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The Feckless, Pelosi, Rahm Emanuel "Stratagem," Will Lose in 2008!

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The Feckless, Pelosi, Rahm Emanuel "Stratagem," Will Lose in 2008! Super fund raiser, Rahm Emanuel has been the fair haired boy of the Democrats, but his current finger twiddling approach to Impeachment, Special Prosecutors intervention, and any kind of resistance to the Bushites Aggressiveness combined with the democratic cave in on war funding, is more than annoying to Progressive Democratic voters, it is driving them fully into the arms of waiting Independents mad middle of the road Republicans. Pelosi, Emanuel, costing Dems Heavily in the Early Going Rahm Emanuel's forte' appears to be fund raising. When he went against the grain by having Clinton skip some state primaries, in order to initiate a fund raising blitz, traditionalists ranted. However, Clinton and Emanuel had the last laugh, as the Primary season wore on everyone else was running out of cash, while Clinton's run for the money allowed him to outlast them. A brilliant play by Emanuel and more so by Clinton, for it takes a risk taker to employ and listen to one. The strategy paid off in heavy dividends-Kudos to Rahm Emanuel for that trick. I have, in the last several weeks, written a number of articles here and elsewhere warning the Democrats of the inefficacious, fustian nature of the Rahm Emanuel influence for the 2008 election. Unfortunately, he appears to be a one-trick-dog, up against a many trick mutt. The flaw, and it appears to be a fatal one, is that Emanuel has convinced Nancy Pelosi that ignoring the casualties, death, mayhem and disaster that is Iraq, forgoing the arduous task of Impeachment, for several reasons, because, as in the Clinton Campaign, building a large cash buffer for the 2008 campaign takes precedence and is thus of maximum importance. This strategy holds that: A) There are not enough trusted votes to pull off the impeachment. That has been amply demonstrated in the rush by many Democrats to join Republicans on a variety of issues, and Emanuel has a good point there. Starting an impeachment procedure requires an ample overage of Yea, votes. The Democrats do not have them, not even within their own party and they can not expect any help from the spineless, greedy, Republicans, too busy lining their pockets and fearful of Karl Rove to honor the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Avarice and/or fear always trump altruism in the weak and immoral. B) If one tries to dethrone the king and fails, one is doomed. The backlash alone could propel a Republican candidate into office. C) To Emanuel, winning the election is the primary thing and to do that you need a lot of money. Again, he is correct. D) Moreover, Impeachment takes a great deal of money, time and effort, and can quickly become a diversion, which takes the catastrophe of Iraq out of the headlines, a major advantage for the Republican candidate for Bush's job. E) The Republicans, unafraid of risks, could do what the Democrats are too timid to attempt. They could covertly create a terrorist attack on a major target, declares Martial Law in the aftermath chaos, cancel the election and anoint Bush Dictator. And I believe that approach is not beneath them. However, and you must give this to Emanuel, the rush for funding, trumped missing a few primary contests and ultimately won the election for Clinton, who outlasted his primary opponents and beat his Republican adversary. The trouble is, this is not the 1992 or the 1996 Election, the opponent is not HGW Bush, or Robert Dole, the opponent is a ruthless despot, who would not hesitate to attempt to arrest half the congress after declaring Martial Law and attack Blue States with their own National Guard units, or, as is his present plan, ask for large new contingents of troops for Iraq, with the idea of using Iraq as a staging area and the extra troops to invade Iran after a covert bombing, strafing run there has eliminated most of the population, civilian and military. Moreover, while Emanuel is thinking that raising the money, not making aggressive political and legal moves, and that agreeing with the Bush plan to fund the war and increase troop strength, will stave off backlash and place the onus on Bush to perform giving him all the rope he desires, before pulling the pin late in the campaign. None of which will mean a thing in reality. It won't because while Emanuel knows much about how to make and raise money, he really, judging by his hostile demeanor, does not know very much about people. He does not know the Bushites, nor does he know the many of the voters who supported, reluctantly or tentatively, or both, the Democrats in 2006. Bush will stop at nothing to get the oil, everywhere on the planet, and Rove and Cheney know well that the chances are slim that they will find another so pliable and insecure, ego centric, with a strong addictive insecurity and inferiority complex, so easy to provoke, manipulate, and lead around by the nose in 2008, and forfeit his immortal soul, as GW Bush. They would rather keep Bush in office indefinitely, and may try to do so. There is ample evidence that between Cheney's alleged Basement Iran Contra maneuverings, funded by billions stolen from Iraq, bolstered by Afghanistan Poppy cash, by billionaire Survivalist cash, cash slush, given to No-Bid contractors with an admonition to hold billions in escrow for a Cheney Emergency, cash, armed manpower, ordinance and logistics superiority of Rumsfeld's, alleged, covert, Strategic Support Branch (SSB), Cheney could pull off a coup and take control of the government with little opposition from the morally and courage-challenged Democrats. In such a case, the money raised by Emanuel is indeed worthless. It, like the oil, will easily be confiscated or given to him and others as a bribe to sell the rest of us and Bush's future and present victims out. If he is ever imprisoned by the Bushites, the big 350 pound boys there, the ones with tattoo's and staples everywhere, will love to have a 145 pound, pirouetting ballet-boy at their disposal However, not knowing what a ballet dancing Emanuel lacks, which makes him think retail, "Whom else are they going to vote for," he has missed one enormous bet-the totally pissed-off American voter. Nancy Pelosi's refusal to consider impeachment and of late her anger at constituent visitors to her office (She allegedly had some arrested or removed by Security Police) has upped the anti. What some overlook is that voters are still angry because the Democrats foolishly used anything but common sense in the 2000 election, snatching defeat, etc. etc.... and then blowing several opportunities to lay Bush open in 2004 on a number of issues, especially the Swiftboating matter, when this writer implored them throughout June/July of '04 to immediately challenge Bush to a debate on their respective military careers, a no-lose event, if he refused the Dems could have hounded him the rest of the way, is he accepted, and used the Swift Boat material, the backlash would have destroyed his candidacy. On the other hand, if he did not, how could his AWOL service record hold a candle to Kerry's service record? They considered it and said no, but no to me. Foolish? No! Stupid is a better word. Kerry would have won hands down. Pelosi has turned off many voters and many are considering punishing the Democrats with turning either fully toward the Republican candidate, or toward the Third Party Candidate especially since now Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg is considering running as an independent. The voters are not only vocal but they are angrily so. The 2006 house-senate victory was not so much a vote for the Democratic vision; because they appear to have none, as it was an anti-Bush War, vote. Such voters, now angry with Pelosi and would be at Emanuel, if they knew who that it was he, behind her unenlightened, stubborn, stance. Most voters outside of Illinois have no clue as to the existence of one Rahm Emanuel. The tentative Democratic voters are angry with the Democrats for a variety of reasons, including congress's seeming chicken heartedly fear of scrambling and pressing for a Special Prosecutor, or arresting Cheney on any number of issues, or simply opening an investigation into Cheney and Rumsfeld's alleged covert CIA type, illegal activities. The Democrat's victory last October was tentative at best; it should have, under the existing conditions, been wider, stronger and more convincing. It was not the unprecedented revolution some expected and now the leadership of the party face a decision. A minor change should mitigate their silly performance thus far. I am speaking of a change for the benefit of all Americas and many Iraqi innocents, and the people of Iran, Syria and the rest of the oil-sitting-world. If the democrats would enable the appointment of a Special Prosecutor on any number of issues, they could get off the hook. Adding to all of their present woes is a past woe; Tom DeLaye is still at large. Nearly two years have past since he was dumped and he is (in the public perception) no closer to trial than he was seven years ago. To Many, since winning in 2006, the Democrats have become a Do-Nothing Party, full of anxiety, fear, timidity, cowardice and few, if any quick thinkers. Now, to top off all of that, the wars between Howard Dean and Rahm Emanuel are still firmly wedged into the minds of insiders. To win in 2008, the Democrats, need to change their course and gain back the respect they've lost since the campaign or face the shock that waits them in 2008. Their stalling about will, only too quickly, leap up and bite them on the backside and straight in the face. Donna Brazile ran an unenlightened, regressive, Campaign in 2002, and in 2004 that campaign was run by wusses disguised as humans. Indeed so ineffectual and incompetently managed, were those two campaigns, that even the Bushites were surprised that they won. Now, among those who helped give them a majority in congress, wishing to punish the Democrats is becoming more of a motivating rally call, than beating the Bushites. There are four possible scenario facing he Democrats in 2008, three of which are not at all in their best interests. A) The voters will flock to whomever is the Third Party candidate, all of which candidates right now in focus, will pull more votes from Democrats than Republicans, that may be either Nader again or Bloomberg, or both. B) Nader alone, or worse, Bloomberg alone, could run as an independent or as a Republican. In either, case it spell DEATH to any Democratic Candidate. C) The voters, in an effort to punish and teach them a lesson, rush to vote for a traditional Republican Candidate and split their once Democratic Votes between that candidate and the Independent Third Party Candidate. D They stay with the Democrats..., which, at this point at least, is highly doubtful, and again the Republicans steal the election and the Democrats do nothing about it, as usual. In any case, for people of justice, any scenario is pure hell. So, now I say to Americans, not the famous lines of Bette Davis in the film, All About Eve, Buckle up it's going to be a bumpy ride, but the unknown lines of Pete Bagnolo, read the words There will be no place whereon or under to hide to escape the conflagration of the Anti-Christ who now occupies the Casa Blanca. And that conflagration shall not be set upon us by God, or Jesus, or any prophet, or any Angels of Death, but by the inactions of the Cowardly Democrats, enabling the actions of the insane fascists.

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