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Democratic Party Goals And Strategy For the 2006 Elections In the United States

By Rev. Bill McGinnis  Posted by Rob Kall (about the submitter)     Permalink
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The goals are: To win back the House of Representatives and The Senate. Then to elect an outstanding person to be Speaker Of The House. Then in January of 2007, when the new Congress is seated, impeach and remove both Bush and Cheney. Then our newly-elected Speaker Of The House would become President. At the same time, we de-authorize the war in Iraq, and bring all of our troops home immediately. (The Iraqis would already be expecting this, so they would be as ready as they possibly could be.) Finally, we roll back the most obnoxious legislation recently passed, and try to clean up the mess created by the Bush administration and their Congressional accomplices.


The recent 52-46% victory of Tim Kaine in the Virginia governor's election proves that Bush and anyone associated closely with him can be defeated, even in a normally-Republican state like Virginia. On the Sunday before the election, the race was a dead heat. On Monday, Bush dropped in uninvited to speak for the Republican, Kilgore. On Tuesday, Bush's candidate got wiped out 52-46%. Conclusion: Bush is now the kiss of death if you are running for election.

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The reason that Bush has become an overnight loser is that the country no longer trusts him. And Abraham Lincoln tells us what happens when that

Abraham Lincoln said, "If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem. It is true that you may fool all of the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all the time; but you can't fool all of the people all the time." Source: Questia.com - http://www.questia.com/pm.qst?a=o&d=3961607

If true, this means that Bush is through! Even with no further erosion of trust, he probably could never regain the trust that he has already lost.
But more erosion is sure to come, as the full truth of the Administration's lies and cover-ups, plus Delay-related corruption, continues to emerge. Therefore, Bush can never recover. He will not be able to control the Republicans, as before. And any Republican who is too closely associated with him can be defeated in the next election, even in districts which are normally safe for Republicans.

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Do you see what this means? The great nightmare is almost over! At this moment, Bush is already neutralized and cannot hurt us any more, because nobody really needs to follow him any longer. All of his agenda is now dead in the water. And we can begin the 2006 election campaigns right now.

All 435 seats of the House of Representatives will be up for election.
There will be 33 seats up for election in the Senate. If the country were not upset about anything, both houses of Congress would probably remain under Republican control, given the structural difficulties of unseating incumbents, particularly House incumbents. However, if there is a major groundswell of opposition to Bush-Cheney and all their Congressional collaborators, we Democrats should be able to retake control of both houses of Congress - IF WE ADOPT THE PROPER STRATEGY.


1. Turn the 2006 elections into a referendum on Ultra-Right control of the country, and how deeply irresponsible the Bush-Cheney Ultra-Right administration and its collaborators in Congress have been. (See "Deeply Irresponsible" below.)

2. Identify the Republicans in Congress who have been the most derelict in their duty, failing to challenge the Administration when they should have.
Those in the House of Representatives could be called, "The Administration's House Puppets." And those in the Senate could be called "The Administration's Senate Puppets." Together they could be called "The Administration's Congress Puppets."

3. Flatly say that the War in Iraq was a big mistake, and that everybody involved really screwed up in letting it happen. (Senator Lieberman and the other Democratic war hawks take note.) But the real blame falls on the hard-core Ultra-Right within the Administration, because they had decided long ago to start this war, and to hell with the facts.

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4. We must come out against any further expansion of "Free Trade" and unrestricted global Capitalism. Corporations need to be wisely and fairly regulated, in the Public interest, or else the strongest ones will join together, defeat all opposition, and will eventually own or control everything. The last time we allowed them to go unregulated, in the 1890's, they almost took over the Country, before Congress put a stop to it. Now they are trying to take over the whole world. This time, they also control the mass media, so they are more dangerous than before. "Free Trade" inevitably will suck good jobs away from high-paying countries (like the USA) into low-paying countries, as the unregulated corporations are perfectly free to hire and fire as they like, unaccountable to any Public authority. If we don't stop them soon, nobody will be able to stop them later.


DEEPLY IRRESPONSIBLE - George W. Bush: The Deeply Irresponsible President

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