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A Treatise On Crime and Punishment Neo-Con Style

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A Treatise On Crime and Punishment Neo-Con Style We here will be looking at crime, sins and evil and deciding on a consistent approach to controlling them. In this Treatise, since the basis of Western law came from the "10 Commandments" and The 7 Deadly Sins/Evils for comparison and decide that since "love of money is the root cause of all evil," and evil begets war and the latest war is over oil and religion and has cost 775,000 deaths and 1,100,000 casualties to the Iraqi's and Americans, and has cost taxpayers $2,000,000,000,000 (2 trillion dollars) in a play that saved the oil companies billions and gets them oil free so they can charge us $3.60-$4.00 a gallon for oil they are producing at 1.5 cents a gallon and sold in Iraq before the war at $00.05 a gallon (five cents a gallon at the pump) Then one of the Deadly Evils (SINS),m Avarice should be treated as is murder. No? Crime and Punishment Neo-Con Style There is a Standard Deviation for everything we can see and many things we cannot. The standard deviation for violent crimes varies state by state, but most Law Enforcement Agencies aggressively pursue people who break those laws-they call them criminals. (In this era of murderers, thieves, liars, traitors and War Criminals in the White House, Congress, and "Justice" Department, it is uncertain whether it is those sought by Law Enforcement Agencies or if it is the Law Enforcement Agencies, which are the criminals.) Police, FBI and other governmental officers arrest and the Justice Departments, District or State's attorneys and Attorney's General and sometimes others prosecute. We vigorously pursue street criminals, and all of those at the far, "low" end of the spectrum of crime. Jails are full to bursting, private enterprise, "Private Sector" jails, built, managed and manned by privately owned and publicly traded corporations for profit, mostly encouraged and heavy contributors to Republican politicians. It is certainly to the advantage of the Private Prison System to have five-year jail terms for spitting on the street, or publicly picking one's nose, but is it fair? It seems that the Motto of the Neo-Con remains: OUR MOTTO, "AS FAIR AS CAN BE EXPECTED!" Poor Mr' Scooter Libby, who merely endangered every CIA agent under cover, when he outed Valery Plame, tried to endanger her, maybe indirectly murdering her, and wrecking her career, and people criticize the Honorable G W Bush for commuting his sentence? How awful! How unjust! Exactly what did he do that was so wrong? Not so very much if you compare to the war crimes of his bosses, right? So, I say, don't just let him go free, Give him-Scooter, the $250,000, for his trouble. I say we build him also a nice home in the countryside, say right inside the Langley Complex-or somewhere south of Baghdad. What do you think? The Bushites favor capital punishment; in fact, they appear to relish it. GW Bush has enjoyed even putting retarded people to death-probably believes he is doing them a service putting them out of their misery? He delights in making the bloodthirsty Christian Right happy by mass-murdering Muslims. That is their solution to dealing with people with which they happen to disagree: slaughter, torture and hate, and then hate, slaughter and torture and kill some more and after the Muslims are dead torture them some more. Hmm, sounds very much like something Jesus would do, doesn't it? GW Bush also recently said in his callous, smirky manner, that he, GW Bush would veto a bipartisan plan extending health insurance, and with it regular checkups and preventive medical care, to about 4.1 million presently uninsured children. Mr. Bush seeking, guffaw, slap on the back, approval from his cynical, demoniac friends who wish to take home not only their own avaristic, enormous salaries stolen from shareholders and private citizens, but the dollars which could save American lives, with the following kind and sweetly empathetic comments, "I mean, people have access to health care in America. ... After all, you just go to an emergency room." And if they have no bread, let them can just eat cake? The young lady who said that back in the 18th century lost her head, I wonder what that kind of veiled cruelty, which says, in essence, I got all of what I have and you can't have because mah granddaddy, Prescott Bush, through his firms, Brown Brothers, Harriman, Bush Walker and Harriman and USB Bank, lent money to the Nazi's and Adolph Hitler from 1932-1942, while his son, the current president's daddy was flying missions against the enemy in the pacific. They illegally held in escrow millions of dollars for a Nazi until 1951. It has been alleged with no known retractions requested, that in WW I Prescott Bush wrote telling his family that he received medals for his heroic adventures. When the letters were published, they were retracted shortly after publication when it was revealed that he had received no such honors or medals His letters were later published in Columbus newspapers, but were retracted a few weeks later when it was revealed that he, in fact, had not received such medals. In a cable Bush sent her stated that the letters were a joke, all, "in the spirit of fun..." according to some sources. Sensitivity, and a grasp of the gravity of situations, it would seem, is not a highly prized family trait. Don't be shocked; because his grandson, GW Bush is the fellow who, according to an old Professor at Yale, stated in a paper he wrote in college, Poor people are so because they are lazy. I mean you have to hand it to him, his callousness, and lack of empathy are consistent with seeming, dearly and long held family philosophies, appropriately displayed within a tightly controlled group of like-minded people who fantasize that they are "Christians." Here are a few Bush ancestral notes: Six days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Trading With the Enemy Act because some U.S. companies were doing business with an enemy of the United States in which it had declared a state of war existed. October 20, 1942, the U.S. government seized Nazi German banking operations in New York City. President Franklin Roosevelt's Alien Property Custodian, Leo T. Crowley, signed Vesting Order Number 248 and there under seized the property of Prescott Bush under the Trading with the Enemy Act. The order, mentioned the Union Banking Corporation (UBC) (One of P. Bush's Companies) were doing with Von Thyssen. Fox News reported that just declassified material "The 4,000 Union Banking shares owned by the Dutch bank were registered in the names of the seven U.S. directors, according a document signed by Homer Jones, chief of the division of investigation and research of the Office of Alien Property Custodian, a World War II-era agency that no longer exists." The Nazi Share Holders: A) E. Roland Harriman--3991 shares (managed and under voting control of Prescott Bush) B) Cornelis Lievense--4 shares (The New York banker of the German Nazi Party) C) Harold D. Pennington--1 share (Employed by Prescott Bush at Brown Brothers Harriman) D) Ray Morris--1 share (a business partner of the Bush and Harriman families) E) Prescott S. Bush--1 share (director of UBC, which was co-founded and sponsored by his father-in-law George Walker; senior managing partner for E. Roland Harriman and Averell Harriman) F) H.J. Kouwenhoven--1 share (organised UBC for Von Thyssen, managed UBC in Nazi occupied Netherlands) G) Johann G. Groeninger--1 share (German Industrial Executive, an important member of the Nazi party) The Harriman business interests seized under the act in October and November 1942 included: 1) Union Banking Corporation (UBC) (for Thyssen and Brown Brothers Harriman). The President of UBC at that time was George Herbert Walker, Prescott Bush's father-in-law. He is the grandfather and great-grandfather of the former and current Presidents Bush. 2) Holland-American Trading Corporation (with Harriman) 3) The Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation (with Harriman) 4) Silesian-American Corporation (this company was partially owned by a German entity; during the war the Germans tried to take full control of Silesian-American. In response to that, the American government seized German owned minority shares in the company, leaving the U.S. partners to carry on the business.) The assets were held by the government throughout the war, but were returned after its conclusion. UBC was dissolved in 1951. Prescott Bush as a board of directors member of UBC, held one share in the company. For that share, he was reimbursed $1,500,000, money later used to seed Bush family investments in the Texas energy industry. It has been claimed by Toby Rogers that Prescott Bush's connections to Silesian businesses along with Thyssen and Flick, showed complicity with mining operations in Poland using slave labor from Auschwitz, just prior to the Auschwitz concentration camp's construction. The New York Herald-Tribune called the German industrialist, Fritz Thyssen, "Hitler's Angel," mentioning Bush as a director of the investment-banking firm in which Thyssen had cash deposited, in the America. It was said to be clear that intelligent men like Bush, Thyssen and Harriman, knew exactly, with whom they were doing business and decided to anyway. National Archives records, including the Harriman papers, evidence a continuing relationship Brown Brothers Harriman, Thyssen and his German investments until his death in 1951. Former Federal Prosecutor John Loftus said, "As a former federal prosecutor, I would make a case for Prescott Bush, his father-in-law (George Walker) and Averell Harriman [to be prosecuted] for giving aid and comfort to the enemy. They remained on the boards of these companies knowing that they were of financial benefit to the nation of Germany." Two slave laborers of Poland during the war and prewar period, filed suit in London against the USA Government the United States and the heirs of Prescott Bush for $40 billion. In 2001, a class-action lawsuit filed in the U.S. was dismissed based on the principle of state sovereignty. This is an interesting family tree. Prescott Bush was elected to congress and served from 1952-1963. He died in 1972. Back to the progeny of Prescott Bush and his and their accomplishments and contributions to humanity. The Current President, GW Bush, who calls himself a "Christian" and hints that he has directions from "on high," when told that his father, Former President HWG Bush, did not favor war with Iraq, said, "I answer to a higher Father." Let us seek the Jesus-like handiwork of President GW Bush, aside from wanting to veto health care coverage for kids, on the basis that doing so was "Socialism" and "Liberalism," Those who agree with him seem not to mind Socialized Shared police, fire, military, Primary and secondary school systems, insurance spreading income for coverage, the stock market, which a publicly shared stock system for those who cannot afford to finance a business for themselves, nor do they object to using publicly supported Military at a tune of $2,000,000,000,000 (Two Trillion American Dollars, taxpayer money) to usurp a leader of a sovereign nation in order to hijack his oil, killing 750,000 people in the process of so doing, so far, and attacked a nation, which bytheway possessed neither air force nor navy and was 1/12th the size of the USA 25,000,000 population to 300,000,000 of the USA). GW Bush loves situations where he is artificially, in control where he greatly-no, vastly, outnumbers his opponents, while he is completely safe and unreachable. These traits are universally, inherently, unerringly, and infallibly, symbolic of cowardice, despicable cowardice. Let us see: Did Jesus ever kill anyone? Umm, doesn't seem so. Did he ever advocate anyone else ever killing anyone? Uhh, no, seems not. Were their not evil kings and emperors in his day, including those of his own nation? Not unless you fail to Count Caesar, Herod the Great's sons, Herod Antipas and his brothers, Pontius Pilate, his predecessor Qynarius and many other warlords of the surrounding nations and allies of Rome, who were slaughtering millions and who had recently before Jesus, had crucified in a few days 6,000 officers of the slave/rebel Spartacus. Did Jesus ever say to his men at arms (Peter), "We must overthrow all the evil men and women, make "regime-Change" and destroy the bejeepers out of them?" I never heard of him saying such a thing, did you? Did Jesus ever say, "Let's attack Syria and steal their Olive oil, it is better and cheaper than ours and their leader is a pagan, anyway and has lots of wives." Nope, never heard of him saying that, either. Did Jesus say to punish the Samaritan Woman at Jacob's Well, who was living out of wedlock with a man and had had 5 husbands? No, in fact, he never even said anything negative about that, nor did he tell her to leave the man with whom she was living nor did he ask her to get an annulment, or say to her to go and sin no more. In fact, she became a virtual apostle, bringing the whole town to hear him speak and was respected by the Messiah. I wonder why? Sounds somewhat umm, ah, yeah, sound somewhat tolerant to me. No, more than that, more than merely tolerant, sounds more like, what word is that, oh, yeah, LIBERAL, to me. Oh, remember the rich man who passed the starving, beggar Lazarus at his gate every night and never even threw the poor guy a bone to nibble on or a crumb to eat. (The poor are so because they are lazy? That according to GW Bush's paper at Yale.) Umm where did that guy go when he died? Oh yeah, Sheol-translate, Hell! Didn't Jesus say something about the "little ones" the children, something which with proper translation means never do anything, not so much as to even so much as to harm a hair of the head of these little ones, or it would be better had you never been born? Wouldn't denying more than 4,100,000 "little ones," proper health care, qualify as far worse than pulling out one hair on the head of ONE of them? Yeah, I think so, move over Mr. Fallwell, (however, I do not think Jerry Fallwell's crimes are nearly equal to those of Bush, so his stay in Sheol will be relatively short, before he is recycled back to Earth for another try at learning tolerance and empathy) make Room for your President, down there in the hot zone, when he eventually cashes in his chips. Maybe the Bushites and their Anti-Christ "Christian Right" followers, would like to resurrect the dead Muslims so they can slaughter them all over again? It's like shooting dead fish in a barrel, isn't it? Kill, kill, kill, until there are none left, and then they can start slaughtering our own allies who disagree even in the least with what they want to do! Kill everyone who disagrees with anything they do, anytime they do so! How like Jesus they are when they do that! When they run out of people and animals to kill maybe they can kill each other and finally themselves. See, I am a sinner as we all are, even those who do not believe, but I doubt that many of my readers or those of would advocate attacking and mass-murdering hundreds of thousands of Islamic Arabs to make a profit on oil or anything else. After all, if these so-called "Christians" who love to kill the enemies Jesus asked them to love if they wished to follow him, really do believe in divine providence, and private enterprise and protection of assets, would they comprehend that man was given free will to believe whatever he wants and that by Divine Providence, the mid-easterners are sitting on the largest cache' of Sweet Oil on the planet? Isn't it Divine providence, the Will of God that they own it and they keep it? Jesus did not advocate murdering the pagan Romans, who slaughtered and enslaved even more people than, has Bush (so far) and I never heard of Jesus saying to go out and kill them all force them all to become Christians. Even Paul, who drastically changed Jesus' mission, after the fact, although he would have wanted all to become Christians, never advocated torturing or killing them into believing-Only very hostile, very sick, very mentally ill people, hate so much as to want to torture even though all the experts on the subject say such horrors are useless and inhumane. Only very hostile, very sick, very mentally ill people, hate so much as to want to torture and kill others, only those who need so badly to play God, (mostly only for the privilege of doing harm to those whose beliefs and actions make them uncomfortable) who desire controls, do not realize that such hatred is a part of a lack of faith, such desire to control the actions of others displays a lack of faith in themselves and also in God. People only want others to stop feely fornicating because they are tempted and they think that killing off or torturing others, who are having a good time, will stifle their own sick desires. Those who condemn with ferocity the lifestyle of others, often, secretly envy that lifestyle but lack the courage to do it, and wants those with such courage to suffer for something that they-themselves covet and secretly desire also, but either lack the courage to make a bold life statement, or lack the giftedness for attracting comely sexual partners, or are too overwhelmed with Inferiority Complexities, to attempt it. Not that I am advocating a life of diversely practicing fornication as movie stars seem so often to do, but neither do I envy them nor want them to fall under my control, because it matters not a bit to me what they or anyone else does with their time. I neither care who they worship, nor if they worship, nor why, nor if they do not worship. We have free will given us by God, or nature if you prefer, therefore those who try to revoke Free Will from men, display quite visibly an animosity toward, and that they object to the natural ways of our planetary environment, and thereby hold in contempt, God's Will in these matters, and therefore lie when they call themselves Christians. Murdering people of other nations far off, or even people nearby, because of their exercising of free will to worship as they please is a mental illness, it is sick-despicable. Doing so for oil, and saying it is because a leader is evil, by another leader whose actions are even worse or at least comparable, is *hypocrisy, at best, demoniacal at worst. Those who approve are even sicker. Jesus was LIBERAL, tolerant, empathetic man, who would not have told those starving and had no bread, "Then let them eat cake..." anymore than he would have told children without medical coverage, to, Let them go to an emergency room... because common sense tells one, that people with access to medical coverage are far less likely to reach a stage of illness, to need an emergency room. (Unless they have very callous doctors, which seem to abound under the present system.) *(For an example of hypocrisy, let's use Wendy Vitter, wife of Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter. Mrs Vitter indicated back then, when Monica Lewinski was all over the news and President Clinton, that if she was Hillary Clinton, she would do as did Lorena Bobbitt did when her husband cheated (Cut off her husbands Johnson.) However, now that her husband, Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter, has been implicated by the phone book of DC Madame Deborah Jeane Palfrey. Last time he was checked, was the Senator's Johnson still intact?) He claims he did nothing wrong, but Mrs. Vitter* claims she forgave him. For what did she forgive him, if he did nothing wrong? Who and What Do We Punish? How did America and its subject-states conclude about what and whom to punish for certain behavior? What was their source of research? In all of our documents, and those of most other nations, the source of most criminal codes and general law, as well as Tort Law, and our Constitution, is, in the main, whether we like it or not, in most western nations, and others outside of western law, derived from the Ten Commandments, and the "Seven Deadly Evils," the Torah, and to a lesser extent, the Code of Hammurabi. The Seven Cardinal or Deadly Evils are: 1) Pride/Vanity 2)-Envy/Covetousness, the desire for others' traits, status, abilities, or situation. 3)-Gluttony, an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires. 4)-Lust, inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body. 5)-Anger/Wrath: The manifestation of for fury rather than love or empathy. 6)-Avarice/Greed/Covetousness: the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual. 7)-Sloth: the avoidance of work, or use of giftedness. The most obvious answer is the source and base root of all of the above, and that is listed as number 6, Avarice/Greed. This is by far the worst Evil because it funds all other evils and love of that funding is at the heart of Massive evil. And that is Avarice/Greed! Let us look at a few of the others above: Number four Lust. Minor thing and not evil, it is part of every creature on the planet and I would wager of every creature on every planet. He that claims not to lust, is a f*cking Liar or deficient sexually, or a Eunuch. Every man or woman who ever lived lusted; if they did not then they were not human, and probably not living. People don't fall in love, they fall in lust, and love comes later. You cannot love until you know someone well. In order to do that-know someone well, you have to have an initial reason to want to know them. I like many women, but don't want to couple with them. Coupling requires desire, and desire is lust, without which other than in countries where families fix marriages, there would be no marriages, ever. The prophets, Jesus, and God only condemned lust if it led to rape, or infidelity, or contempt, or disregard for the one who was the object of lust. Love grows out of lust and knowledge of admirable qualities in one lusted over will often lead to love. Unattractive people are seldom desired as anything more than a friend. Nubile women attract men and even other women. Unattractive women who are "very nice," and have "great personalities" seldom do. I am an anthropologist and that is the way we were designed and that is undeniable by anyone with common sense and working brain cells. When men or women marry those who do not initiate lust, they usually cheat in them. Lust is God's, or nature's lure to get people to mate. Without lust one would never mate, becasue then watching or playing baseball, or football, or fishing, would, indeed be more attractive. Numbers 1, 2, 3, all apply indirectly and directly to avarice in one way or another, even sometimes number 7 does. However, in reality avarice/greed, love of money is the root cause of ALL evil, especially the Iraq "war." In this case, "war" means rape. There are extremes at both ends of the spectrum of Standard Deviation. If one extreme is wrong, than so is the other. If we are punishing extremes, consistency demands we punish up and down extremism. Avarice/greed displayed and practiced should be punished, as are other Mortal Evils, like murder and torture, and should be vigorously punished. Those who seek huge compensation Packages, those who wish to steal Social Security, those who tell the poor to "eat cake" or in lieu of medical insurance, to "go to an emergency room," and then work to make those selfish fantasies a reality, should face the same penalties as other felonies, regardless of the office they hold-they are worse than murderers. "Fear not those who kill the body, but fear more those who kill body and soul...". You could make as good a case against anyone putting a pesticide/herbicide on one's lawn, or spreading modern asphalt on a driveway. While the toxins within both causes slower illness or death for many, it is, none-the-less, murder and is also forcing neighbors to involuntarily inhale a drug which is mood and health altering, and therefore should it also not also be charged as if it were criminal assault, forced, involuntary, drug use? If the Bushites go free, then all criminals should b released from prison regardless of crime because there is no one in our prison system right now who is responsible for 775,000 deaths and 1,100,000 casualties and 4,100,000 children suffering and many dying, and forcing tens of millions into poverty, stealing their Social Security benefits and their Free Will, and showing blatant contempt for our God. Number five, above of the Seven Deadly Evils-Wrath/anger, if entertained, leads to torture and/or murder. However when practiced on a grand scale it is discounted by organized religions. The same deadly Evils list Avarice, Greed as no less deadly than anger and the fruits thereof. Why do we tolerate Avarice when it is ultimately the source of all evils? If we make elaborate laws to protect people from one of the Seven Deadly Evils and the Ten Commandments, why not all of them? We should be even less tolerant of great wealth. Even wise Republicans like President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned of the unrestrained evil inherent in The Military Industrial Complex, which I have widened to the Military Medical Industrial Complex. Greed should be treated with even less tolerance than murder or rape, because those crimes as bad as they are, are usually carried out one at a time, while avarice/greed always causes far more wide spread harm, of late so far 775,000 deaths in Iraq more than in the previous five years before the attack. We punish people at the weakest, minimum end of the behavior spectrum, common criminals, who rape, murder, rape and murder, sadistically and ritually murder, mass murder (so far as I can recall some up to 50 people. There may be more, but for my purposes, this will suffice). See, these people only abuse or kill one person at a time. Obviously they are dumb and a bit slow besides, either that or they have not been paying attention to their leaders, because their leaders by example, have been... well, leading, showing that if you are going to steal don't steal a pair of shoes, because they'll shoot you for that, steal a boxcar full of shoes, or a factory full of shoes. If you must kill people the government will kill you, unless... unless you go to Iraq. There you can kill, kill, kill, anyone one you want and while you are at it you can have sex with anyone you want and then kill her, too before she talks. Afterwards put a gun in her hand and say she whipped it out and you just had to shoot her. Now, see if you kill Muslims, over in Iraq, that is good, no one will bother you. Just sit up on a hill and pick off drivers on their way to work, or whatever, you like. Now isn't that fun!?!? Jesus loves you more when you kill people who are not Christian, is that what they believe? He gets off on that, don't you? How sick it that? During the Nuremberg trial we hung some of the War Criminals-especially those who killed or tortured. Torture seems to be the nameplate of Nazi's. Hitler committed suicide to avoid capture, trial and worse. America has executed people who were borderline insane, people who were retarded; it has severely punished and lynched black citizens for crimes for which white people don't even go to jail. Lately, Italians "Mafia" figures are treated as guilty as soon as they are accused, and they are sentenced as though they were war criminals. People who do armed robbery face capital punishment, or at least severe penalties, they even tried to throw the book at Paris Hilton, for a traffic violation that 98% of others, rich or poor, do supervision or have suspended or commuted sentences, however, Scooter Libby Goes free and Mr. Novak is never even investigated or if he was, was never indicted. The government punishes thieves who steal from people's homes, but they punish them more when they steal from businesses, and far more when they steal from major corporations. Even people who copy videos and DVD's for home use can be investigated by the FBI, arrested, fined $250,000 and jailed, but I as a an artist, if someone takes an image from my website, I'd have to go to civil court, file a lawsuit. If I have my work stolen from me, by an insurance company or any corporation that is not a crime but a civil suite. If, however, I do the same to them it is often a crime. The government, jails, torture and executes people all the time for common crimes, but they seldom never do that to politicians (unless they are of the opposite party and friendless in the other) or corporations for the very same offenses. Now, with Democracy gone, America joined the ranks of the most vile and hated nations which ever existed. The fellow who took accepted $832,000 in bribes in China, Zheng Xiaoyu, whose tenure as head of the State Food and Drug Administration from 1997 to 2006, when the agency approved six drugs which were unproven and faux, as drug-makers falsified documents to apply for approvals, according to reports was executed Tuesday, July 10th 2007 according to state television and the official Xinhua. One of the antibiotics caused the deaths of at least 10 people. Proof that China, a so-called Godless nation, is more inclined to justice than the Bush administration, which it's Anti-Christ leaders, claims to be "Christian." Massive Organized Criminals infest the White House and Congress. They are among the most vile creatures Beelzebub ever placed on Earth and in our pathway to peace and empathy. They are afflicted with a disease, The Incubus Virus that, once welcomed into the system, eats away the electrochemical processes, which shape, conscience, empathy, respect for the rights of others and the desire for true justice. Some people believe these men and women are spawns indeed of a Satanic Power. Others think not God but Satan infested the womb of their parents and in some cases their families were infested generations ago and the gene that provides, conscience, empathy, respect for the rights of others and the desire for true justice, was destroyed and the newest spawns have not even the capacity for those virtues, therefore are somewhat less than human. Speaking of Multi Generational Organized Crime Actually, I wasn't, speaking of Multi-generational Organized Crime, but I am now. I reflected over the history of the Cheney family from Scotland to England to here. The name Cheney went through numerous manifestations of similarity to the present pseudonym, but if the research material I found was correct, the evil manifested by this family was hellish and treasonous at best throughout their age-old, horrific existence. The cowardice, unhumanliness of the current flaccid, enervated, undefined musculature, creation, is no Apollo, but worse, he is no man-he is at best displaying all of the non-virtues of a demoniac We seem to have few problems executing human criminals with lots of money and political pull, but none at all executing minorities, animals and retarded people, so it is high time we discovered to what gender and/or species the Bushites does belong before bringing them to justice, no? It is time to apply criminal law to everyone equally, including the president of the United States of America, and we ought to impeach or censure on both sides of the aisle. those in contempt of the Constitution-all of those who voted for The Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act of 2006, and all of those who voted for the war, for murdering 775,000 human beings. The police need to go and arrest Dick Cheney and G W Bush and Nancy Pelosi for witnessing a crime and failing to report it or failing to make an arrest. (Impeachment is a recipe for treason, but a better and faster means is appointing a Special Prosecutor.) The standard Deviation for the High-end of the spectrum, are men who committed treason, men who committed criminal endangerment, who committed crimes of provocation did it for ambiguous and unloving reasons. They did so because they are cowards, are greedy, are invertebrate, and remarkably unlikable. We must treat all of the Ten Commandments and Seven Deadly Evils, which lead to massive loss of life and gigantic avarice, with equal vigor. Starting with more severe punishments for those Evils which do harm to the most people and those Evils would be GREED/AVARICE, which lately has harmed 1,100,000 and killed 775,000 people, and has exposed 50,000,000 Americans to uncovered health risk, and 65,000,000 whose jobs have greedily been sent overseas for greater profit for a handful, at the expense of tens of millions. That is what the latest version of mass-murder instigated by Avarice, is all about-it is all about a handful of people making incredibly more than the rest and living in unsurpassed luxury, by depriving the greater number of making sufficient funds for a decent life. These are the symptoms of contempt for lif, for contempt of others less well placed, of America and Americans, and of God, and of course, of a total lack of self-respect, of self-hatred, manifested, as always by hatred of others, less fortunate and just others in general. Roosevelt's vision was that a strong America is a healthy America and that meant then and still does now, spreading the wealth and health to as many as possible. When a few are wealthy and the many are in need of bare essentials, the wealthy become perverted as they now display, and those left out become revolutionaries. Cowards only provoke those they know cannot reach them or harm them. Greed, one of the great evils, has been approved by authorities even though it is a far greater crime than one or two murders, because it always involves and/or leads to multiple murders-mass murders, like Iraq and more subtle ones like 65,000,000 million Americans without adequate health care and/or adequate income, while industry weakens our citizens to line their own pockets. Remedies? I suggest a 35%. Surcharge on the purchase and sales on all of the stocks of companies who outsource and a 70% tax on their goods, and a $500,000 salary cap on their executives and either a $2,500,000 compensation package on all CEO's and underlings, based on no more than 25 times to average salary of all employees or contractor's employees and outsourced individual workers compensation, which ever is greater. The funds can be used to finance Universal Cradle to Coffin Health Care for every living American. A healthy American worker is a healthy American spender and investor and potential soldier. Good Night and God Bless... ... And if you don't believe there is a God then bless yourself with whatever you do or do not believe, and I am as happy to exclude you from the blessing, as I am to include you in the blessing, it makes no difference to me.
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