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I'm a left handed, radical, manufacturer, occasional inventor and business owner since 1978. I'm older, but still naive. I got started in garage size capitalism after trying out socialism by managing a food co-op for 3 years. I'd become a semi-skilled grocer, but was still paid in free food. Timing's everything. My marvelous wife and I met back in high school, it's been a long unplanned wild adventure. Our 3 sons are each engaging with the world in very exciting ways. If a business you love flowers, you can get stuck. I was back in the day, a dogsled driver, often a house painter, a movie projectionist and best of all an apple picker '70-'71 on Arthur Harvey crews. He saved the meaning of the word, Organic. see:Harvey Decision 2005.

After eight years of watching my cynicism grow under Ambushed and Chaining, I'm trying to cope with hope. Obama's getting me back, plus now - Occupy Wall Street! That my very wonderful America, spends more on it's War Machine, than all the other Human Beings combined, is point number #1 when trying to figure ourselves out. Follow the money is a good plan.

I'm a felon for resisting the draft back in 1966 and still proud of it. My deepest compassion goes out especially to the veterans of that war and all our new ones. May we together, find forgiveness, then healing and peace.

I dig mostly hard science, technology, steel, clay and precision machining. But, my cosmic egg cracked big time, when some common Ants talked back, about twenty years ago. My short story... Ants had been in our kitchen many years. At age 18, doing alternative service at a mental hospital, I got the no mask provided, 50 gal/hr triple XXX pesticide sprayer assignments. My very own agent orange experience. I've had enough of pesticides.

So, I'm reading Wilson on ant pheromones and hatch a crude plan. Their deal with Gaia is obvious, to clean the world, totally. I must offer something in trade i.e. protection, to get what I want. I begin sweeping them up 3 times a day, yes, it's cruel. I'm saying loudly, (Ants are nearly deaf says Wilson), ..."Go home and tell your friends to stay out of the kitchen, that's all I ask. In return, you will have my protection, even from the kids." This went on for about a week. Then, I felt a wanting to negotiate and the terms? Was this my delusion or the Ants speaking? It took them 5 more days patiently repeating, while I sweep for slow me to hear/see/feel and get it. (The 3 channel thing is what I look for now.)

They said,... "We will do what you ask... and if it works out... you're promising... merely to speak in our behalf, to other Human Beings, when appropriate." I signed, it looked so easy just like that truck lease. Watch out for the small print, ...these dudes are sharp! This Contract, has become increasingly fascinating, embarrassing, awesome and useful to me. It even works in Mexico. The trucks long gone, thank goodness.

Nature wants to connect and even teach. Respect is as far as I can tell, the only thing you need to bring. We can ask and listen, it may take a few days. Give it a try, you might like it!
Much Love,

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