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Who is Keeping Tabs on Bushite Profiteering Prison Corporations? The Places Where He Plans to Send Us All!

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Who is Keeping Tabs on Bushite Profiteering Prison Corporations? The Places Where He Plans to Send Us All! Do Corporate Prison builders and managers; have nothing going for them but massive Campaign donations to political pals? To these corporations does the term "Free Enterprise," have any meaning; o is the idea of heavy political contributions, rather than efficacy and expertise, more efficient for collecting and stacking away the cash? Are these Prisons the future homes of Freedom Lovers of America? "For I was hungry and you gave me to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, naked and you clothed me, ill and you cared for me, I was in prison and You visited me ..." Jesus The Christ. Who Is Not His Brother's Keeper? About fifteen years ago as I traveled around the Midwest on business or even to visit, every where I went, even in small towns and in rural areas, (Probably because the land was cheap) I saw courthouses and prisons going up. One day on a business call with an employee, I said, "Isn't it odd how many courthouses and prisons are going up, everywhere you look." He replied, "Revenue from fines is making a profit for communities they aren't about to stop that." "But why prisons? One would almost think that somewhere down the line someone is planning to put an awful lot of people into them. The question is who and why are they building so many prisons in rural areas? Crime is low there, so who are they for?" When I got back to the office I decided to look up prisons online. I found that a number of companies (mostly it seemed in Republican areas) were in the prison business for profit. I began to wonder why so many minor offenses, which used to be settled with an admonition or a fine, and so many minor drug arrests for Marijuana (and even in a few cases for carrying Oregano), were elevated beyond simple misdemeanors, and why there was such a push for "3 strikes you're out!" programs. Why so many of these offences carried long term sentences; five years, 10 years minimum? Were people just getting meaner, more sanctimonious, less charitable, uncaring about ruining a young person's life forever over a mistake? What happened to, "Lord how often should we forgive a person who sins, as many as three, or seven?" "You shall forgive him 77 times 7..." The more I thought about the increase in prisons, the many new court houses, the private prison systems, the no-bid contracts let In Iraq and elsewhere, the heavy sentences for those who broke the law, beginning with the heartless Reagan administration, and increasing with each successive conservative administration, (even during Clinton's), the more I wondered, where is the charity? Where is the teaching? Where is the mercy? Where is the forgiveness? When is one's debt to society paid in full and where are the Christians? Where is the preparation for those incarcerated to prepare for the job market? Then I finally did get it-those prisons are not for criminals, they are for us! Us, OpEdnews writers, real patriots, real Americans, Citizens of the world, dissidents, prophets, truth sayers, saints, lovers of Freedom, Constitutionalists, Bill of Rights Supporters, True Believers. In other words, whoever voted against and has spoken out against the Bushites. This is war against Americans who vote Progressive-US! These are 21st Century Dungeons for "Political Prisoners." Loyal Americans like you! Are These No-Bid Prison Profits? For a private contractor prison to be run more efficiently and profitably, than the government, the contractor, if he is profit minded, and cares not how he makes that profit, he will short-cut some essential things; manpower, food, care of the ill, water, education, retraining inmates to avoid lives of crime, all the necessities of life and success. Were these Privateering Prison corporations all all-sweet heart deals? I went online to find out if any of the companies I'd read about were publicly traded and there were several. Some of them specialized in building prisons, others in that as well as supplying and managing them. They traded mostly in the $20-$38 dollar range, but the stocks were trading in very low numbers of shares per day. That meant, of course, that fewer individuals held most of them. One company, however, Corrections Corporation of America (Symbol CXW) traded an average daily volume of 402,000 shares and was priced today at $57.61. Its 52-week high was $58.00 and 52 week low was $30.40-a leap of 67% in one year is quite unusual, to say the very least. Another large prison building and maintenance firm was Wackenhut Corrections Corporation (WCC) created by a well-connected former FBI agent. It has been reconstituted and transformed into The GEO Group. George Zoley, CEO of The GEO Group was a large contributor to the Bush 2004 campaign, allegedly more than $100,000 over several years, who allegedly said, 'we don't want to provide guards at the local shopping center. We are looking at a single government payer for our services.' GEO is now the world's largest operator of private prisons, "earning" more than $600 million a year incarcerating inmates. Allegedly, some of its history ranks well with that of the Marquis De'Sade: Allegedly, a Louisiana Republican judge blasted them because guards routinely beat and tear-gassed teenage prisoners. The judge upbraided them for treating the children like four-legged beasts. In my lexicon a Sadist is one who treats even beast of the field in such a manner. In Texas, where male guards molested female prisoners, fourteen-year-old Sara Lowe committed suicide after her release. When Zoley asked by CBS whether the child deserved an apology, (posthumously) he said, 'Not that I'm aware of. I don't know what you meant by that.' It is also alleged that one prison company recently settled a $1.6 million dollar law suite with inmates for abuse. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards have all recently called for investigations into the private providers of prison security, perhaps because they believe that these private prisons are a mockery of the system. Odd, wouldn't you say, that while the national the crime rate has declined, the incarceration rate has shot into the ionosphere. For a private prison to make money, it must have a guaranteed clientele. For it to make real money, the expected stay of the clientele must be guaranteed. Hotels don't get the sort of guarantees that these prison privateers desire, so to support them with a little corporate welfare, minimum sentences are required-the longer the better... for the prison corporations. Do they lobby quietly for longer terms for trivial misdemeanors? Is the Pope Catholic? Between 33%-42% 0f those now serving in American prisons are for non-violent crimes, and many say that 20%-25% of those incarcerated are innocent of the crimes, which put them into prison. The prison PR systems and perhaps lobbyists spend large sums panicking citizens with the need for longer prison terms for minor crimes, in Orwellian doublespeak, even as crime rates continue to drop or rise at a rate less than the population. Are the Hucksters are quite busy stampeding people into believing that minor misdemeanors are a stepping-stone to greater crimes and that the inmates are beasts and need to be locked up and the key thrown away?

If so, why do people believe them? Is it for the same reasons they voted for the Bushites-evil intentions? The inmates are not trained or taught how to create good lives for themselves, and in fact, everything possible, appears to be to cause them to continue their lives as criminals, even if they were not before. While incarcerations have gone, (sometimes literally), through the roof, crime rates have been on the decline. 1975 to 1985, the hard crime rate decreased by nearly 1.5 per cent while the number of prisoners, including state and federal, doubled. Baiting criminals, is much like baiting Iraqi's and Iranians and Syrians, and Venezuelans, and North Koreans. Bait and Provoke that is the ticket to getting people to do evil things, which you want them to do so you can sell your case-in this case it is Prison Profiteering. Private Prisons should be put out of Business, NOW! If the Hucksters are quite busy stampeding people into believing that minor misdemeanors are a stepping-stone to greater crimes, then we also have to believe that small lies lead to larger ones, and oppressing prisoners leads to angry prison graduates more likely to become hardened criminals. What would Big-Lies lead to? Big Lies Like WMD's, like Iraq attacking the USA? They'd lead to a group of Industrialists silently destroying the Constitution by passing something like The Patriot Act, destroying the Bill of Rights by passing something like The Military Commissions Act of 2006, and thereby silently overthrowing Democracy and imprisoning on minor matters or framing dissident Americans, The Movie Escape From New York was more than a fantasy, it was Prophecy. Soon you'll need places the size of NY or Texas or Alaska to hold us all, because these demoniacs would just love to have most of us in their dungeons, wouldn't they? Men and women who start wars using (knowingly) false data, killing and maiming 1,100,000 men, women and children, and those who support them, are not going to stop short of putting tens of thousands of boys and girls in prison for 5-30 years for doing nothing more than well connected, wealthier adults, and their offspring, do as well, but for which they do not get sent to prison. We have only to look at some of the offspring of those in politics over the last several generations to verify that information. Since the Reagan administration, most minorities have been imprisoned not as much for crimes, which connected and white people do all the time, but for private indiscretions. In his youth, if caught, under present circumstances, G W Bush would be facing 20-50 years in prison. Had he in lived in the neighbor, which I did, with his smartass attitude, he might not have grown up to commit such crimes as he has committed against man and God-he would have been straightened out or not survived mentally. I speak of his smirky, skulky, prejudicial outlook on life and people and his contempt for authority, other than his own, (including that of his father, whom appeared to be a man of some courage and a certain brand of ethical conduct.) GW Bush's his war crimes are a separate matter, for those he deserves the maximum penalty allowable for 725,000 murders plus more for the stealing of tens of billions of dollars, and even more for allowing oil which should cost at the pump about $00.25 a gallon. (In Iran and Syria Right now, gasoline is selling at the pump for the price of a chocolate bar in America. In Iraq Sweet Oil was selling at the pump there before the war at $00.05 a gallon, in Venezuela, it sells at the pump right now for $00.12 cents a gallon-in my neighborhood it is $3.25-$3.85 a gallon.) Right now America is number one in prison population in the world: More than China, more than Russia, more than Saddam's prisons, more than Iran's, more than Syria's. Further, if the total number of years of incarceration were totaled for similar reaction in other countries to such indiscretions and misdemeanors, they would average 500 times as much prison time on one-to-one comparisons to those other nations. In the USA in the early 1990's, more than 455 people were in prison of every 100,000 of population, far above the rates of dictatorships, up by 33% since the Reagan era and putting us far ahead of Russia and South Africa. American prisons are operating at nearly 200% of capacity. There is an odd thing about the Name Emanuel-two thousand years ago it belonged to a man of courage, who pushed non-violently, the questions of right and wrong to the brink. We have another today whose appearance of timidity in the face of needed action, is pitiful, and that one appears to have beguiled the easily beguiled. Below are the words of Patrick Henry, words which I have to assume Mrs. Nancy Pelosi has never read... or if read did not comprehend, or if comprehended, has been beguiled out of taking the great Patrick Henry's advice. Perhaps she think she knows better than the Founding Fathers, besides Impeachment is a non-violent form of force, and violence is still something which I and other true followers, believers, of/in Jesus, eschew, therefore, impeachment, (or a Special Prosecutor), is the instrument of choice.

"Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. When you give up that force, you are ruined." - Patrick Henry As I have been saying for years those who cry "Conspiracy theory," are displaying their ignorance to their peers and to the well informed, well educated, and well developed intellectually, and even to some fools. The only things that happen on this planet which are not conspiracies, as even some fools can easily discern, are Acts of God. Jefferson said, "Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God." Most of the newest prisoners are essentially pseudo-political prisoners, created because of the disintegration of the Bill of Rights by politicians, both of the Democrats and Republicans, all of which should be deposed into the dustbins of history. As Lincoln said, "The people are the masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it" Replacing the High Tech Corridor as the greatest, fastest growing businesses in America, are the prison businesses. If someone wrote a book or made a film about a group of men who lobbied the help of politicians to raise minimum prison stay by making tougher laws, that took innocent people who made a mistake, and some who didn't even do that, and ruined their lives by sticking them away in dungeons away from the opposite sex, driving them to be raped, forced into homosexual acts, horrible lives, just so the prisons could make money, most would say the story was a conspiracy theory, a stretch of the imagination of an evil akin to Nosferatu: Phantom der Nact: eine Symphonie des Grauens, even for the creative dreamer. However, the evil of Private prison corporations catches several birds with one net. It makes it easier to frame political enemies, it makes war on minorities driving them to a life of degradation and crime and it makes money for the slimiest pus on the planet, who contribute to slimier pus in politics. The film Escape From New York is no longer Science Fiction. These prisons act as if they do not want to abolish recidivism, and it is obvious to the most perceptive that that they may not. People who cannot kick the crime habit, or are forced by lack of education, lack of skills, lack of proper perspective-things which can be taught, will continue to wind up back in prison to the delight of their landlords, the Profiteering Corporate Wardens. To make privately managed prisons work and be profitable, they must make an evil decision, that to pay little, train less, educate prisoners even less, rehabilitate few to none, (They want them to come back "home" and push for long jail terms for every minor blip in behavior. They prosper in recidivism.) A large percentage of those imprisoned in America, which bytheway is the world leader for the most imprisoned, the longest sentences, and the highest percentage of citizen population imprisoned, are not hardened criminals, but hapless victims of vicious, sanctimonious, hypocrites. They are victims of creeps making money by making kids, who experiment with pot smoking, and children who make youthful mistakes into hardened inmates. And where are our law-makers, because even many Democrats voted the panic and profit vote to extend sentences for trivial crimes, tack on minimums to many crimes, all in an effort to bolster their own campaign funds, which I say we ought to do away with completely, then perhaps we would get less avaricious people into congress, but that will be another story. Men beholden only to the party controlling congress, or in the case of GW Bush, to a president which believes himself to be an Emperor, are running prisons, which allegedly lobby for longer minimum sentences for all crimes and for expanding trivial misdemeanors into long term tenancy of even those non-hardened inmates for the selfish, maximum profit of the Profiteering Wardens, by dungeonizing other human beings are nothing more than savage, Medieval, Hitlerian, sadists, and deserve nothing more than a cold, damp dungeon, followed quickly, by a hot, dry place in Hell. Senators, Congress people, Please clean out the Prison Privateers, and rid the nation of predatory criminalization and abuse of the helpless prisoners. Senators, Congress people, please act upon solid ethics and morality, and ignore those who wish to punish rather than rehabilitate, and rid us of Bushite Prison Profiteers. "For I was hungry and you gave me to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, naked and you clothed me, ill and you cared for me, I was in prison and You visited me ..." Jesus The Christ.

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