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Bush's New Year's Wish: Another Attack?

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Bush's New Year's Wish: Another Attack?

 by Michael Arvey


 Here we go again, another terrorism "orange alert"--what distraction is it now? I've just unlatched the door to my emergency terrorist shelter that's stocked with 90 days worth of canned and frozen goods, 200 gallons of water, and several pounds of freedom fries. 

 On the other hand, my personal hooey detector is flashing again. Perhaps it's just my overworked imagination, but it seems to me this Bush administration will do literally anything to retain power. For the last three years they have furtively behaved as thieves and criminals cloaking themselves behind burqas of secrecy--from day one, they've midwived the Big Rush to enact all their dirty and stealthy legislation, and Bush his executive orders. Lies race, truth creeps, and distraction is the name of the game.

 Something's amiss in Bush world--the awful noise from a blown piston is emerging from under the hood of our careening government, and it's waking people up in the middle of their darkest night from Bush's spell of mountebankery. Many are now cognizant of the fact that the Bush economy and administration are turning this country into a third-world pen, and we are the pen-ees. Will enough wake up in time? More phony alerts signify the Bushites are scurrying for cover, and they desperately need another big event to galvanize further incursions against democracy and other nations.  Please simply note, Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Citizen, the Pavlovian presence of military personnel at airports this Christmas.

 Traditionally, New Year's is an opportune time to issue predictions for the coming year. Here's my personal Carnak prescience for 2004, which I hope is a passing whim:

 1) Bush needs another attack to distract us from the faltering economy with its stubborn and widespread unemployment, library closures, educational shortfalls, soaring medical costs, illegal immigration, homelessness, lost retirement funds, along with a queue of other civic concerns, and from the debacle in Iraq, regardless of the recent dog-and-pony show concerning Hussein--in short, to distract us from where the blame really lies, which can be deduced from a simple Not methodology:  Not liberals, not welfare moms, not AWOL dads, not Osama, not Bill or Hillary Clinton, not Saddam, not Michael Jackson, not le francaise, not university professors, not collectivists, not Marxists and socialists, not the red conspiracy, not Earth Firsters, not environmentalists, and so forth ad infinitum until there's only one place left to go--the White House, or perhaps to the environs bunkered beneath the White House, as it were.

 2) Bush needs another attack to stir up more support for further police state measures and for the suspension of what's left of the Constitution.

 3) Bush needs another attack to create momentum for the Bush Re-Election Campaign to paint himself as the only one tough enough to lead the counterattack, since the Democratic contender will be cast as weak and as anti-war. If a contender such as Dean becomes a serious threat to the imperium, the Anglo-Saxon presidency might launch its own stealth attack and blame it on the Arabs, thereby enabling it to declare martial law and suspend the 2004 election, and thus seal the fate of the rule of law and democratic jurisprudence in America for a long while.

 Fantasies of a madman? In this case, I pray they're mine, and not Bush's

 Michael Arvey spiritmed@rocketmail.com Freelance writer, author, poet, teacher Boulder, Co.



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