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Bush, Henry Paulson, Michael Moore, An Unlikely Trio

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Bush, Henry Paulson, Michael Moore, An Unlikely Trio Bushite's sycophant, Paulson is after Michael Moore for telling the truth about the UnAmerican unHealthcare System. To them Freedom of Speech, does not exist, for them spitefulness is the order of the day, arrogance is the pill and blasphemy if the remedy against Freedom. The predicted death of one of their Chief Blasphemers predicted here on May 13 in the AM in my column was not a sign that they need to repent and soon. Well I have worse news for them today. Sicko, Is Not Just The Name Of M. Moore's New Film Michael Moore has just completed a new film, SiCKO! As with his other documentaries, SiCKO! Reveals a fiasco of such incredible proportions, about America's Health care system that one wonders why anyone would ever take "medication," that has been on the market less than 40 years. Yeah yeah, I know, someone out there will write to me bitching about how some toxic crap-drug saved them from certain inconvenience, but I tend to discount anything of that sort because people were extremely upset when Einstein discovered that the universe, hence our planet, was not at all what everyone who buzzes through life as though it were cake-walk, thought it was. What is M. Moore's Dilemma (?)? He is now under investigation by Big Brother for making a film criticizing professional, government approved, Sadomasochism, err, I mean the unHealthcare, Medical Industrial Complex. What/why in the name of all that is evil about the Bush administration do you think they want to stop MM from making a film about the Sadomasochistic unHealthcare Medical Industrial Complex? Moore's film explodes about the myth that, "America has the greatest healthcare system in the world," when it isn't even the greatest among several nations not at all that far above Third World Status. However, before I begin my fourth tirade here on about our Military Medical Industrial Complex, I'd like to explore Michael Moore's dilemma (Didn't it used to be spelled Dilemna?). Isn't it interesting that the air force and all of the power of this government can't find that tall, skinny, Arab with a beard, racing through the two million acres of brilliant red "invisible" poppy fields in Afghanistan, dragging bumpingly along behind him, a shiny, glistening, four hundred pound dialysis Machine, shunted to his arm, as he skips frolicking through that two million acres of invisible Brilliant Red Poppy Crops? Now the machine and the skinny Arab, I'll grant you might be tough to see from the air, but the Two million acres of FLAMING RED POPPY FLOWERS, do you believe they can't see it? You can see this red above can't you? Is it just possible that they can't see it because it is financing the White House Basement's hands-on terrorist ties to Bin Laden and the others? Isn't it just possible that they want everyone to be addicted to either the drugs made from the crops, or, and this is even better still for the Bushites, to the billions of tons of Petroleum Distillate waste and by-products which are the substance of the Legalized Street Drug Dealers drugs, (Previously called The Pharmaceutical Industry.), a part of the Military Medical Industrial Complex. If Moore should alert enough people that the excuse the Legalized Street Drug Dealers are pimping, that you must synthesize the drugs because they cannot grow enough for our people the natural way, and synthesized drugs are cheaper, they LIE! The Afghans grow enough Heroin for the world and we grow enough Mushrooms for America, and enough cotton, carrots, spinach, corn and wheat and cattle for the world! We can certainly grow enough medicine for America.

If people stop consuming Chinese food additive chemicals, Modified starches, MSG, Autolyzed yeast, Asobic Acid and wheat gluten from China, and petroleum distillate waste material Prescription Drugs, they might have a surprise when they start eating natural products-they might become healthier. If Michael even hints at that, they may do more than just harass him about his film. They might do to him what they did to JFK, RFK, MLK, and Senator Wellstone and his family, and maybe soon you or I. Paulson and The Bushites You would think this guy Paulson had enough to worry about with contractors raiding the Treasury every few minutes, but no! It seems that Henry Paulson, GW Bush's sycophantic Secretary of the Treasury doesn't approve of Moore's trip to Cuba with some 9/11 survivors, whose 9/11 attributed illnesses, the government has abandoned. (There is no oil to be found and exploited in helping people.) Apparently, Michael Moore took them along to seek help and to assist in perhaps comparing our system to Castro's? God forbid, ours should turn out 2nd best to a that of a poverty stricken country's system run by a Communist. There they were given pills which cost $100.00 here were only a few cents in Cuba. Gee, aren't you surprised at that?

Apparently GWB and his idiot, surviving advisors on how to transform "Jesus, The Price of Peace," into "Jesus-Mars, the God of War," have never taken a really close look at Jesus and Christianity. Perhaps they do not read the Bible in its original archaic languages? Perhaps they have relied on the many sycophantic liars who translated it to suit their kings or governments. Lest they forget, Mr. Paulson, those primary ancient, archaic languages are, Archaic Aramaic (Jesus' Native Tongue), Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and Coptic. Well, an unbiased, but intellectually sharp and perceptive observer, upon reviewing the tenets and practice of both Early Christianity and Communism and comparing them to Bush's model of Imperialist, Neo-Con warped, UnAmerica and the Rome of Jesus day would say, that Ultra-Conservative, Brutal, Heartless, Imperialist, Rome compares well with Ultra-Conservative, Brutal, Heartless Imperialist, Neo-Con warped, UnAmerica. On the other hand, Early Christianity under Jesus and later James The Just, Brother of The Lord, Peter and Paul, was very much comparable to Communism. The differences? Christianity, an invention of Paul, not Jesus, was more tolerant, empathetic than Communism. Communism in turn is more tolerant; in it's Constitution than the Bushite revision to Constitutionless, Bill of Rightsless, in Bushite's UnAmerica.

Back to Michael Moore and his film (Sicko!) and Paulson's Bushite inspired newest defecation upon Free Speech and the Constitution. Here I quote M. Moore, from his letter to me and all who subscribe to his website: "I knew that the health care industry -- an industry which makes up more than 15 percent of our GDP -- was not going to like much of what they were going to see in this movie and I thought it best not to upset them any sooner than need be. Well, going quietly to Cannes, I guess, was not to be. For some strange reason, on May 2nd the Bush administration initiated an action against me over how I obtained some of the content they believe is in my film. As none of them have actually seen the film (or so I hope!), they decided, unlike with "Fahrenheit 9/11," not to wait until the film was out of the gate and too far down the road to begin their attack. Bush's Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, launched an investigation of a trip I took to Cuba to film scenes for the movie. These scenes involve a group of 9/11 rescue workers who are suffering from illnesses obtained from working down at Ground Zero. They have received little or no help with their health care from the government. I do not want to give away what actually happens in the movie because I don't want to spoil it for you (although I'm sure you'll hear much about it after it unspools Saturday). Plus, our lawyers have advised me to say little at this point, as the film goes somewhere far scarier than "Cuba." Rest assured of one thing: no laws were broken. All I've done is violate the modern-day rule of journalism that says, ask no questions of those in power or your luncheon privileges will be revoked." However, they certainly may revoke your outhouse privileges, because that is where the minds of the scum who seem to have the Majority leaders of Congress on the run, dwell. God and The Angel of Retribution Are Watching You Mr. Paulson His lawyers told Michael Moore that those who have stolen the Republican Party, Iraq, most of America, less what is left of the Treasury over which Mr. Paulson presides after the Bushite war and Contractor raids have drained it (Let's change that quickly, Mrs. Sit-on-your-hand's-Pelosi) might steal, err, confiscate Moore's film. To avoid that Michael grabbed his copies and took off for the Cannes Film Festival immediately. Mr. Paulson, whose IQ must be more shriveled by his sucking up, sycophancy, to the Bushites, than whatever, used to pass for his conscience, might want to read my article, The Evils Which Brought Thunderously And Exponentially More Evil, posted at about 10:22.59 AM, May 13th, paying particularly attention the last paragraph on page two, the last several lines. I suggest to him, that his fate is now, according to my latest, and always infallibly accurate prophetic dreams, in the hands of God, and the Great Creator might see fit also to pass that fate over to the Angel of Retribution, and thereby UnCreate Mr. Paulson at any time, from natural but embarrassing causes. Therefore he might profit from strongly considering, right now, falling on his knees, repenting, begging forgiveness and making a strong Act of Contrition, quickly and forget all about Michael Moore and his new film, Sicko, which it would appear was named after the entirety of the Bushite Administration. If not it as my dream tells me, he too may face Hellfire, rather soon. I rarely go to the theatres to watch films, preferring to buy them later and watch them in the comforts of my home. However, this time, I will buy tickets for everyone in my neighborhood and take them all to the movies. I have to go now, I have been asked to write for cash, what is wrong with the Chicago Cubs. That, could take days, if not weeks. Help, Marc Cuban! Hurry up, buy them, and bring us a World Series. I knew I didn't make a mistake when I turned down their contract in high school. Good Day and God Bless.
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