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The Road To Hell:Donald Rumsfeld Invents The Reverse Domino Effect

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The Road To Hell With Donald Rumsfeld et al. . .

Do Rumsfeld's snippets-snow flakes, reveal a man possessed to take over the world? Is the wounded and dumped Secretary of Defense, flailing about blindly in every direction, in frustration that his Master Plan would be implemented without him at the helm? An analysis of the mind and work of Donald Rumsfeld by critics in some nations, finds him criminally unfitted for public service. Is that labeling unfair? Is this article merely a cynical, satirical a view of a man destined to be hunted in every nation he tries to visit for the rest of his life? France and Germany sought War Crimes charges against him, now will some of the states do the same here in the USA? That is not out of the question and may soon be an issue for Rumsfeld. 

The Road To Hell With Donald Rumsfeld, As He Invents, The Reverse Domino Effect.

At this point in his flight, Donald Rumsfeld, former Secretary of Defense was charged with War Crimes in Germany and the charge was dismissed, then he was charged and sought for arrest in France and made an underground escape, aided by the American Embassy. It remains to be determined if he will face criminal charges here in the USA by Federal Marshals or Sheriffs, or States Attorney of Attorney's General of any US states. Is it true that he is asking Blackwater to guard him? If so, is there also a chance to have at them as well with warrants for the arrest of their guards and CEO? Donald Rumsfeld, as all men of stature in budding dictatorships is possessed of a complex character; charming publicly when the cameras are running and then apparently twisted into a deep, dark, negative, view of all except those who accept his sardonic worldview-a world view in which those mired in psychosis accept willingly. Is he psychotic? Psychosis is dangerous enough, but in one with the power of a nuclear nation behind him or in conjunction with others of the same bent, brings all Hell upon those with justice in mind. Psychosis may include many or more of the following: paranoia, a psychological disorder characterized by delusions of persecution or grandeur like thinking themselves to be answering to a higher Father, thinking they are a prophet and may be suffering from one of many diseases of the mind, of which the attending symptoms might be; Dementia praecox, schizophrenia, schizophrenic disorder, schizophrenic psychosis - the psychological state of someone who has emotional or behavioral problems serious enough to require psychiatric intervention or any of several psychotic disorders characterized by distortions of reality and disturbances of thought and language, which is kind of a description of G W Bush. Is Rumsfeld one of these people? Was Hitler? Compare the things which both of them supported and then make your decision. I will not list them all here because they depress me to see those issues of the late 1930's and 1940's, which cost so many their loves and loves and homes and wealth, and conspired to rot the childhood of my parents era, coming back to try to rot those of the childhood of our own children's era. Apparently some of Donald Rumsfeld's memo's, "internal musings" and assorted other notes which appear to have arisen from the bowels of Hades, ideas which when/if they occur to all or most of us from time to time, those with a healthy conscience and soul, reject forthwith, as Jesus did during the Temptation in The Wilderness. I bring Jesus up in this context because the Neo-cons are always cloaking evil in reference to something Jesus would have approved. They have been successful in this endeavor because most of those to which they appeal are ignorant and/or illiterate in understanding of the bible. If one cannot achieve an "A" grade in English Literature and a total understanding of Shakespeare, let alone even be allowed to enter that Honors Course in most schools, classes which only the brightest honor students are allowed to take, one cannot understand the bible either-so closely related are the nuances. Just because anyone can buy a bible, does not mean anyone can comprehend it. Anyone can also buy a text book on Quantum Physics, or Nuclear Physics, or Brain surgery, but not only can few comprehend those disciplines, one has to be licensed or receive a doctorate in order to practice them, and with good reason. However, this administration welcomed with open legs, and with minds closed to the grace of the Almighty, the evils spouted b y it's membership. Other men, however, following Jesus' example, quickly rejected without the least bit of recrimination or regret, the horrors, which this administration now practices. Between this administration and that of Adolph Hitler, Caligula, Nero, Stalin, Mao, and others, there is little difference-all embraced with eyes, hearts and minds, things normal people would reject at a moments notice, out-of-hand. I am beginning ot believe that we should force all of the Neo-cons to undergo, at the hands of experts, like the great Catholic Exorcist, Father Theophilus Riesinger, the Capuchin monk who was successful, in the exorcism of the most visible and famous case in American and world history, since the days of Jesus. I speak hear of the easily Googled, Earling Iowa exorcism in 1929, A similar Public exorcism should be performed on them ASAP, on the slight chance that they are no just evil men, but have had their bodies and minds seized by Beelzebub and that is why they eagerly embraced the ethic of the Demon of Darkness and the Temptation which Jesus rejected. It was alleged GW Bush wrote in college that poor people are so because they are lazy. This is a clear sign of a delusion of grandeur and of a vehement contempt for those not so lucky as to be born into a wealthy family. It reeks further of the placid acceptance of that, which Jesus rejected. There is little difference between the generalization, which Bush wrote in college, and that which Donald H. Rumsfeld once argued as Secretary of Defense when he said that Muslims avoided "physical labor." I do not know how often Donald Rumsfeld or his president accepted and participated in physical labor, but I do know that his comment mirrored that of Bush (which I quoted above). Both comments were/are disrespectful and aimed at the degradation of Muslims in the eyes/minds of those who were/are about to decide their fate. If Rumsfeld and the other Bushites feel so strongly about physical labor, why have they not chosen labor jobs for their careers? Why were they not working on construction in the open air instead of ordering destruction by bombs, from afar in the safety of the White House, or their underground bunker? I say it is Rumsfeld, suffering a self-incriminating Freudian slip, revealing more about his own fear of physical labor than of his fictional "Muslims." In the ever-darkening mindset, thoughts, comments, and actions of the Bushites, more of the state of their souls is been revealed than those of their enemies. As to Muslims avoiding physical labor, I wonder how they were able to do all the magnificent building they accomplished over the last 2500 years before and since the days of the founding Muslim prophet, Muhammad Ibne Abdullah. Rumsfeld would say they did so with the use of slavery and cheap labor, which can be said about any nation, and the former is especially true of the US in the past, and latter is true right now, for it is the Bushites who have stolen physical labor from American workers. They have allowed American traitors to outsource America's lower and middle class jobs/livelihoods to go to China and other Oriental and Mid-eastern nations, which the Bushites also tell, are rampant with our "Terrorist" enemies. A bit hypocritical, you say? The Bushites who claim the world is our enemy, has outsourced the manufacture, factory and fieldwork to nations which he claims are rampant with "terrorists" who could easily send destructive materials to the USA, packed among the clothing, computers, myriad consumer goods and food and drink, they make, all of which used to be made over here. They pay those outsourced Oriental and Mid-eastern workers, most of which hate us, $00.20 (cents) an hour for 14-hour days, (Salary of $2.80 a day, without benefits) and in toxic working conditions. Rumsfeld continuously wrote about needing to develop "bumper sticker statements" to rally public support for an exponentially unpopular war. "Keep elevating the threat," he wrote. He wants to keep promulgating the fright principle, exaggerating the dangers, and to keep using the techniques championed by Adolph Hitler and warned against by George Orwell. Rumsfeld hammered at "link Iraq to Iran," now we know the origins of the linking of Iraq to 9/11, a lie that cost 4,000, Americans and 1.5 million Iraqi's their lives, and how early it appeared. The plan to make the world a war playpen for the Fascists existed twenty years before 9/11, and was well constructed by the year 2000. Rumsfeld's memos, which the in-group called "snowflakes," display an unflatteringly, curt, dictatorial, snotty, approach. This attitude is often the mark of one whose "solutions' are as impatient and Authoritarionistic, and unyielding as their language and revealed a man who would approve of torture and worse, if given the freedom to do so. The memos ranged from 2002 to beyond the 2006 congressional elections. He further reveals himself as one driven to delusional beliefs regarding his own importance. He appears a man dismissive of the minds/opinions of others, even if superior to his, which many who disagreed are/were. He seems to loath criticism by the media. He appears driven to distraction to remake public opinion of anything his perceived "enemies" propose, especially the "war" in Iraq. Isn't it sad that a group of cowards, the majority of those which avoided military service, and one which joined to avoid the draft and then used his father's influence to avoid combat or even regular domestic military responsibilities, are now sending others to die and kill? I solemnly believe that we should appoint several, unrelated teams of psychoanalysts to psychoanalyze anyone who wishes to serve in public office either as elected or appoint officials. That analysis' should be published to the public and to congress and congress and the president should be held civilly and criminally responsible for the actions of those hired, just as those who injure and kill were held liable in The Torah for any Tort, intentional or otherwise. Rumsfeld, whose often-gruff attitude alienated other Cabinet members and some White House staff members, produced dozens of his memos a day, which were marked neither Classified nor Secret, and so now, we have them. Rumsfeld seemed to be writing to buoy up his own confidence when the war turned sour, especially in 2006 when a myriad of op-ed pieces written by retiring generals demanding, appeared as a volley and flurry. They all demanded his resignation, denunciated him, completely. Rumsfeld produced a memo after a conference call to a variety of military analysts saying, "Talk about Somalia, the Philippines, etc. " It was almost like a plea to himself. He was trying to muster people to sacrifice, they are looking for leadership. Sacrifice = Victory, he wrote. He also implied under duress, that he desired a team to get back at the people pursuing him over his Iraq policy and strategy. "I am always on the defense. They say I do it well, but you can't win on the defense. We (meaning, "I") can't just keep taking hits." Still pushing the party line to hold America and Americans captive to fear and intimidation, he wants the people to knuckle under to terror. He wants them to feel that car bombers are always stalking them. He, like the Big Brother of Orwellian fame sought no end to pressuring Americans, to keep them in fear, and thus in line. He wanted to drum into the heads of Americans that there would no great conclusion to danger, as there was in WWII. He is, under stealth, admitting that the three bibles of the Neo-cons are; Orwell's, 1984, Hitler's Mien Kampf, and a sadly distorted, ignorant, illiterate's guide to the New Testament, superimposed under a misinterpreted, mistranslated, miscomprehended, ignoramus' view of God and Jesus. He saw this as a means to delude the American people into kneeling to the dictatorship of a never resolving stress, which would keep them trembling and pliable. "It is going to be a long war," in which "Iraq is only one battleground." He was trying to create a Reverse Domino Effect to frighten Americans into falling prey, fearing, fear itself. Instead of preaching the Domino Effect of Adolph Hitler Nazi conquests, he reversed the effect, to try to tie each nation in the mid-east to, a Domino Rising, like the heads of the Drakon Kholkikos, with many heads, having nothing better to do with their time than to attack the USA for all eternity. How profitable is that to our enemies? That most, the Main Stream Media could not see through this faux/rouse/fa├žade, even though many of us commentators have, is one of the great mysteries of our time. Try, however to recall, that they saw all of things Hitler did and were unable to tie his program to that of the Bushites. I can only say either they are the dumbest sonsofabitches ever put on the planet or the most corrupt. As Rumsfeld tied Iraq to 9/11, he was now trying, desperately to tie Iraq to Iran, His plan? That the illogic would go on indefinitely, and he would ensure that by anointing creeps and dunces to public office, especially to the Justice Department, the State Department and key law enforcement positions and the Supreme Court, and to some top military positions. Americans, like the citizens of Oceana, the Orwellian Continent, and those of prewar Germany, would become slaves of a corrupt and degenerate state in a never ending, life shortening, war and revolutionary vigil, with the people constantly exposed to government sponsored Terrorism. This, of course, would make peaceful family existence impossible. And that would make depopulation of America, easily possible, just he is doing in Iraq, where Private Goon police sweep through neighborhoods assassinating those who disagree, as "terrorists" while the "Elite Leadership, the tiny royalty, would retire to the mountains in incredible wealth and dominance. These phony wars and phony terrorist distractions would cause Americans to be "frozen in fear but mushy inside." He wanted troops forever occupying Iraq to steal the oil and make the oil companies, Carlyle (the Bush family and friend's war profiteering business), The Private Security murderers, the arms dealers, all joining as dictators in occupying America and later the world, as the wealthiest people who ever lived, whose lives are one long pleasure in the rare-osphere. Rumsfeld himself labeled his ideas "Bumper stickers," things that move people to fear. In July 2006, Rumsfeld said that the USA was "getting run out of Central Asia" by the Russians, by their doing a "considerably better job at bullying" than America was doing to "counter their bullying." He wanted desperately to attack journalists, on Feb. 6, 2006 he wrote, "I think you ought to get a letter off about Ralph Peters' op-ed in the New York Post. It is terrible." Four days prior, Peters lashed-out at the "chronic troop shortages in Iraq" as the Pentagon buys "high-tech toys that have no missions." A Washington Post-ABC News poll in March showed that 65 percent of Americans saw Bush at having no plan for victory. Subsequently, Rumsfeld ordered J. Dorrance Smith, the assistant defense secretary for public affairs, on March 10, to write a "better presentation to respond to this business that the Department of Defense has no plan. This is just utter nonsense. We need to knock it down hard." Ten days later, he demanded a point-by-point analysis of the seven "mistakes" columnist Trudy Rubin (Philadelphia Inquirer) wrote in her essay about the war having "gone sour." And he wanted final approval before the letter was sent, he was losing control and I think he knew it Lashing out in every direction at once, he asked J Dorrance Smith to respond to a November 2006 editorial in the New York Times that claimed that the Army was ruined. That article, he said, "is disgraceful!" The editorial quoted that "one welcome dividend" of Rumsfeld's resignation is that the USA would "now have a chance to rebuild the Army he spent most of his tenure running down." Rumsfeld let his staff know he was not happy with their letter. "I read the letter we sent in rebuttal. I thought it rather weak and not signed at the level it should have been." He requested that his staff write another letter/article about the Army. "We need to get that story out," and he demanded that it be out in the next tree or four days before the weekend. Reading deeply into his soul, in one of his most demoniacal or confused moments, Rumsfeld saw the entire world as his target and oyster. In May 2004, he began to research the effect of naming the entire world a target of terrorism and to redefine "terrorism" (as anyone who opposes the will of fascists?) "Terrorism" is one of the most massive hoaxes ever perpetrated upon mankind in the first place, now he wants carte' blanche to attack anyone anywhere with impunity, including US citizens, not even Caesar was that despicably, voracious. By relabeling, "terrorism" and depicting it as a Worldwide Insurgency/Conspiracy, he and his friends could, through the use of massive armies of Mercenaries and the regular armed forces, assassinate everyone opposed to the plans for a totalitarian state and any dissenters, until none remained but the cowardly and the numb-headed and the readily compliant, which are plentiful already. He wants to do this while the technology remained in the hands of the American Fascists-the Bushites and he wants to do it before the 2008 elections. If the fascists hold office until the election the dream of world domination of the Bushites would become a reality. The men with the guns and bombs usually win and right now demoniacs and psychotics have them all garnered. With the technology available, Das Dritte Reichthe 1,000 Year Reich could finally be realized by the grandchildren of American NSDAP (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei) or the National Socialist German Workers' Party, or the short version, The Nazi Party. There is neither more, nor an intensified "terrorism" than there was within the last 1,000 years before 9/11 and certainly no more of a worldwide insurgency that there has been in the last 62 years. Interestingly enough, Rumsfeld, even as he wrote that the goals of the enemy were to "end the state system, using terrorism, to drive the non-radicals from the world." He himself appears to have had the same goal, but he wishes to drive the non- radicals from his world, for he as much a radical as any he seeks to kill. He seeks, then, to kill himself. His is a goal revealed to me in a dream in 1974 and have reported about ever since, in my newsletters prior to my blog, and on my blog since, and on as well. Rumsfeld pleased with his insane idea, asked his staff to research the effects of the name change, on the population. He envisioned, a worldwide coup for the US. That is why the USA allowed various entities to steal so many billions from Iraq, all with no oversight. Recall the missing billions? Recall the broad daylight robbery of $282,000,000 in cash from an Iraqi bank? What bank keeps that much non-interest drawing cash on hand? What foreign bank keeps so much American cash at all? Another fraud and the American Law Enforcement agencies at both state and federal levels sits on its collective asses playing with and licking its own its balls, like an alley dog. In his twisted logic, Rumsfeld thought that neither Europe nor the United Nations understands the worldwide threat. According to Rumsfeld, oil wealth had removed Muslims "from the reality of the work, effort and investment that leads to wealth for the rest of the world. Too often Muslims are against physical labor, so they bring in Koreans and Pakistanis while their young people remain unemployed. An unemployed population is easy to recruit to radicalism." Apparently, Rumsfeld feels that if he takes away all their wealth of oil, they can happily become day laborers, making pennies a day. If he believes that the oil riches freed them from manual labor and made their young unemployed, isn't that exactly what the Neo-cons have done to American laborers by outsourcing labor overseas? How does he reconcile that? Rumsfeld took no second look at outsourcing here, which has driven millions out of work. Millions who are easy prey to terrorist careers or as well, to careers in the military of mercenary forces. People who can't earn enough are ripe for recruitment to killing and stealing, especially if they can be paid well. His real plan is to make enough unemployed to be desperate enough to join the military and the mercenaries, to help to destroy American family life, depopulate the nation so the wealthy can seal off billions of acres for their private, Green Zone while allowing-even paying "terrorists" like Bin Laden to keep the people in a forever state of hysteria, terror "shock and awe." For any man to even say such a thing about others is proof positive of his lack of soul and twisted mentality.

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In one of the ploys Rumsfeld blurted onto paper that if "terrorists" "get a hold of" oil-rich Saudi Arabia, the United States will have an enormous national security problem." Why I, ask would they? Is this a prelude to establishing residency in Dubai or Saudi Arabia for Rumsfeld and Cheney, accompanied by hoards of Private "Security" murderers? Alternatively, is it a ploy to make an invasion for "protection" of Saudi Arabia, or a partnership beyond the one the fascists have with Bin Ladin? These if and what ifs, which arise from the fascist camp are much akin to the ones Adolph Hitler asked all the time. Such people as Rumsfeld and Cheney are every bit as crazy, as worldwide and dangerous terrorists as any other. It is men like Rumsfeld who will bring China, Russia, much of Eastern Europe and Asia together into a NATO like sphere of influence and power, forming two mega blocks vying for oil and supremacy, motivated by the belligerence of the Fascists who now control, after being defeated by FDR in the 1940's, the US government for the Third and last World War on our planet. The second Third Reich will be the cause of the Third World War, which makes the planet uninhabitable for human and most animal and plant life on this planet. Already under false pretences, 1.5 million Iraqi's and American's are dead, millions more are refugees and casualties, now the neo-cons want to attack Iran with nuclear weapons, caring nothing about the radio-active disaster DU-235 they have unleashed in Iraq, they are planning nuclear bombs for Iran. That much radio-activity in such close quarters, with a 4.5 billion year, half-life, would eventually spread as people travel back and forth, making the world more than a shade more toxic, and the Middle-East a copy of Sodom and Gomorrah. Good Night and God Bless, because you will need both


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Professor Bagnolo has majored in: Cultural Anthropology, Architectural design, painting, creative writing. As a child prodigy, abed with polio for almost two years, he was offered an opportunity to skip three grades at age 8.
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