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God, Intelligent Design, Darwin, Einstein, Evolution, Politics, Morality, Cheney/Rove and I

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God, Intelligent Design, Darwin, Einstein, Evolution, Politics, Morality, Cheney/Rove and I

A history uncluttered by fascistic sexism, fascistic politics, Fascistic Bully-ism, Avaristic profits, selfishness among the sexes, politicians and merchants and those who rise above rank ungifted fools which childishly wish to attempt to run the world by intimidation, whining, uneducated practicing well above their competencies or education, using ignorance, asininities and absurdity to eliminate everything their pea-brains cannot grasp. A history which examines morality, it's irrelevance to many people and what it all means, to intelligent humankind.

God, Intelligent Design, Evolution, Politics, Morality, Bush and I
His Humble and Sometimes Not So Humble Servant
There are two kinds of people, which hinder human progress on Planet Earth, Males and Females. As to which does, the most damage is left to statisticians, not mortals. Among those genders, however, there is a further breakdown, intelligent and unintelligent people. Under those two categories Further breakdowns include, the intelligent-which are also well educated and those that are not. Among the unintelligent, there are those, which were unintelligent from birth, and knew it, and those, which grew into adulthood and have never recognized that reality. Even further, there are among the unintelligent, those lacking education, and certainly some of those which stopped their education short of their maximum input-output was reached, unfortunately for them and the rest of the world and there are those who were educated beyond their intelligence, unfortunately for them and the rest of the world. They infest both sexes and the media and this website as thy do everything else and they are one of he most persistent and foolhardy impediments to progress on the planet, as persons as diverse in interests as Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Jesus, St. Paul, and many great scientists, writers, artists, movie makers and professors have also said.

Today, as ever, but more so now because there are more of them, they are clogging up the works and there is no unclogging Drano for which to flush them away, unfortunately for them and u the rest of us. You know the fools I mean. They read an entire book, after a fashion and pick out one item which they in their inevitable lack of reading comprehension, and begin a major campaign about it. I call these people, the IWPFATCE, (Idiots Which Practice Far Above Their Competencies and/or Education). With that as a framework, please go forward if you dare, and please note, I will not be gentle even if this is your first time.

The Spectrum Of Political Hypocrisy
Among presidential candidates, only Rep. Dennis Kucinich and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson even mention the possibility of cutting the defense budget. Indeed, presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are, at present, competing with each other in their calls for the expansion of the Armed Forces. Both are supporting manpower increases in the range of 80,000 to 100,000 troops, mostly for the Army and the Marines. (The current, Bush-backed authorization for fiscal year 2008 calls for the addition of 65,000 more Army recruits and 27,000 Marines by 2012.)

US defense spending has bopped up and down over the last five decades, and especially after the collapse of the Soviet Empire during. From the end of the Viet Nam disaster to the 1990s, the defense budget took a significant downturn. If we use mid-1990's dollars throughout our discussion, the Defense budget flopped from a high of $376 billion, in 1989 (Reagan/Bush #41), to the balanced budget Clinton years low of $265 billion in 1996. (Compare that to Korea wartime highs of $437 billion (1953), to $37.75 billion in 1968, (Vietnam.)

In the aftermath of 9/11, however, defense boondoggling has mushroomed. In addition, it is just that boondoggling. The entire premise of the "War on Terrorism" is a flaming fraud. It is a kiss-up for defense contractor cash on the Right by all the candidates and on the "Left" by, at least Obama, and Clinton.

Now, the Bush administration is asking a $650,000,000,000 (billion) a 62.5% increase over the $400,000,000,000 Budget of this year. When was the last time you received a 62.5% raise in salary or bonus in one year? However, even if you eliminated budget for the Afghanistan battleground and the so-called "war" in Iraq (I prefer the words, "slaughter" or Genocide) in 2008, the cost for military is still $510,000,000,000 billion, almost doubling the budget from 12 years ago. The begging question is, why? Where is the enemy? There is no nation on the planet, or coalition of any several nations, which can threaten us and follow-through with a successful, sustained, attack and/or invasion. The premise is ridiculous.

The moral/ethical question is, why waste all that money on methods of killing, when people are without hospitalization, jobs, and food nationwide, to say nothing of worldwide? The larger and hidden question is more slippery and although it is a scientific one which involves quantum physics, it is also a moral question and both converge on whether or not God exists, and if not why bother with morality at all? The actions of Cheney/Rove indicating a non-belief in God belies the "Christian" way to which they pay lip-service.
If there is no God, their actions cannot be condemned, for there is not reason to act in/to what they see as (in) weaker humans (wimps, in Cheney's language) (morality).

If nature is the only example for humankind, in a world lacking a Divine Creator, if the cruelty, blood-letting, devouring of weaker species, example of the animal world and the mindless dice-tossing of a seeming compassionless Universe in which things happen by mere chance or probability, then why feign empathy for one another? Why not, then arm to the teeth and destroy anyone who dares even challenge the right of those consumed by aggression and bloodlust, avarice and hate? If we are going to take the example of Nancy Pelosi and wink at and flirt with mass-murderers and war criminals, why not, then, rather than being hypocrites open the doors of all of the prisons, as I said months ago, and let the most violent men and women go free first?

Had Nancy Pelosi and whoever is supporting her head-in-the-sand attitude been Speaker of the House in the late 1930's and early 1940's by now we would be a nation with four languages in descending order, German, Japanese and a mixture of Italian and English

The beginnings of conscience and consciousness, spring from an awakening in some as morality. Morality in which one extreme is evil, midpoint is sin, and the other extreme being goodness. The Great Victorian era historian and fiction writer H G Wells, whose prophetic, yet atheistic works, predicted not only the current dilemma, (Didn't it used to be spelled Dilemna?) including the publicly proffered sexual freedom, foul language, and wantonness of entertainment and even the invention of film and television, wrote another prophetic book- The Island Of Dr Moreau. In the story the good doctor experiments on wild beasts, through surgery and drugs through which they suffer the horrors which were later unleashed by Hitler's compassionless and sadistic, mad scientists, carves them into human-like creatures, which chant prayers condemning their animal instincts and embracing the good doctor and praising human etiquette, until at last with the help of a scientist with a conscience, also a prisoner, they revert and revolt.

The Cheney/Rove Horror Is A Reversal Of That Story.

Cheney/Rove act like the beast, to which there is no morality, there is just survival and in their case very profitable survival. Thus, they do whatever they see as the fastest way to ensure not merely survival, but eminently prosperous superiority over others. No God? Then there is no need for morality. Do the beasts of the field, which have no reasoning power, have morality? Of course not, then why should man? If you were to ask them privately why the insane dash to steal oil and be so cruel to any in their path, what might their answer be? If they were facing the death, I predicted for months before and finally two days before of Jerry Fallwell, would they repent as I entreated him to do? (Which he did not)? I very strongly, doubt it. What possible excuse could they use for what they are doing? Is it merely the wealth? The survival of a nation, but shorn of it's greatness, it Constitution and Bill of Rights? Why are these humans who shirked military duty like cowards, so inured to killing, mass-murder and mayhem. What drives such beasts, which would soil their underwear, had they to face a Mano-e-Mano armed conflict?

I have repeated many times the apropos words of Val Kilmer in the film Tombstone, in which Wyatt Earp, the winner and survivor of many gunfights with famous gunslingers, is facing a showdown, Mano-e-Mano, with one of the only two men living man he knows he cannot outdraw, Johnny Ringo. (The other is Doc Holliday.) Moments before Wyatt had to make his decision to meet Johnny Ringo in a duel to the death, Ringo has sent the body of a burnt, dragged and tortured Earp deputy dragged to him by a horse.
Here is the approximate dialogue:
Wyatt: "Doc, what makes men do the things Ringo has done?"
Doc: "Where other men have a conscience all he has is a deep dark hole and all the killin' and torture can't fill it."
Wyatt: "But why Doc, what for?"
Doc: "For revenge!"
Wyatt: "Revenge for what?"
Doc: "For bein' born..."

With or Without a God? Cowards, Believers And Regressives

All that matters in the world of the animal is survival, sexuality and power. However, no animal treats it's victims as some humans, humans, who lack courage, mostly, treat others. No animal tortures its victims or it's food sources. The only human beings that ever resort to such tactics are cowards, the mentally ill, and those whose souls are already burning in Hell as their bodies still walk the Earth-truly zombies, truly the living dead.

Without a God, such humans need not treat anyone weaker, intellectually or physically, with anything like respect. Their attitude is, if they get in one's way kill them, and maybe kill them anyway just for sport, or maybe torture them also just for fun. If the have a mate we fancy, take her away and if he interferes kill him. If he has a house, money, power, kill him and take it all, who cares, if there is not God, there is no need for morality. Such humans, under such conditions, then, are no different than the beasts, except that we are smarter, (but from what I can see of the treatment of this life giving planet-it's ambiance/environment, we are not wiser than the beasts, who treat the environment with care and respect) and the beasts are more compassionate, or at least acting out their mindless instincts, excusable because they possess neither reasoning power nor hatred. However, men like Rove and Cheney have minds and the power to reason, why then are they so beastly? That is because either they are insane, or if not then they lack that invisible feature that some deny exists, however, in scientific terms, the negative evidence is overwhelming for that invisible factor being present in some humans, weak in others and totally missing in still others. That is something not found in any organ of the human body, though it is evidenced and conjectured by the human brain, but like two other invisible features of the human creature, one of which they share with the animal kingdom; instinct and one which they share with no other of which we know, soul. (In my anthropological studies, the soul is hinted at with a few other animals, which brain-to-body-mass ratio is equal to or greater than ours, and which give indications and evidence of abstract thinking and morality-the mammals of the sea, Dolphins, Whales, and Porpoises.)

The credo of Cheney/Rove appears to be, we men chose to live like animals, so to our enemies we say, bring them on, we have the largest best warfare personnel and ordinance on the planet and we shall take what we want no matter who has it! Why it seem that almost all other humans are their enemies are inexplicable so far. It cannot be for the survival of this nation, for once, as now, it Constitution and Bill of Rights are gone, what is there to protect? Their physical bodies? Their mere existence as slaves of brutal men and women? That, sans freedom, except in cowards is unacceptable. Those who wish to accept America without it's sacred documentation of who and what we are, are indeed cowards whom I have no wish to protect, do you? Humans who wish to live without freedom are even less than cowards, they are the scum of the earth and they I would never protect. Those humans, are of the one's of which Jesus said, quite plainly, in Luke: 12: 4, Matthew 10:28, "Be, ye not afraid of those who kill only the body, but be afraid of he who can also kill the soul onto Gehenna..." (Hell)

Only cowards-humans who lack a soul would want life under slavery and without our Constitution and bill of Rights, which true believers know to have been inspired by God, for our benefit. Just living, kissing up is no life for a man of woman of courage.

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