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Who is left to kill?

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What lie is left unsaid and concealed from us by the 4th estate?

He has committed a federal crime and his former press secretary has kindly documented it for us, but the Washington Post, one of the leading left-leaning members of the media buries it! Why?

The article "The Pumpkin Pie May Fly" at
three quarters of the way in has the headline "A Spokesman Spills" which states "Looks as though former White House press secretary Scott McClellan's new book, coming in April, may be more interesting than we expected. His publisher has posted what it calls an excerpt of "What Happened" on its Web site -- really just six sentences.
But they do tantalize. The micro-excerpt recalls the episode in the CIA leak case in which McClellan inaccurately told reporters that Karl Rove, the president's chief strategist at the time, and Vice President Cheney's then-chief of staff, Scooter Libby, were not involved.
"There was one problem: It was not true," McClellan writes. "I had unknowingly passed along false information. And five of the highest ranking officials in the administration were involved in my doing so: Rove, Libby, the vice president, the president's chief of staff, and the president himself."
Hmm. McClellan wouldn't comment yesterday, but it doesn't sound as if he's about to say that President Bush misled him, only that the president was misled, too -- something McClellan told CNN's Larry King in March."

Who is in charge of the government? The dolt who prematurely and wrongly declared "Mission Accomplished" is. If he wants to take all of the credit for being a war-time president then he has to take the blame for the lies his crew perpetrated on the world.

He's delusional! If it wasn't that his insanity has led us to such immense atrocities it would be humorous as Sen. Joseph Biden said that "If the president sees Musharraf as a democrat, he must be wearing the same glasses he had on when he looked in Vladimir Putin's soul."

If you think he's not insane maybe he has fallen back to his drug addictive days and the "bubble boy" gives these men date rape drugs and inhaled some, intentionally or not. Who cares about his private life? We are just concerned that when forming these overly intense relationships with malevolent rulers of foreign countries--who play him like the dolt he is, our interests' are hurt.

The article "Bush More Emphatic In Backing Musharraf" at
also wonders about W's sanity in relation to his boy-toy Musharraf. It states "Tom Malinowski, Washington director of Human Rights Watch, said that "it's hard to imagine how the administration will be able to achieve anything in Pakistan if the president is so disconnected from reality."
"Almost everyone in Pakistan who believes in George Bush's vision of democracy is in prison today," Malinowski said. "Calling the man who put them in prison a great democrat will only discredit America among moderate Pakistanis and give Musharraf confidence that he can continue to defy the United States because Bush will forgive anything he does."
One of W's main speeches contains "Those who are against us want to kill us!"
That is a blatant lie!

If we just had attempted to rebuild Iraq's economy we would not be in this mess.
How could anyone think that allowing unemployment in Iraq to run rampant would work out well? Didn't W ever hear of Marxist "economic determinism" when he was dozing through sociology and economics at Yale?

W wanted his cronies in charge of Iraq's mode of production even though Iraq state controlled public utilities closed as the article "Revolutionary Iraq 1968-1973" at
explains that as 39 years long ago Hussein's "The Arab Ba'th Socialist Party is a socialist revolutionary Party which considers socialism imperative for the liberation, union and resurgence of the Arab Nation....
Despite the extensive land ownership of the feudal lords and the bourgeoisie, the State was the biggest land owner. The State also owned facilities, production and essential services such as electricity, railways, a significant portion of communications and a part of the oil industry. After 1953, the State became, without doubt, the biggest capitalist in the country and began building many comparatively large factories such as textiles, sugar, cement, etc."

Now the Iraq state owns and controls nothing and consequentially no one is employed by them either, which is very bad for people who formerly were able to provide for their families.

The article "Iraqis Joining Insurgency Less for Cause Than Cash" at
states "Abu Nawall, a captured al-Qaeda in Iraq leader, said he didn't join the Sunni insurgent group here to kill Americans or to form a Muslim caliphate. He signed up for the cash.
"I was out of work and needed the money," said Abu Nawall, the nom de guerre of an unemployed metal worker who was paid as much as $1,300 a month as an insurgent. He spoke in a phone interview from an Iraqi military base where he is being detained. "How else could I support my family?"

Yes, providing for a family is something we all can identify with, but the rich frat boy, whose ultra-rich and consequentially disconnected from the common masses' plight poppy's attempt to gain a second term fizzled out because he didn't know how to use a credit card, couldn't! No W is part of the top 1% and those not in his club are just wasting his time!

"U.S. military commanders say that insurgents across the country are increasingly motivated more by money than ideology and that a growing number of insurgent cells, struggling to pay recruits, are turning to gangster-style
racketeering operations....
But Abu Nawall and his captors agreed that Iraqis were joining the insurgency out of economic necessity. "Of course we hate the Americans and want them gone immediately," Abu Nawall said. "But the reason I and many others joined the Islamic State of Iraq is to support our families...

In Mosul, a northern city of 2 million people that straddles the Tigris River, U.S. officials are also spending money to buoy the Iraqi economy -- including
handing out microgrants sometimes as small as several hundred dollars -- to reduce the soaring unemployment that can turn young Iraqi men into insurgents-for-hire."

I have an idea. Suppose they give out US Depression era WPA jobs so that the people who live in Iraq can rebuild the infrastructure, earn an income and learn a marketable trade. Wouldn't that be less expensive than allowing the disenfranchised to continue killing each other and destroying their infrastructure?

Soon enough the Iraqis are going to expel us from their country for killing too many of their innocents. Who could blame them?

The article "Deaths As Us Says Iraq Less Violent" at
deals with Iraqis' views of US' lies as "Some 20 people have been killed in attacks across Iraq despite American assertions that violence in Iraq is down by 55 per cent since the US launched its troop "surge". Seventeen Iraqis were killed by explosions in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities on Sunday and three US soldiers died in a suicide attack, Iraqi and US officials said...

In what could be the latest in a series of incidents involving the US military and Iraqi civilians, a US convoy was involved in the killing of two Iraqis on Sunday.

The article has a "Your Views" segment in which an individual said "Iraq is still under foreign occupation and Iraqis continue to die in great numbers".

Like in a classic double-speak plus good remark "Rear Admiral Gregory Smith, a US military spokesman, said attacks had fallen by 55-per cent since a deployment
of an extra 30,000 US troops was completed in June. Attacks are now at their lowest level since January 2006, according to the US military. It added the drop in attacks was across the board, with Iraqi civilian casualties down 60 per cent.
Aside from the increased number of troops, the reported drop in violence was also attributed to improving Iraqi security forces and the growing use of US-backed local police units organised by mainly Sunni Arab tribal sheikhs."

What about the mass exodus of Iraqis to foreign countries and to Iraqi areas that their sect controls? About the only people that will be left within a few years are the vilest of the terrorists who are committing genocide against their rivals under the watchful, but disinterested eye of big bro 43. What does he care that Iraq will be the premier terrorist training ground for the next presidents to deal, and ultimately fail with? He was a war-time president, who got to dress up as a fighter pilot with the ultimate propaganda piece, "Mission Accomplished" swirling behind him. However Iraq turns out-probably with some
president declaring victory with reality screaming anything but, W accomplished his goal of gaining partisan political gain, and giving his military/industrial cronies tons of blood-soaked lucre at the cost of too much blood, treasure and US prestige!

The US has been trying to become accountable to the people they have been oppressing as the article "Grand Jury to Probe Shootings by Guards" at
indicates--but it is too little too late! It states "Federal authorities have convened a grand jury to investigate multiple shootings involving private
security contractors in Iraq, including a Sept. 16 incident in which guards for Blackwater Worldwide killed 17 civilians at a Baghdad traffic circle, according
to sources familiar with the investigation.
The Washington grand jury has issued subpoenas to several private security firms, including Blackwater, a legal source briefed on the probe said yesterday.

The source, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the probe, declined to say which incidents have been targeted, but he said the
investigation ranges well beyond Blackwater. Private security companies in Iraq "have been shooting a lot of people," he said....
FBI investigators have reportedly concluded that the killing of 14 of the 17 civilians was unjustified under State Department rules on the use of force. But the case is muddied by the question of what laws, if any, apply to security contractors operating under military, State Department and civilian contracts.
The grand jury must confront that question, sources said, and there remains significant debate among investigators about whether laws that appear to apply to contractors operating under Defense Department contracts also apply to those working for the State Department....
The Iraqi government has said it knows of at least 20 shooting incidents involving security contractors, with more than half a dozen linked to Blackwater.
But the U.S. government's ability to prosecute remains hampered by the lack of clarity over what laws may apply. For instance, contractors were immunized from Iraqi laws under a June 2004 order signed by the U.S. occupation authority. That ruling remains in effect."

This is the death knell. How can you have lawless mercenaries killing "those who are against", when our foes are killing US and Iraqi innocents for the highest
level in Maslow's hierarchy of needs--survival? They have to live. To do so they think they should kill the occupier--us-mostly US reservists, thinking they would get some help for college tuition. This from the "noblesse oblige" big bro 43 who never even completed his reservist duty and instead of feeling a compulsion to serve those 99% of others who are beneath his economic class, he is drawn towards killing and maiming the less advantaged!

Declare victory now-it is as good a time as any and the Democrats have figured that out but W is desperate to continue sending our youth to their death as IED fodder.

The article "Us Senate Blocks Iraq Funding Bill" at
states "Republicans in the US senate have blocked a bid by majority Democrats to enforce the start of large-scale troop withdrawals from Iraq in exchange for $50bn in war funding.
The vote means the Democrats are likely to stall on a request for more war funding by George Bush, US president, until next year....
Robert Gates, the US defence secretary, had warned on Thursday that if the money was not approved funding for the war would run out by February.
Harry Reid, the Democratic senate majority leader, had warned earlier in the week that if the bill failed, Bush could expect no more money for the war this year."

In addition to the lack of sanity that W has forced upon us due to his obstinate adherence to a failed policy the article "Military feeling Iraq fatigue, warns general" at,,2213037,00.html
states regarding English troops in Iraqi "British troops feel 'devalued, angry' and are 'suffering from Iraq fatigue', according to the head of the army, who
warns that Britain's military covenant is under strain. In a stark assessment of the morale of British troops, General Sir Richard Dannatt warns that the pressures of waging two simultaneous campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan are 'mortgaging the goodwill of our people'...
The chief of the general staff writes: 'We must strive to give individuals and units ample recuperation time between operations, but I do not underestimate how difficult this will be to achieve whilst undermanned and with less robust
establishments than I would like.'
Referring to overstretch, the report warns: 'The tank of goodwill now runs on vapour; many experienced staff are talking of leaving'."

Why aren't these concerns, which are shared by our Joint Chief of Staff, and every US military leader except for Petraues, screamed every second by our media? We are throwing more lives away in a situation in which the only thing that matters is that we leave as soon as possible to minimize our already extreme losses!

Well at least our former Secretary of State isn't reprising his role as a snake oil dealer at the UN that he initiated for the Iraq war. The article "Powell:
Iran Far From Nuclear Weapon" at
quotes Powell as saying Iran a Long Way From Having Nuclear Weapon, US Military Strike Unlikely Former US Secretary of State General Colin Powell addressing a
symposium on "Opportunity and Crisis in the Middle East".

"A recent report by the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog found Iran has been generally truthful in the information it has provided the agency about aspects of its past
nuclear activities.
But the International Atomic Energy Agency said it could not rule out that Iran had a secret weapons program because of restrictions Tehran placed on its
inspectors two years ago."

W and his PNAC mentor Cheney lie and people die and that's why Mr. Kucinich's H.HRES.333.IH in the 110th Congress regarding impeaching Richard B. Cheney, Vice President of the United States, for high crimes and misdemeanors, is what we have to be considering now. It Is the one impeachment being considered and the GOP allowed the Democrats to pass it. Let John Conyer's Committee deal with it and draw in any other information they want-just tie big bro 43 up in dealing with it. That will stop them from committing more crimes and they are so deeply in legal culpability that any new crimes won't really matter.

How can you quantify their crimes? big bro 43 committed a crime in exposing a covert spy's identity and condemning the people in her network to death. The vilest crime, the precursor to all ensuing illegalities, is deciding that they had to get the Iraq oil. Once that decision was made the act of lying, cover-up, stonewalling had to ensue-and we all know the cover-up gets them in more trouble than the crime as it gets the entire government involved with protecting the ghouls in power. Every GOP regime lies and then is forced to intimidate those who are courageous enough to expose the deceit. That's why McClellan had to spread propaganda for W.

Who is left to kill for these maniacs ontheir "everlasting war against terrorism? Sadly, they have always wanted to attack Iran much more than Iraq. Now they can trumpet that the surge is working because less US soldiers and Iraqis are being killed, but there just aren't as many Iraqis around to be killed anymore. As they have spoken about "death throes of the insurgency", they could conceivably have grand PNAC plots of atrocities in Iran that will make Fallujah seem like a walk in the park, as their last classless act.


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Winston Smith is an ex-Social Worker. I worked in child welfare, and in medical settings and in homeless settings. In the later our facility was geared as a permanent address for people to apply for welfare. Once they received that we could send (more...)

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