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A Prophetic Anthropologist Disagrees with Mr. Chertoff: Plus Shows how to Beat The Underground Destroyers of America

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A Prophetic Anthropologist Disagrees with Mr. Chertoff: Plus Shows how to Beat The Underground Destroyers of America Throughout the world Everywhere we are brothers Why then do the winds and waves rage so turbulently? Poem of the Great Emperor Meiji Grandfather of Emperor Hirohito...1 "Facilis descensus Averni"2 Ambassador to Japan, Joseph Grew, 1941 All Emphases the author Jean Edward Smith; FDR- 2007 NOW MY PREDICTION MR. CHERTOFF (Satire) Maybe Chertoff had too much of a bad thing, Greek Olives, anchovies, onion rings, coleslaw, sauerkraut, whatever, to gain his "Gut-Reaction," and maybe I have a solution to all of our problems with the Right Wing Fascists, and almost as likely, maybe elephants can, indeed, fly. A conversation with A messenger of the Almighty makes some comments. In his article of this week in, Farhad Manjoo, writes, "July 30, 2007 | Early in July, Michael Chertoff, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, told the Chicago Tribune that though he had no specific information pointing to a new threat, his "gut feeling" suggested that the U.S. faced a heightened risk of a terrorist attack during the next couple of months. Summertime is an "appealing" time of year to the enemy, Chertoff said; it was natural to assume, then, that the season would once again bring "increased vulnerability." Perhaps, we should however, listen to Mr. Chertoff, because I agree to some extent with his conclusion, but not with his explanation of it's origins-not with "Gut-Reaction." As Einstein told both Bohr, Jung and others, in different words, there is no such thing as "coincidence" and "God doesn't shoot dice with the universe....' I have had, nearly daily premonitions(3), and as anyone who has read some of them here on, well knows, they have never been wrong. However, none of them are of my own volition and none were "Gut Reactions." War initiators, planners, the Messenger in the dream, said, those who instigate, plot and carry out wars, will suffer, Separation, isolation, and perhaps obliteration of the soul.... I asked in a prayer to forgive atheists and he replied, ... save your prayers, The Almighty One, is too understanding to punish someone who is an honest unbeliever. It is the hypocrite and the faux believer who depends on others for their information and acts on the word of others, who forfeits his future. Human life is a trip in self-soul examination and research, trial and error... to find truth. The Messenger said further that, It is the hypocrites The Old One, will personally correct, with the only kind of correction they comprehend, those who use their hatred of everyone and their avarice and lust to be gods to enrich themselves and control the entirety of life. He said as horrific as were the tortures of a nation losing a war, they are nothing compared to the horrors of Separation, isolation from love of the Care of The Almighty, for even fifteen minutes. I am not a member of the "Christian Right" by the way and my predictions are on view at any number of websites, placed well before the acts of God they predicted. I cannot initiate the predictions, bytheway; they just come if they are going to, by the grace of God, or His messengers. Laugh if you wish but the proof is, indeed in the pudding, which in this case is archived written evidence of infallible calls, of ideas none else have ventured, always against the grain of what "Experts" were saying. In a dream I was told by the same Messenger who told me of Jerry Fallwell's blasphemy and subsequent forthcoming death that an attack by a group, hired in treasonous collusion with a USA government official, through a commercial American political mercenary company, to do damage upon a city with a large population of Democratic voters, (such as Chicago, Boston, LA or even NY, in order to disrupt the Democratic Party, to cancel the 2008 election, declare, and Martial Law. I was not and seldom am, privileged to know the identity of the traitors. I submit that whomever this person or persons, in the government is/are, the al Qaeda is not his enemy, but his employee/coconspirator and that more than one American corporation is involved in treasonous acts in collusion with the al Qaeda, and other mid-easterners and a group of American corporate executives, who wish harm to Americans, create turmoil and confusion, to make their take-over easier. They are using a blueprint of a plan hatched by fascists just before WW II. Were I the in charge of Security, I would be closely monitoring every communication, to and from the administration, White House and certain mercenary groups and contractors, as well as certain members of the Neo-con congress and advisors, as well as industrialists and mercenaries, because it is plainly evident that there is a, or many rat(s) in the woodpile. There is treason in the air this summer and next fall and the summer/fall of 2008, and one need not be a prophet to guess that, it is as plain as the nose on any face, to men of reason and foresight, and the authors of such treason may well reside within the Government, with a wish for an electionless dictatorship, and many have already, long before this artilce guessed as much.

Perhaps someone should alert the president that he may be the scapegoat and that corporate, domestic members of a foreign spy ring may well surround him. Perhaps with a little work on his part he can uncover and report them to the FBI and the CIA, before association and familiarity implicate him. As to the veracity of Mr. Chertoff's "Gut" feelings, I suggest he see a doctor and have a colonoscopy, because I perhaps those "Gut" feelings may be the result of Indigestion (*humor) and the fact that he was told that there would be a terrorist attack by his "Superiors," making him the scapegoat fool, and false prophet and perhaps even an unintentional (on his part), party to treason. Further, perhaps if there is a true Prophet of God in all of this it is I, and others who write for OpEdNews, not either Mr. Chertoff or the now deceased Mr. Fallwell, nor Mr. Robertson, who advocates that the government or anonymous citizens go around assassinating people like Mr. Chavez of Venezuela, or anyone with which M. Robertson disagrees, which from all evidence, is anyone with a conscience. Chavez, who never mentions Jesus, seems, by his actions toward his people, more of a Christian that the those who want to kill him, as in his nation, at least, gas is selling for $00.12 a gallon at the pump. That is equivalent of $5.30 a BARREL! They do not have Sweet Oil in Venezuela, but gunky oil, so it costs a tad more than Sweet Oil. We get Sweet Oil here and in Iraq, which at wholesale is $1.00-$1.50 a BARREL, and which American oil companies sell at the pump for $3.60 a GALLON. We are paying FAR more per gallon that it costs them to deliver gasoline at the pump per BARREL. With a more than fair, profit gas at the pump should be selling in America for $00.06-$00.10 a gallon. Even $00.25-$00.50 cents a gallon would smell like Usury. Therefore, I would have to guess that our Leaders think and care 30 times less for Americans than Mr. Chavez does for Venezuelans ($3.60 divided by $00.12= 30. Under that assumption I would also have to say that the "dictator" of another nation who sold his gasoline at $00.05 a GALLON, cared 72 times more for his people than our leaders do for Americans ($3.60 divided by $00.05=72) My time here on this planet has been long by years, short by fast passage of those years, of one thing be certain, however, despite whatever the "Christian Right," says, our Creator initiated billions of years ago, The Laws of Physics by which the universe operates. All we can see, and much we cannot, was set into motion by the Master Scientist/Mathematician and evolves and play out in a cosmic opera, which rides the quantum, like a min-passenger, supplying those with minds that are so wired, to be enlightened. The Underground Destroyers of America Democracy ended when the congress allowed itself to accept donations from people, corporations and organizations to run elections, many years ago. Freedom ended men without real genitalia began to infest politics and men without souls began to infest business and the military. Let me now tell you who has damaged America most in my view and why, and there is quite a list, so he we go, in reverse order of their listing. First, the fools; the Hateful, materialistic, indolent, selfish, avaricious, cowardly and violent-minded. Who are they? The ones who kill and maim, other men, women, children of any age, including those, which are not yet born. They are synonymous with the ones who do violence to the defenseless, and although the some seek to end abortions, they apparently love to destroy other defenseless people as evidenced by their support of certain violent policies. The avaricious? They are the greedy, people who would stop at nothing for more money. People whose desire for security (indicating they are extremely insecure and fearful, in a kind of sniveling cowardice which they are adept at covering up with false fronts of macho). Selfish? Well all of the above are selfish and they seek to please only the one person no one can please for very long-themselves, and with them also, is the horror that they would stop at nothing, not even mass-murder, torture and holding nation hostage and it's weaker citizens in fear to gain what they desire. They, however, can never be satiated. The indolent-lazy, ones? Many of them are moral cowards, afraid of losing their lives, afraid of being disliked, afraid of doing anything about injustice; they do what they are told, no matter what it is. They believe that there are "people who know better are making the rules and the laws. They are less than moral cowards, they are despicable, fools. The materialistic? They are most often those whose lives are filled with THINGS and THINGS acquisition. Stupid things like cruising the Malls, iTunes, Ring tones, iPhones, exotic purses and cartoony shoes and hat's, and dresses and underwear, cowboy hats, collecting things worth less than used toilet paper. Who are these people who buy idiotically designed automobiles, that look either like toasters, Steam Irons, Waffle Irons, and the gigantic, Corellian, Tatooine, Sandcrawlers, used by the Jawas, and African hunters? They are fall-apart-at-every-stoplight-British-made, gas guzzlers, status vehicles that waste money and energy, have horrid repair records and which one would have to be a foot taller and much stronger than those I normally see driving these dinosaurs, to safely, properly steer them. Most, who drive such vehicles where I live, are women who drive aggressively as adolescent, barely post-Pubic, boys, and men who drive like vehement, cowardly, Tatooine Sand People, or Neanderthals. They are so busy buying and watching stupid Cable shows and arguing about the lives of celebrities, and among those ding-dongs who never even played the game of baseball who wear baseball caps backwards, (How annoying is that? But they are by far, mostly men, anyway baseball caps look cute on girls, so even if they never played the game I don't care.), The men and single working women (60% 0f which did not vote in 2000 & 2004) who inhabit this IQ deficient world of consumption of useless, Chinese, toxic, plastic, crap, have been so busy with their piggish life style they, were too busy to vote or comment on the events of horror. It is a wonder they have time to eat or watch their children-Oh, I forgot, they don't watch their children they have Au Pair for that task, to busy acquiring and bailing their neglected kids out of jail. The men, who voted far more often, but whose voting record is based upon biblical illiteracy, diseased brain cells, greed, and good old fashioned, country style, homey, stupid, hostility, probably should have stayed home or gone shopping with the female none-voters on voting day, with whom, at least, they might have scored and produced more morality and brain dead non-voting offspring, to either vote imbecile-like, or, more hopefully, took after their mothers, not voted in the next elections, at all. Gobble, gobble, gobble, glump, glump, glump, acquire, acquire, acquire, buy, buy, buy, waste, waste, waste, fun, fun, fun, bail out kids, bail out kids, bail out kids, while America goes to Hell-in-hand-basket. (Who ever went to Hell in a hand-basket, and what the Hell is a hand-basket, anyway?) The hateful? They hate almost everything and everyone. Their Patron Saint is in Washington. They are bigots and snobs with nothing over which to be snobbish-their Patron Saint is in Washington also, where the patron saints of all evils are likely to swarm. If it were up to the Hateful, they would not be satisfied until everyone was in jail being tortured or dead. They are the spies, the wire-tapper's, the email-tapper's, the informers, the squealers, and the turncoats, the Judas, the Bob Ford's ("The dirty little coward, who shot John Tom Howard...") of America. They are bigots, murderers, and destroyers of what is good (like Democracy). They are much like and probably the reincarnates of the Nazi's whom they no idolize or at least imitate-the scum of the earth, the Gonorrhea, the Chlamydia, of America, the Fecal matter of Satan. The fools? Just look above they are all fools. Now, How To Beat The Entire Mess. Avoiding selfishness, and materialism-that is one thing early Christian Fathers and Doctors got right. Follow the example of self-restraint, live simple at least until we are rid of the Avaristic Nazi's and Fascists. I'll repeat from an article of a few weeks ago. Go on strike from your jobs, buy NOTHING except necessities, rent nothing, especially don't buy any gasoline, oil, and don't use "Recreation Vehicles." There are idiots in my neighborhood whose Redneck idea of Democracy is to waste their money on snowmobiles, AT All Terrain Vehicles (Two proofs of intellectual insufficiency). Buy nothing; starve the Greedy/Avaristic, Sonsofabitches, and BUY NOTHING! Oh, and have some self-restraint, don't eat the crap chemical-food. Stay away from MSG, and Modified Starches of any sort, whether Modified Wheat Starch, Modified oat Starch Modified corn, starch, modified Food starch, any modified starch, you may as well start eating your brooms and rugs as that crap (*humor) as well as Autolyzed Yeast avoid them all, as well as any food that contains stuff that sounds like it ought to going into your auto engine instead of your stomach. Avoid also any food or bakery goods that have more than several ingredients. A loaf of bread or should contain nothing more than yeast, salt, flour and water, plus the add-ons. Don't eat stuff with engineered cancer causers and starches and fake sugars, don't drink diet pop, the sweeteners release as 90% of the insulin from your pancreas as does sugar without the pleasure of real sugar, so you are faking yourself and your system out, to no real avail. Try Like Hell to beat the bastards by not buying their materialistic crap. BUY NOTHING!!!!!

(*humor) This means that I used Sarcastic, satirical, funny stuff. I explain this for our visitors here in government, law enforcement, politics and Corporations. It means that the lines just before this symbol (*humor) are not actually serious, I am kidding, joking. It is supposed to be thought of as funny, snippy-funny. See? Okay. (Except the part about not buying anything, about that I am serious. Have a nice, unmaterialistic, Day!

END NOTES 1)-Poem of the Great Emperor Meiji Grandfather of Emperor Hirohito, which the Emperor Hirohito read to his War minded Military staff in 1941 before the attack on Pearl Harbor. Stunned by the reading Admiral Osamo Nagano, Chief of Navy General Staff, promised that diplomacy with the USA would take precedence, "War would be chosen only as an unavoidable last resort." Jean Edward Smith; FDR- 2007 2)-"THE DESCENT INTO HELL IS EASY" 3)-My Prophetic nature, (by the grace of God) correct countless times in my lifetime, (and many verified by date, publication, in print) is now in play. Most concern of Acts of God, however, many of them point out the truth beneath faux postures made by materialists, Prosecutors, Politicians and other professional lairs. A few of my thousands of predictions: More than a year ago I predicted the innocence of the Duke University players and the fate of their prosecutor, and in archived OPED articles for OpEdNews and other sites, I predicted in the Paris Hilton case and the fate of her prosecutor right after she was ordered back to jail and before the predicted woes of both he and the Duke U. Prosecutor in the same week, were announced, because my Dream Messenger said, "...the Lord, your God will teach them truth and justice..." and added that despite the rule of fallible law on earth, neither judges nor rulers have the right to take any lives or make judgments concerning others and that those who do so will also be taught otherwise. Predictions, such as the Massive Tsunami, which I published predicted after a vividly realistic dream: its coming, it's location, the number killed and a drawing of a hotel I saw in the dream (I am also an architectural designer) which turned out to be identical to the hotel shown on a beach on TV the day after the December 26, 2004 Tsunami, almost two weeks after the dream/prediction. (My daughter had a similar dream closer to the event.) It is true that I predicted two days in advance the sudden death of Jerry Fallwell by an act of God, in a column on OpEdNews, (10:22:29 May 13th). However, I had warned he, Pat Robertson, and my own pope that their pronouncements were not meeting favor with God as far back as winter and even earlier, information coming in Messengers comments in dreams. But in the case of Fallwell, because, as I said then, in May, he had recently, made a blasphemous and false "Prophecy" based upon information given him by one of the sources of the upcoming faux "Terrorist" attack within the American government, intended to set Fallwell up as a (false) "prophet" saleable to the fanatical religious, superstitious ones. Now, they would replace him with another faux prophet, in this case Chertoff (?) and if so that is also blasphemy and will result in a loss of soul by the perpetrators. President Clinton, (who after the Russian's similarly successful program) had a program of psychics, doing Remote Viewing (PVOD-Psychic Visualization On Demand) for the government), called my skill "Remote Viewing." I call it prophetic because of the prayers, revelations, dreams and visions that precede it and because I cannot do it upon demand, it is entirely at the will and disposal of God. I have no fear of ridicule because those who have read my prophecies in advance of their fruition know they are, always correct, and respect that and if someone is too indolent to have researched my predictions and their results, they are neither ardent students, intellectuals, nor a consideration. None of the above predictions and the more than 100 others, in publication, though seemingly unlikely to have happened, at all, yet did, was the result of a, "gut reaction," or a guess.

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