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2008, The Election That May Never Happen!

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2008, The Election That May Never Happen! While Nero Fiddled, Rome, burned, and while Bush fiddled around, and Nancy Pelosi fiddled away our last hope, as Chicago, Boston and LA Burned. A prescient look at what may well occur in the weeks leading up to the 2008 election. An End to All Things Fair and Good

America's Last President, And Last days: The Final Throes of Stealing America It happened while America, especially the congress, slept. Some folks never even noticed it. His approval rating went from around 90%, to around 20% (probably propped up a bit at that). His Vice President sunk to 12% and I suspect that too, was pumped up a bit. It was the war, most people thought, a few, the gifted few thought not. They were certain it was something completely other than the war. They, the ones who were good at analysis, who had a knack for Critical Analysis, had taken and excelled at classes in Critical Thinking, knew all too well, what the real problem was, and it was unspeakable, literally. They hadn't minded too much when we sent troops to Afghanistan to hunt for the alleged Master Mind of the 9/11/01 disaster, but they were a bit shocked about the plans for Iraq, but most voted for it. I spoke, raised my voice and finally shouted, that there were no WMD's, if they'd had 'em, they'd have used 'em, and that makes sense, probably more so because I coined that phrase. Now, years later the president has an approval rating below that of Judas Iscariot and about even with that of Adolph Hitler, to which most good folks compare him in 2007. The public at large is confused. The Republican Party, it's image not only tarnished but defecated upon, and which, though they whisper against him, still support him in Washington with votes for his policies, but last week he went a bit too far. He issued an Executive Order, which not only bans non-support of the war, dissidence, but threatens confiscation of all wealth of the "offenders," assets and goods on spuriously all-encompassing grounds, which are no grounds whatsoever. It does this unilaterally with neither trial nor Due Process. It takes on the darkness of Sheol and the Inquisitional dictatorial evil, but does so seemingly without regret or conscience. Why would an American, living in what once was a Democracy, even consider shutting off redress, refusing to allow difference of opinion, desiring, vehemently to shut-off any tiny bit of disagreement? Only one reason, supported by several possibilities are likely. He knows that for the war crimes he committed and which were committed in his name, and for the damage he has done to every segment of America Society, he and his Vice-President face eons of prison time, and the death penalty, which he, himself so widely and liberally granted to others, even those whose minds were undeveloped or retarded-"... .puts 'em out of their misery, perfectly..." I think he was heard to say, or indicate. This action, the Executive Order, I believe, has been broken by, according to his ratings right now, about 193,000,000, of the 215,700,000 voters. About 122,295,345 or 56.69% actually voted and only about 26,000,000 voters still support him and 94,000,000 voters do not. That is almost 4-1 voters against, and if you count all those eligible, to vote, 8-1 of the 215,700,000. He is desperate because he and a number of his staff face War Crimes prosecution, and possibly the death sentence compounder by the loss of the oil.

However, that is not the whole story either. He and his friends, want the oil in the middle east, all of it and they want that oil, which is produced with profit at a price of $1.00-$1.50 a barrel, for Sweet Oil, which is roughly $00.02 (two cents a gallon) including delivery, before it reaches the pump, which is currently selling in the USA for $3.60 a gallon, a profit margin of 189%! Recall that before the war in Iraq, gasoline was selling there retail at the pump for $00.05 (five cents per gallon) and is now selling in Venezuela at $00.12 a gallon (Twelve cents a gallon). (Venezuelan oil is not sweet oil; it is cruder, gunkier; so, it costs a bit more to process). What congress needs to do is demand that whatever oil the oil companies do exact from Iraq, if anything, they first need to pay down the war debt, which gave them said oil, by adding $00.10 a gallon surcharge and sell the gasoline at the pump for $00.15 gallon. Aside from that the desperation of the Bushites stems from wanting to enslave, jail, torture and/or kill, every man, woman and child in America who does not support him and that would amount to roughly 94,000,000 voters and 110,000,000 non-voters, roughly 204,000,000 Americans, or about 66.7% of all Americans. Since he wants to fuse America, Canada and Mexico into one FortressAmerica pseudo-nation, sans any Constitution or Bill of Rights, he might also have to enslave, kill or jail and torture every man, woman and child in Canada and Mexico who does not support him, approximately another 35,000,000 people. Or a grand about 239,000,000 human beings. Quite a prison camp, it may just be better to kill most of them, which probably occurred to him already. He only thinks of others in these broad terms: Agree with me, and I will merely taunt, but tolerate you, disagree, I will jail, torture and kill you, if you are lucky, at best. Bushites love to provoke, but only those over which they have power. They, being cowards, fear everyone else. Here is the reality of the situation. The Democrats are scared. The Republicans are scared. The world is scared. And they are all scared of a handful of cowards who have them buffaloed. Now, here is what is going to happen unless there is an intervention soon. The Bushites through their various Terrorist friends are certain they will lose an up-and-up election in 2008. They may lose as many as 15-25 seats in the House and 7-12 seats in the senate. War Crimes trials would begin, all the gains the Bushites have made will be lost, the ghost of FDR and JFK and MLK, will haunt them right to the death chamber or their prison for the next 50 years. So, what will they do? They have stolen 2.3 trillion dollars and no one knows where it is, a week or so ago they stole another $282,000,000 cash from a bank in Baghdad. (Who keeps that kind of money on hand, instead of out drawing interest? Those who are ordered to, of course.) That money is enough to wage a small sized war such as the one in Iraq for a couple of years easily. Now, the Bushites may have handled the war incompetently, but the Democrats have handled the Bushites incompetently, so they are evenly matched in terms of competence. However, the Bushite have al that money and they know they can buy anyone they don't need to kill, but they also know they probably will lose big-time in 2008. Alternatively, will they? Even without cheating, they may take back their majority, how? People are quite angry with the Democrats, so many are thinking about dumping them. Add to that the bribe factor, the recallable software factor, the threat and fear factor, and what you may see is an upset Republican victory and the end of the world for Democrats. However, even that is not the "Final Solution." That would be one or more a nuclear Holocausts perpetrated by the Bushites, to give them the excuse/power to call Martial Law and cancel elections completely. Bush would go on to serve until his death and real Americans would become extinct. Katrina showed them exactly how to get away with such a maneuver. New Orleans burned while Bush fiddled and fiddled around and no one did anything while carpetbaggers stole New Orleans. Bush undoubtedly took that as a sign that God, was, indeed on his side. He would not have thought for longer than a moment, that it might merely be a temptation, that if God were truly on his side everyone would see the wisdom and goodness of Bush's sage advice and counsel and vote for him and he would not be tempted to steal yet another election. However, hell, he or someone in his team has figured out, that it is relatively easy to steal anything one wants to steal, including everyone's money. Bush has close to 200,000,000 enemies in America right now, but few are armed and what arms they do have are hopelessly outnumbered and technically out gunned, o it may not take much to beat back a rebellion. So, then what will happen? America will become like Iraq, the slaughter will be horrendous and wild-men, mercenaries will kill and rape at will, for sport and little can be done. It will make many older men wish they were young enough to join in the fun. What will be their target? Well they don't want to hit a Republican Strong hold because if there is an election they'll need every vote they can muster, so it will be a city like Chicago, Boston, LA, etc. they'll wipe it off the map and then stall rebuilding until the mercenaries move in. Chicago will be uninhabited for eons because of the nuclear fallout and FEMA will take over and the new mayor will be a Republican appointee-Tom DeLaye, who will never go to trial. Far off in space, a few billion light years from the Milky Way Galaxy, there is another Galaxy, in it a Solar system, within which there is a planet called Htrae, which is the mirror image of Planet Earth. It is a unique planet because, floating about, bobbing along, are dozens of ancient satellites. Some were once useful, some merely decorative, some commemorative and others, battered by time and microcosmic comets, like bobbing, floating sieves, but one catches the eye, not just because it's launching happened a billion years or more ago, before Planet Earth's 21st Century, which was also another billion years past, but because of the Prescience of it's prophetic existence. It is a sparkling, golden tinged bronze, statue, somewhat over a mile long and a half-mile wide. It is a statue of a woman, dressed in a business suit, with her mouth open as though to speak and her hand rising in gesture, as if to make a point, and behind her is a man, about her size, who appears to be moving, although he isn't, but the non-movement that seems to be, is with the grace of a Ballet dancer, he stands above her leaning down, with a rack of puppet strings in his hand attached to the woman and he is rapt forever frozen in the act of pulling them and on the base of the statue in Archaic Aramaic, Hebrew, Latin, Greek and oh, yes, English, it makes some reference to Mr's O'Leary's Cow, and this lady and man, and it further says, "Imbued by God to be at the exact time and place in which she should and could have been the heroin, savior of Planet earth, America, and the Chicago Cubs, pushing articles of Impeachment, she instead listened to the puppeteer, waiting to collect the money for the 2008 election that never came, and while she dithered away time and history, Satan stole her moment to be, which ended all that was good and holy for what amounted to $30, million pieces of silver, which the one pulling her strings pissed away." And there for eternity, it bobbed along, for all to see and lament, until doomsday for the universe. Back, in time a mere thousand million years ago now, however, and finally, the Dems began to swing into action, voting more funds for the war on terror, and avoiding mention of the second and greater of Chicago's two conflagrations and that would be it for The City of the Big Shoulders. The Cubs would never lose another game, nor, noir would they throughout eternity, ever win another World Series, from earth year 1908, and never will the White Sox, Bears, Bulls, or the Wolves, ever win another game. End of story, end of case study, end of Democracy, end of America, end of Planet Earth. Have a nice day

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