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Americans and Brits Disguised As Arabs Caught Seeking to Detonate Bomb In Baghdad Residential Area?

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Americans and Brits Disguised As Arabs Caught Seeking to Detonate Bomb In Baghdad Residential Area? Predicted years ago and again here and on my blogsite Bushites shoveling coal and fanning the fire to keep violence at it's peak and troops in Iraq so they can steal the oil?? Americans and Brits Disguised As Arabs Caught Seeking to Detonate Bomb In Baghdad Residential Area? There was a story, which was ignored by the MSM and just about everyone else. Whether or not it was fact, a rumor, or a fantasy is hard to say without more information, I like it because, true or not, it is true, in several ways. Here is the gist of the story in several incarnations: "Iraqis apprehended two Americans disguised as Arabs trying to detonate a car bomb in a residential neighborhood of western Baghdad." It further said that a number of Iraqis captured two Americans disguised and dressed as Arabs trying to ignite up a booby-trapped car in a residential area in western Baghdad on Tuesday (October 11-2005). Residents of the west side of Baghdad's al-Ghazaliyah district told Quds Press that the Iraqi's had captured the Americans leaving a Caprice automobile in the midst of that residential neighborhood in Tuesday afternoon. Local neighbors thought that the men they looked suspicious so they took the men into custody before they could get away. When they discovered that the villains were American, they called the Iraqi police. It wasn't more than five minutes after the arrival of the Iraqi police, when a large contingent of American troops showed up and surrounded them all. They grabbed the two Americans, placed them into one of their Humvees and squealed away at high speed, flabbergasting the residents. The Quds Press then telephoned a member of the al-Ghazaliyah "puppet police" who confirmed the entire scenario, and said that the captured two men were not Arabs but refused to be state the national origin of the culprits. However, there is more, the same newspaper reported that in September, the Iraqi police in the southern city of al-Basrah arrested two British men which they accused of attempting to detonate a bomb in the city. The Iraqi police took the Brits into custody but the prison was attacked and broken into by a large force British troops. From that point forward there has been a tense relationship between the British and the local authorities in al-Basrah, Quds Press reported. , I mention all of the above to support my story which is now nearly eight years (8-Years) old and which I have repeated countless times since, and it goes, as always something like this: 9/11 and similar bombings around the Planet, including many in Iraq, Israel, attempts here are, and will continue to be, following the pattern of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four (1984), a put up job by the enemy within, run, ironically, from the basement of the White House, or from the basement of one of the contractors or subcontractors in Iraq, New Orleans, Georgia, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or anywhere else where corporate mercenaries, which allowed to steal at will, billions, with no oversight, will do anything they are asked. Some do it for the cash. Unfortunately, for them, but fortunately for the rest of us, they may never spend that cash, because their ultimate employers cannot afford to have them live knowing what they do know. It is a fantastic story, one which I have been reporting for more than eight years, and more so the last five years, since my first rather regrettable Novel (Badly edited) copyrighted as a novelette first in 1994-1996, updated in 1998, and later expanded and re-copyrighted as a full length novel, in 2003, and published as such in 2004. It sold like Radio-Active Manhole Covers. It reiterated the theme, which has echoed down through the ages in murders and conspiracies throughout all of time. Where shall I start? Where-ever I do someone, maybe even me, will find an earlier example of betrayal and conspiracy; Saul betraying David, David betraying Uriah, everyone betraying Jesus, Ultra-Conservative Billionaire's instigating WW II, as General Macarthur informed us, The Emperors of the then Military Industrial Complex, (Now The Military Medical Industrial Complex run by Ultra-Conservative Billionaire's), as President, General Eisenhower informed us, as he handed the keys to the Kingdom over to the walking corpse/target JFK, (in what, retrospect may have been was less a general comment than a personal prophecy) who was murdered by the pseudo-fathers of the men who conspired to impeach President Clinton and who also murdered RFK, MLK and Senator Wellstone, who was also murdered by the corporate sons of the Military Medical Industrial Complex run by Ultra-Conservative Billionaire's. (The only things that ever happened since the world began which were not conspiracies are acts of God.) It is an Alan Drury novel, reversed. Was this war, the constant disruptions overseas, "terrorism," the unrest in Iraq following the slaughter, planned by the Bushites, agitated by the Military Industrial Medical Complex and coordinated by the Bushites, their contractors and mercenaries, to keep troops in Iraq and steal the oil? To infuriate and provoke more violence and use these "acts of terrorism" to encourage the insurgency to fight even harder, rather than sending Jimmy Carter and other peace-minded people over there to seek an end to the violence. Well, I don't think the Bushite demoniacs want peace, they want oil and they want to provoke more violence, to make us think that the insurgents, the Iranians, the Sunni's, the Al-Qaeda, are stepping-up the attacks, when in actuality, the Al-Qaeda are working for the Bushites to incite more violence and retaliation. In addition, at this very moment are the military, with talking-selling points from the White House Basement, busy recruiting the most bloodthirsty, tiny, minority, which are always in on any war among our troops to join them after discharge? Recruitment techniques? "Hey, young feller, you have a gift for mayhem. Howdja like to join us? You could make up to and over $1,000 a day, plus living expenses, no income tax, virtual freedom from prosecution, an air-conditioned, souped-up, well armored, virtually bomb proof High speed, BMW, James Bond auto and the life of a swashbuckling, Buccaneer! A life of adventure most men can only dream of and all you have to do, is send your conscience and empathy, if you have either which we doubt, to hell, and make do without them for a few years, which we think a guy like has the will and might to do, which is why we are now recruiting you." "Gee, what would I have to do?" "Nothin' any different than you are doing now, except you'd get rich doin' it. Now, they call what you are doin' "serving your country" and you are honor-bound t do it. There is nothing honorable about what you'll be doin' working fer us-all. However, in a way, and in the long run, it is for your country. To keep it runnin' we need to promote terrorism, war, and both here in Iraq, in Israel and even at home. It's all for the best in the long run, even the heavy killin', torture, blowing up women, old people, little kids, in the end it is the American Way, (But really more the Military Industrial Medical Complex Way.) Thass-all! How 'bout it, kid, whaddya say to the life of a free booter, and anything you steal from anyone is yours to keep, even millions! You can rape any gal you'd like, kill anyone you'd like, and ain't no one gonna stop you and if you ever get into a jam, nothin' less than the US Military, will ride to the rescue and break you out of prison and there ain't nothin' no one can do to stop them and even they-the US Military will know nothin' except that you were on a highly "secret mission!" Even if you were just stealing from the father of the gal you just f#cked or raped, millions in jewelry! Whadda life kid! In addition, out of all these high-principled soldiers, we have been sent to seek out the ones with 'talent'-guys to which "high-principles" means stupidity." We only select the cream of the crop, one out of every hundred, or sometimes a rare guy who is one of a thousand. Let the other 99 or 999 have what they call "principles," or "honor," or "ethics," that's all bullshit kid, you can't get a $500 an hour whore on principles. That takes Big-Bucks-cash and we're payin' it! Because, you got talent, you want things. Things you want costs big bucks and we are paying big bucks and... Best of all, we want you!" Is this how it works or is it more professional and the above merely an imagination run amok? Or maybe at some high school recruiting station they are telling 17 and 18 years old kids something like this? "...And hey, I'm not supposed to tell you this, but if I do, you got to promise you won't tell anyone, okay? Good, you promise then? Okay, kid, here it is..." Then in a secretive whisper, furtively peeking about the room and leaning close, "some of our guys, when their term is up get recruited by the contractors as mercenaries. If you are one of them, You could make up to and over $1,000 a day, plus living expenses, no income tax, virtual freedom from prosecution, an air-conditioned, souped-up, well armored, virtually bomb proof High speed, BMW, James Bond auto and the life of a swashbuckling, Buccaneer! Stand up kid, give me flexed arm, now lem'me see." Now squeezing the bicep and with a furtive wink, "kid, off-the-record, you got what is takes and I have pull with the contractors over there, I can almost guarantee you a job when your term is up. Come see me when you get out, here's my card and my private number is on the back. Hey, part of the test is keeping mum, so tell no one, and don't show anyone that card. Not even your principal, okay-dokay? Good man!" This is always, now served up with a wink, a thumbs up and a slap on the back or a high-five. Today when I read an article, here on OpEdNews by Mike Palecek, it was a deja-vue, (which phenomenon are an everyday occurrence in our home), we had been talking about the very thing last night, "Make them kill you," Mike's priest in his book had said about the timeless billionaire industrialist/political avarists. I wondered about the role in real life of the martyr. It never mattered to me if Jesus was or was not God. I saw him as a holy prophet, a man out of step with time, eons ahead of those he encountered. I always knew there was a God, it just got confirmed, as it did for Einstein, when I began to study science, first astrophysics, and later majoring in Anthropology. Logic made me doubt Jesus as God come down to Earth to save us from our sins, and in my theology book The Quest For Gnosis, I devote much space to the premise of such logic. We are what we are, what we were made to be, wo/men. To, me all of Creation, was distantly created according to the Laws of Physics which He ordained. He, the Great Eternal Scientist, which Einstein alternatively called, "The Old One,""The Good Lord," or simply, "God," whose creations, Einstein respected and was awed by. Einstein, the greatest mind of our last century-he the great scientist (IQ-183), whose respect grew as the solutions to the riddles of the universe unfolded for him his colleagues, step-by-step in a hidden elegant simplicity, which once found, belied it's secretive existence for so long, was awed by What God hath Wrought-but this is not the god of the Bushites-not the simple-minded, mass-murdering god, of the demoniac, Christian Right (of which they are neither). The laws of Catholic Dogma, or the smarmy, murky Fundamentalist beliefs, to me are anti-intellectual. Especially the End Of Days fictions, which are nothing more than the death wish of the despairing, mentally-ill, people with no hope for the future and a life of depressing drudgery, wanting an escape, any escape. If it weren't for their End Of Days fantasy, they would commit suicide or first kill their kids, spouse, parents, and in-laws and then commit suicide... and some of them do. I always felt that in the case of Jesus (Rabbi Yeshua) he, the great prophet, was sent merely to remind us of what is truly important-we just needed a reminder every now and then that immortality is available. His miracles, were something which stunned us into paying attention, have us startled and pausing, looking up from the blood into which our arms are sunken and drenched, up to the elbows, or awash up to our ankles. We would look up at others and at the heavens and think, "What am I doing?" Maybe then we might pause longer or wash the blood off our hands, throw down our weapons and... just walk away, and never look back, lest we turn to a pillar of salt. Jesus came to remind us of a thing which though his seeming enemies, the Pharisees believed, their Herodian counterparts, the Sadducees, denied-the existence of a soul, an afterlife, the existence of angels, and in the end-immortality. Not necessarily Heaven, or even Hell-this place the future home of those like Hitler and his spiritual spawns/children, the Bushites.) These are the thoughts excerpted, but which in essense, but in a more or less theological presentation, were what the Genius, Physicist Gödel confirmed, as a scientific theory-that immortality is a part of the theory of Relativity, nano second by nano second throughout time we are there, here, forever. As in the film, "Groundhog Day," we tend to repeat our mistakes over the ages. If, as in an Einstein Thought Experiment, the lightening bolt ideas that come to those who make great discoveries-bolts out of the Blue in Einstein's words, we could travel through the curve of Space-Time, around the edgeless universe, on a Tachyon, or a light speed SpaceTimeShip, and returned, we could meet ourselves at any and every nano second, at every step of our lives, forever. There, according to Gödel, you have immortality. Einstein's comment on Gödel's model? "Extremely engaging." "Extremely engaging,"-visit yourself at any age. Pal around with yourself. Meet your God at any place in TimeSpace. See life here for what it is really worth. In that curve of TimeSpace, you might learn, Gödel says, that the concept of time is an illusion-you might also learn that space is an illusion. I wrote long ago-the TimeSpace illusion-a Hindu interpretation? Plato and knowledge as a stream of consciousness running through the universe, and some with the electro-translatory cerebral wiring can see it, and no one else can? Is that what a "prophet" is? Prophets like Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, Michelagnello, Giordano Bruno, Galileo, Newton, Mark Twain, Schubert, Einstein, Gödel, Caruso, Edgar Casey, Zishe Breitbart, maybe even the cousin or aunt you think is very smart, but delusional-wacky-those who ignored conventional dogma, which most others follow like sheep? People who read the Electro magnetic, quantum, Tachyonic messages? Messages the rest of us cannot see, or cannot interpret?

Those clues which are often right there before our eyes and we push them aside as coincidence? Clues other read and know, and we call them fools. However, later we know, the people we called nutcases, are not, we are? Time proves them right, while we turn a deaf ear, smugly make jest of them and only later-much too late, learn-Oh, if we had only listened to them... "Extremely Engaging," indeed! Einstein exasperated Niels Bohr, with his, "God does not shoot dice with the universe," in response to Bohr's comment that the quantum indicated chance, continuity, Chaos, not order. Einstein said that we had not yet seen the repeat pattern, the rhythm of the quantum because of its immensity. Maybe man would never see it, maybe it was infinite-that pattern-that rhythm. Gödel's model is a near match for Plato's! Plato tapped into that Quantum Stream of Consciousness, on mere theoretical, what? Thought experiments? Einstein's ingenious methodology, which replaced his math-lacking experience? Ties between physicists and Philosophers. Theoretical physicists Are Philosophers- is that why the engine for the quantum, found lacking within our universe, has given cause for so many Astro-physicists and SETI creators, and theoretical physics to cross-over from Chaos theory to Einstein's vision of a causality? Back to my story. I have been convinced since my first dream, which manifested itself as accurate- confirmed, as a truth which I could not possibly have known about in advance, when I was child, that there was something very odd about the universe, about all that was happening, something which some of us get and others cannot. It is not a superiority, but a gift, like painting, or sculpture or a Super-Intellect, or the ability to compose brilliant music, or understand the correlation between equations like E=MC2 and that Energy is equal to the Mass times Velocity, Squared- (times itself), and view the equation as an event, an occurrence, a Thought Experiment, which matches the imagination as parallel to an equation, which plays itself out each nano-second and makes our universe a life-sustaining environment, and any even subtle, interference by artificial devices, chemicals, disconcerts a plan made in infinity by a Super-Eternal-Scientist who created a set of Laws-The Laws of Physics, all of which we have yet to unravel, not because they are so complex, but because they are so well hidden. That interference includes removing, toxifying, or chemicalizing, any part of life. When we begin to, unnecessarily change the course of life for great numbers or kill people, for prophet, rather than for goodness, or destroy the delicate balance of nature, we endanger the existence of all. The Cosmic Battle, Shangri-La, James Hilton's ideal society, the avaristic versus the altruistic, rages on here and aloft, and amply dispalys, that, in those whose short-sightedness, is now blinded by materialism, Lives THE real problem. What Einstein in discussing in Synchronicity with Jung, knew, Jung only suspected. Jung who knew he was onto something, but was uncertain of what it was, had to ask the ultimate scientist-the one who used Thought Experiments in lieu of Math, and much of the time carried his math guy along for the ride of his unfailing intuition. Jung consulted Einstein-the philosopher, the Theoretical Physicist, who was theologian, philosopher, physicist, to whom the seemingly most absurd things are called gentle nudges from beyond. "It's just The Old One's way (of informing) while remaining anonymous," and "It is just God's way of letting us know we are not alone," and in answer to the query about where his utterly bizarre and seemingly less science and more philosophy or theological in structure, ideas, which are later confirmed by nature, or equation or observable phenomenon (Like the 1919 eclipse confirming the bending of light, come from, "Oh, The Good Lord, sometimes allows me for a brief period, to read his mind." Einstein reduced, or elevated, the greatest discovery of the 20th century, to a theological revelation, which he was utterly confident would be confirmed, just as General George S. Patton, predicted accurately at age eleven where and what he would and did, do in WW II. The event I mentioned above in the opening of the article about the Brits and Americans doing the bombing may be exactly what happened on those two fateful days, or they may not be anything more than a fantasy. Nevertheless, it is quite an accurate one. It may never have manifested itself in the way the story had it unfold, but on the other hand that is exactly the truth-it did and does happen each time there is a "terrorist Attack". At least, I and some others are convinced of that am convinced and have said so numerous times because we believe our Thought Experiments confirmed so many times to be accurate, are prophecies come sliding off a Tachyon into our dazed consciousness, that the Bushites have produced and directed the entire "Terrorist," scenario. That they are not merely provoking and coaxing terrorism, they are participating in it because the only way they can stay and keep stealing oil, cash, land and Iraqi businesses is for the violence to continue. The worst "terrorists" in Iraq and anywhere else on the planet are the "Coalition," Mercenaries, the Contractors and CIA in Iraq and elsewhere. You will want to ask me, what about Al Qaeda, and I will reply, "Coalition," Mercenaries, the Contractors and CIA which include al Qaeda. Contractors for the Bushites paid in cash from the coffers of the billions stolen from American citizens, out of the White House basement or more properly, Abasement, out of the offices of contractors and mercenaries. You, see the irony here? Hitler's tell a lie so Big, the less imaginative, the less enlightened, the less prophetic, cannot help but believe it-those inured to Dogmatism, always swallow not merely, hook, line and sinker, but fisherman and boat as well... and some maybe the entire ocean. Right out of one of the three favorite books of the Bushites, Orwell's 1984, the enemy rebel leader is the alter ego of Big Brother. Al Qaeda, the Bushites, the contractors, the mercenaries and now I believe most of the Democrats we have elected are a part of the world problem-We has done, been had! In addition, I shall tell you this, and then do the hell as you please, anyone who gives a dime to ANY political candidate from henceforth, or gives a moment of their time to them, needs psychiatric care. I have changed my mind, I am not going to do as I said I would, supporting independent candidates and I took my first step in that direction today, I am dedicating myself to my family and the poor. I am obeying the instinct that materialism is the road to perdition, in the sense of the physicist, the environmentalist, and scientist. The Earth and its fleas-all of living things and us creatures are the proof. What industry makes, kills us, and some see that and others call those prophets Tree-Huggers. Hug your tree quickly before they kill it, then. The Hell with the world of avaristic bastards who could care less about the dying, the poor and the helpless-about life in general. I am going to follow St. Francis of Assisi and give, give, give to those in need, and never again to a politician. And I am goiing to try to protect life in all of its manifestations from plants, to sea creatures, to fetuses, to anything which lives outside the body. Good Night and God Bless

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