass fisherman and have been a leader in bass organizations for 15 years. We have rules and when you break a rule in a tournament your catch is disqualified for the day. If the rule is severe enough you are barred from fishing events with that organization in the future. What if we adjusted those rules for each event or circumstance every time an issue arose? This is exactly what parents do when they are inconsistent with the rules and guidelines they give their kids.

Set the rules for life and live them. Show your kids how deep your love is for them by making sure they follow those rules. Then when they are forced into society, where there are rules/laws that they must abide by every day it is not a shock and you will not have trouble out of them. They will be a pillar of the community not a menace to the community.

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